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Undone Salon: Get Your Winter Wax On

As the cold winter months approach, we start to put away our summer wardrobe and begin to fill our closets with warm jackets, boots, and sweaters. However, while most people tend to give in to the cold, they often forget to maintain their normal skincare routine, putting their skin’s appearance and health at risk.

At unDONE Salon, we understand why people tend to put off body waxing during the winter. After all, what’s the point right? But in reality, there’s more to waxing that just removing fuzz. Hair removal, especially body waxing, can help you maintain the healthy, more radiant skin that you worked so hard to achieve during the warm summer months.

While every season has it’s pros and cons when it comes to your skin, winter is an especially dry time of year. That’s why it’s important to exfoliate, moisturize more often and drink plenty of water. With all these precautions, however, you may not think body waxing is important. That’s why we’d like to provide you with the following reasons body waxing can greatly contribute to your skin’s overall health.

Exfoliate & Moisturize

Body waxing works to remove unwanted hair while removing dead skin cells in the process. This provides you with a brand-new layer of smooth skin. By removing the buildup of dead skin cells, your skin will have a better chance at absorbing nourishing body creams and lotions providing it with the moisture it needs during the dry winter months.

Eliminate Ingrown Hairs

Not only is winter harsh on your skin, it makes it prone to itching, redness and ingrown hairs. By maintaining your normal skincare routine, body waxing will reduce the risk of ingrown hairs. This will keep your skin soft and smooth over the winter months and ready to show off when the weather warms up.

Failing to Wax

Failing to maintain your regular waxing treatments will cause you to lose all the progress you achieved from previous body waxing sessions. The reason for this is because the more you wax, the longer it takes for your hair to grow back. Your hair will also grow back finer and softer than before. However, if you stop your regular treatments, you may have to start all over again when it comes to reducing hair growth.

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Winter is the perfect time for body waxing treatments. By keeping up on the process, your skin will look and feel better without all the bumps and irritation caused from shaving. Don’t make the mistake of quitting your normal skincare routine. Make sure your skin is silky smooth and breathtakingly beautiful just in time to show it off when the weather warms up!

If you have questions about any of our body waxing treatments, the professionals at unDONE are here to help! Call us at (208) 287-2010 for more information or to schedule an appointment.


Winter Body Waxing Tips

Many people throughout the Treasure Valley feel that body waxing is only necessary during the hot summer months. However this could be farther from the truth. It’s actually better to start  waxing now rather than wait for warmer weather. While it may not be bathing suit season, and your body isn’t as visible to others, there are a variety of benefits to year-round body waxing:

Reduced Hair Growth

The #1 goal for most people who wax is to eliminate or substantially reduce hair growth on certain areas of their body. Body waxing removes hair at the root, which not only discourages future follicle growth, but damages its ability to grow back. By continuing to wax during the winter, you provide yourself with a chance to eliminate those course stubborn hairs before summer.

Healthier Skin

In the winter, the dry, heated air causes our skin to become tight, dry and flaky. Body waxing helps to exfoliate dead skin cells while encouraging new skin growth at the cellular level. It also helps to increase blood circulation to the surface of the skin. Combined, these benefits help to soften and moisturize your skin, leaving it healthy and beautiful.

Less Pain!

It’s no secret that body waxing isn’t the most comfortable hair removal option. However, when you avoid or go long periods without waxing it can be more painful. The more often you wax, the less painful it will be. Every time you body wax, you weaken the roots of your hair. The hair then grows in finer and thinner making it easier to remove. Over time, body waxing will become relatively pain-free when you have it done consistently.

You Feel Better

Body waxing provides you with sexy-smooth skin. Without unwanted stubble, you just feel better. It boosts your self-confidence, and makes you feel more comfortable. There is no reason to deprive yourself of this when you are covered up during the winter. Enjoy feeling good all year long and keep up your body waxing routine!

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Winter is the perfect time for body waxing treatments. By keeping up on the process, your skin will look and feel better without all the bumps and irritation caused from shaving. Don’t make the mistake of quitting your routine. Make sure your skin is silky smooth and breathtakingly beautiful just in time to show it off when the weather warms up!

If you have questions about any of our body waxing treatments, the professionals at unDONE are here to help! Call us at (208) 287-2010 for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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Body Waxing Tips for Summer Skin

With the hot summer weather, we tend to wear fewer clothes which means exposing your skin to the world. If you find yourself sick of having to shave everyday just to wear the clothes you want it’s probably time a body waxing treatment. Whether you’re a waxing beginner or an experienced pro there are a few Boise hair salon tips that will help make your summer body waxing treatments more successful.

First things first, you must let your hair grow out a bit before it can be waxed. In fact it needs to be at least a quarter of an inch long so that it can be griped properly by the wax. Once waxed, your skin should be smooth for approximately 2 -4 weeks. Also, if you wax regularly, the longer it takes for the hair to regrow, providing you with longer lasting results!

Second, sun exposure and body waxing don’t mix. Whether it’s an eyebrow or bikini wax, stay out of the sun before you schedule a body waxing treatment. Even a few hours of sun exposure can make your skin too sensitive to wax. Body waxing does more than just remove hair, in fact it acts as an exfoliant by removing some of the top layer of your skin. If you’ve been out in the sun, your skin can actually tear when the wax is removed.

Third, once you’ve had a body waxing treatment, you should still avoid the sun for at least 24-48 hours. Freshly waxed skin is fragile and can burn much more easily. If you’re planning a day in the sun, be sure to book your body waxing treatment at unDONE Salon several days before hand. Additionally, it’s important to us a higher SPF sunscreen and drink plenty of water. Once you have exposed your skin to the sun, it’s also a good idea to use after sun products like aloe vera or witch hazel to rehydrate and soothe your waxed areas.

If you still have questions about a body waxing treatment, the professionals at unDONE Salon can give you additional advice about products and routines best suited to your individual needs. Call us at (208) 287-2010 today!

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What You Really Want To Know About Body Waxing

With summer still upon us, August is often the prime month many of us go on a last “hurrah!” vacation before fall. What a better way to get ready for that vacation than getting rid of all your unwanted hair with body waxing?! Often times however, when people hear the term “body waxing”, they immediately wince at the thought of pain, but unDONE Salon wants to assure you that once you try it, you’ll become a believer, and won’t want to deal with removing hair any other way!

Why Body Wax?

Body waxing is not only convenient and cost effective, but long lasting and quick as well! Think about it… Shaving is not only time consuming, it cuts the hair in the middle of the hair shaft, which causes stubble when it grows back. With body waxing however, not only do you have the silky smooth feel you want afterward, but it lasts longer before hair grows back softer and finer than before! Body waxing also doubles as an exfoliant by shedding your skin of the top layer of dead skin cells. And as an added bonus, body waxing does not consist of harsh chemicals, which can be irritating to your skin & it doesn’t contain any unpleasant smells associated with depilatory creams, and there’s no chance of cutting yourself with a razor!

Does Body Waxing Hurt?

Comparably, body waxing is a lot like pulling off a band aid. It all depends on your individualized pain tolerance. Many people only experience a slight pinching or stinging sensation after the body waxing strip is pulled, but usually its nothing you can’t handle. Once your body waxing is complete, your unDONE Salon technician will provide you with a soothing lotion to calm any irritation. If you are nervous about the pain, it’s okay to take an ibuprofen or aspirin approximately 30 minutes prior to your body waxing treatment to help curb the sting.

Doʼs and Donʼt of Body Waxing:

  • Hair must be at least ¼” long so that the body wax can grab a hold.
  • Plan to avoid any direct sunlight 24 hours before and 48 hours after body waxing.
  • Avoid hot baths or showers for 24-48 hours after body waxing.
  • Wear loose, comfortable clothing directly after your body waxing treatment.
  • Do not body wax if you are using Retin-A, Differin, or Isotretinoin as these medications can cause skin to be more prone to tearing.

Now that you know a little more about body waxing, it’s time to put that doubt aside and try it out! Understanding the process is already half the battle. The other half is picking up that phone, giving us a call, setting up your appointment and enjoying your freshly smooth skin!

To schedule your appointment or to receive additional information please call unDONE Salon at (208) 287-2010 or schedule online!


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To Body Wax or Not to Body Wax?

Depending on today’s fashion styles, mini skirts, shorts, and other leg-baring styles call for smooth legs, worthy of baring. Depending on your preferred method of body hair removal, there are a number of treatments to choose from. Shaving and body waxing are two popular methods readily available with products that are easily provided by your Boise hair salon or found at your local drugstore.

Why Body Wax?

No razor burn! Not only is razor burn painful and itchy, it looks terrible! What’s a sexy bikini or leg barring skirt with red, irritated skin? Body waxing is a much better alternative to shaving because it helps eliminate razor burn completely…

Time Saving

These days, who has time to shave or pluck stubborn, unwanted hair? Who has time for it? Plain and simple, body waxing simply saves time. Since the results of body waxing can last up to six weeks, this technique helps to eliminate everyday time-consuming shaving & plucking.

Body Waxing Helps To Reduce Hair Regrowth

Want another perk? Over time, the repetition of body waxing can help hair grow in less and less. Hair papilla is responsible for supplying nutrients to the hair follicle in order for it to grow, and body waxing, over time damages the papilla. Without it, the hair can’t grow!

Reduce the stubble

We all hate the feel of the stubble of hair the day after shaving. Shaving cuts the hair, leaving a blunt tip. Body waxing on the other hand removes it from the root. Compared to shaving, hair that’s waxed grows back with a fine tip that is soft instead of pokey. No more stubble!

Long Lasting Results

Body waxing results last up to a month compared to the chore of shaving daily. Not only that but it grows back finer and softer. While you have to let the hair regrow in order to wax it again, the hair is much less noticeable than if you were to shave.

After Care

After a body wax treatment at your Boise hair salon, your Undone technician recommends wearing loose clothing for a few hours to reduce uncomfortable rubbing on sensitive skin. Try not to take hot showers or baths for at least 24 hours, and avoid loofahs or mesh sponges that are known to harbor bacteria that are known to cause unwanted breakouts. Keep in mind, its not uncommon to have a break out after your first waxing session. Regular body waxing at 4 to 6 week intervals will help provide you with smoother results, and less ingrown hairs!