What Your Boise Hair Salon Stylist Wants You to Know About the Gym & Your Hair!

We all know that working out at the gym is good for boosting and maintaining your overall health. But did you know that you could also be doing serious damage to your hair every time you go to the gym? Obviously this is no reason to ditch your workout (it’s not) but your Boise hair salon stylist wants you to understand the importance of how you treat your hair when you exercise.

While the go-to hairstyle we often opt for at the gym is the tight, slicked back ponytail, that’s about as far as any hair prep goes, right? However, one of the main culprits we often face is sweat which in turn causes odors, and if you’re doing intense cardio, your hair often accumulates a lot of tangles. So the real question is, why aren’t we protecting and preventing? While no one wants to glam it up for the gym, your Boise hair salon stylist does recommend doing a little prep work when it comes to protecting your strands while you exercise.


As we exercise, our heart rate tends to increase (that’s what we’re aiming for right?), causing our bodies to sweat. While this definitely means you’re kicking butt, there’s also a drawback when it comes to working up a sweat… Other than the smell, sweat also dries out our hair. While sweat is made up of water, it also contains natural chemicals like ammonia and salt that like to drain all the moisture from your hair. So how are you supposed to prevent your hair from drying out? Your Boise hair salon stylist suggests:

  • Prior to your workout, apply Davines protective, moisturizing SŪ OIL to the ends your hair. Its unique blend of oils and antioxidants will help to moisturize, and prevent hair from frizzing while protecting it against sun, salt, and chlorine without weighing it down.
  • Naturally your hair soaks up sweat, causing it to become dry and brittle. Prevent this type of split end damage by keeping your hair up and off your skin.
  • What about your roots? Fortunately, your scalp creates natural oils that replenish your hair. These oils are what keep our roots from drying out and breaking which is why we focus primarily on the ends of our hair.
  • If you tend to sweat a lot, try applying a small amount of dry shampoo to your scalp. While this will help with excess oils but your Boise hair salon stylist recommends only using a small amount in order to help with any odors caused by sweat.


During a workout we tend to want our hair out of the way. However, by pulling your hair into a style that’s too tight might cause more damage than you think.

  • The Ponytail is the fastest, and easiest gym hairstyle we tend to utilize the most. However, it’s important to go for a looser pony so that it doesn’t pull or break the hair. Try placing it around the mid way mark down the back of your head.
  • The Bun is also another go-to style we all tend to love. However, try not to style your hair into a wet bun because it can cause breakage. Instead, fashion your hair into a dry, loose bun that will provide you with tons of volume after your workout!
  • Braids are another personal favorite. Not only does it keep your hair out of your face and (for the most part) off your skin, it looks stylish as well! However, it’s important to be conscious about which side of your head you braid. If you twist your hair to the right each time you work out, try twisting it to the left on occasion.

While we all think it’s necessary to wash our hair after every gym session, its important to remember that over washing will cause your hair to dry out as well. Ideally, you should try going 2-3 days in-between washings. That’s why your Boise hair salon stylist recommends using a dry shampoo before you start sweating – not after. However, when it comes to packing your gym bag, don’t forget a hair refresher! Try Davines Hair Refresher. Its formulated to refresh and clean all hair types without using water while providing you with the smell and texture of just washed hair!

Boise Hair Salon Tip: When you get home from the gym, grab your blow dryer and immediately blast the roots and ends of your hair with a cool, low airflow. This helps to not only dry your hair of sweat, but prevent build up and itching at the scalp as well. Remember, caring for your hair before and after your gym session will make a huge difference! It’s all about improving your health, right? Part of that health routine should be for your hair!


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Summer 2015: Trending Women’s Hair Colors

Whether you’re wanting to have a lot of fun with your haircolor this summer or just spruce up the color you were born with, the Boise hair salon stylists at unDONE are up-to-date on all the latest summer trends and techniques best suited for you.

Surfer Gold

While this haircolor isn’t anything necessarily new, it is definitely blowing up in a big way this year. With new technology and a knowledgeable Boise hair salon stylist, you can get surfer gold locks no matter what your natural haircolor is!


Wild pastel haircolor refers to any shade that isn’t what you’d call a natural haircolor. Because of this, a lot of people assume it’s a younger style or something you can’t have if you want people to take you serious. Since it’s becoming so popular, it’s really not just the very young who are trying out this fun trend. Pale green, washed-out aqua, blue, pink, and deep purple hair color can be seen all over these days.

Unicorn & Rainbow Hair

A lot of people consider any fun haircolor to be unicorn hair but it can also be two or more bright colors. It can even entail many colors painted throughout. There’s so many more options today to go as bright and bold as you like.

Beauty note: With multiple bright colors, you’ll want to carefully choose products with the help of your Boise hair salon stylist to keep the colors fresh as some shampoos and conditioners will make the colors fade more quickly.

Truffle Brunette

This chocolate truffle-inspired hue may be dark, but the ultra shiny, reflective locks really make the haircolor pop! Rich and elegant, neither too dark nor too light, it’s a dreamy chocolate hue to accentuate your brown eyes.

Rose Gold

Rose Gold, is another great way to go for a more subtle shade of pink. This golden pink color is a highlight that can be used with almost any haircolor to give dull hair a luxurious sheen.   The transition from blonde to pink is almost imperceptible and leaves you with a refreshed summery feel.

Little Mermaid Red

One of the hottest hair colors that are presented this summer is the “Little Mermaid” red haircolor as it makes you energetic and increases your power. You will find it in different shades whether they are light or dark to choose what suits your personality and your skin tone.

Tips to Keep Your Color-Treated Hair Healthy

Summer is one of the most popular times of the year to brighten up your look with sun-kissed highlights or to change the color of your hair altogether! Here at unDONE Salon, we have compiled a few helpful tips to maintain the health of your hair after your haircolor renaissance.

The Dirtier the Better
As weird as it sounds, the less you wash your hair, the longer your haircolor will last. And the longer you wait before shampooing the better chance your new haircolor has to settle in. Washing your hair in hot water will relax the follicle making it easier for the color molecules to escape much more easily. However, when you do wash, our Boise hair salon stylists recommend Davines Minu Shampoo. Ideal for colored hair, its formula is designed to gently cleanse while protecting the haircolor from fading while keeping it shiny for a longer period of time.

Snip, Snip
Naturally, you should trim your hair regularly to keep it looking healthy. As hair grows the ends can get frail and split ends develop (color or no color). Getting a regular trim at unDONE salon can help keep your hair looking healthy. The haircolor process modifies the hair shaft by taking and/or putting color into the strands it’s applied to. So, naturally it’s more important than usual to care for your strands and keep the ends neat. You don’t always need a full haircut; just a trim will do wonders!

Cool It
Another trick for longer lasting haircolor is to rinse your hair with cooler temperature water instead of hot water as this can help your haircolor to stay nice and bold. It also can close down the cuticle to smooth out the hair shaft, making it easier to style and curb the humidity this summer.

Love the Sunshine Sparingly
With warmer temperatures, sun worshiping is probably in your forecast. However, you may want to think twice if you want to stop your haircolor from going sun bleached. Protect your hair and skin by limiting direct sun exposure with sunscreen and/or a wide brimmed hat. Also, if you are more of the pool-type, make sure to protect your haircolor before dipping in chlorinated water by rinsing your hair with clean water pre-swim and adding some leave-in conditioner before taking that refreshing plunge. This will help to protect your amazing haircolor from the perils of salt & chlorine.

unDONE Salon is Proud to Introduce DAVINES Natural Tech Line!

unDONE salon is proud to introduce the new DAVINES Natural Tech line! By uniting the best elements of nature, man, and technology, DAVINES has created a synergy that is pure, natural and effective.

Natural Tech was conceived as a series of intensive, therapeutic treatments that counteract and correct common hair and scalp ailments. Aromatherapy principles combined with cutting edge biotechnology to optimize the effectiveness of natural, active phytoceuticals.

The result is a comprehensive hair care line with formulations that alleviate the imbalance of stressed scalps, hair loss, dandruff, chemically or environmentally-damaged hair, dry hair, oily scalps, or sensitive scalps, creating an optimal environment for healthy hair.

Throughout the creation process of Natural Tech, DAVINES remained true to their philosophy of sustainable & natural beauty, using new technologies with proven effectiveness and increased health and safety for both people and the environment.

What is Natural Tech?

Natural Tech is a complete treatment line created to address the main scalp and hair problems: fragile, thin and lifeless hair, dry and damaged, environmentally stressed, dandruff, grease, and hair loss.

What is included in a Natural Tech Treatment?

You will receive a consultation with your Boise hair salon stylist to determine which line would best suit your hair/scalp needs. Your Boise hair salon stylist will then prepare an experience based off of your consultation, with the products customized to your needs.

At the end you will be provided with a “prescription” for take-home products if necessary. The first Natural Tech treatment you receive is a catalyst treatment. It sets the stage for the scalp to receive the treatments at their fullest.

A Natural Tech treatment is a perfect solution to rejuvenate those luscious locks!

The Davines Natural Tech line features Petit Grain Oil, which gives elasticity, moisturizes, and protects hair while gently cleansing without altering hair structure! Natural Tech also features Plum Phytoceuticals which fight free radicals & prevents cell aging. Great for all hair types! Helps hair look shiny, and hold it’s style longer! Ask your Boise hair salon stylist to find out more!

To schedule your appointment or speak with one of our knowledgeable Boise hair salon stylists call (208) 287-2010 or click here.