Undone stylists are always being educated on the newest, most competitive edge of cutting, hair color, and textural techniques featuring Davines and Kenra products. Whether you want to shake up your current look with the latest hair cutting trend or want to extend it to new lengths, from root to tip we’ve got you covered with our unbeatable lines of product.

Products are so very important for hair care and I’m sure if you’ve seen any of us for a service you got the “are you using good products at home?” speech. I promise it’s for a good reason! Good products can take away frizz, repair split ends, allow your hair to grow, give moisture, and so many other great things! Let your stylist know what your hair concerns are and see what we can do for you!


We are a Davines salon. Owner, Kim Denton, is a Davines educator and our salon is a huge advocate for everything this product brand represents. Davines products are sustainable beauty products known for their renowned quality, and high grade, natural ingredients, Davines inspires people to not only take care of themselves but the environment as well! With a line of shampoos, conditioners, and styling products that benefit more than just your hair, the packaging is also made from renewable energy sources! Not only that, all conditioner tubs are dishwasher safe and all of there essential hair care packaging is 100% biodegradable. We’ve partnered with Davines, not only because they have wonderful and natural products, but because we support everything this brand stands for. When you buy or use these products you’re making a real impact.


Loma is our more affordable line sporting a lot of the same things we love about Davines! This line is paraben free, sulfate free, sodium chloride free, and soy free! None of these products are ever tested on animals and completely vegan! We would never dream of sending our clients away with products we wouldn’t absolutely love to use ourselves!