Its official! unDone is excited, and proud to announce that we are now a Davines-exclusive Boise hair salon! As many of our clients already know, Davines is an amazing product line from Italy, based around the concept of beauty + sustainability. Not only does our Boise hair salon carry all of your favorite Davines products but we also carry a number of new and hard-to-find Davines products as well!

The importance of becoming a Davines-exclusive Boise hair salon is that only select salons are allowed to carry their products. That is why being Davines-exclusive comes with great responsibility. Not only does a Boise hair salon need to be well educated in the unique properties of their products but they need to be able to educate and share its mission with their clients and guests as well.

As a Davines-exclusive Boise hair salon, we use only the best ingredients in our hair, body, styling and haircolor products. unDone is honored to partner with such an amazing brand who treats every salon like their only client. If you haven’t tried Davines before, you’re missing out. Stop by our Boise hair salon, today and experience the Davines line of products for yourself!

About Davines:

Davines is a family owned company from Parma, Italy. All of the ingredients that go into their product line are locally sourced, and plant based with minimal preservatives. From their shampoo and conditioner containers to every tube of haircolor, their packaging is either reusable or 100% recyclable.

… and if that wasn’t enough to make Davines one of the most amazing, Boise hair salon product lines in the industry, they’ve taken it one step further by supporting small farms to small-batch crafts for their award winning products, while becoming Slow Food Foundation certified in addition to being a member of the LifeGate Zero Impact Foundation meaning that any carbon dioxide emissions generated during the manufacturing process are offset by the brand’s contribution to protecting forests in Madagascar!

Gone are the days when buying all natural, vegan Boise hair salon products required a trip to an impossible-to-find beauty supply store. But it can still be hard to find green goods that actually meet your hair care needs. Davines’ newly reformulated Essential Haircare line, is not only good for the Earth but good to your tresses as well. The collection is made with rapidly biodegradable ingredients, and Zero Impact® packaging in an effort to sustaining vegetable species at risk of extinction.

What makes the unDONE line of Davines products so unique? For starters……

As with all Boise hair salon brands, Davines has grown and morphed since its launch in 1993, but it has also retained specific qualities, most notably a dedication to sustainability and safeguarding biodiversity. The company recently overhauled its most well-known, product line, Essential Haircare, and developed 25 new Boise hair salon products all of which are perfectly fit for post-winter hair renewal. Amongst our Boise hair salon favorites is the newest family, MINU, which uses locally sourced caper blossom extract to create a soothing and, of course, wonderfully scented collection, including shampoo, conditioner, a hair mask, and hair serum targeted toward colored hair. However, if your hair is au natural and healthily survived winter winds, instead try DEDE, the family created for optimum daily cleansing.

Davines is Vegan
Davines is Gluten Free
Davines is Sulfate Free
Davines is Paraben Free
Davines is Carbon Neutral
Davines Manufactures Using Renewable Energy
Davines is Packaged in Food-Grade Reusable Packaging



There’s nothing basic about Davines line of home care shampoo’s and conditioner’s. Derived from the cleanest plant technologies while using the essence of every ingredient so you can rinse it down the drain care free in it’s natural form. The Essential Haircare line covers the ground for regular maintenance aside from visiting your Boise hair salon, from smoothing to hydrating, volumizing and much more. Ingredients include: grapefruit seed extract, olive butter, carrot extract, barley, spinach, and apricot just to name a few. Sounds good enough to eat right? It just might be!


Nature meets technology. This Davines treatment line is designed to be used in stages while targeting specific hair and scalp problems. Perhaps you’ve experienced to many chemical services and need some serious hair help? Has the changing of the season’s caused your scalp to act up? This product line can be used in your Boise hair salon or at home for anyone in need of a little hair TLC.


Sustainability is proven in this Davines, Boise hair salon product line, delivering between 98% – 100% natural ingredients from organic agriculture. Sodium lauryl and laureth free, using biodegradable surfactants from oat amino acids and free of parabens, this product line is perfect for the zero impact life. pH balanced for hair, face and body, your favorite Authentic products also make for great travel companions!


This shampoo and conditioner system was designed for the non-colorist to provide an extra boost to natural hair at home. It also ensures longevity to treated haircolor using naturally derived surfactants and milk proteins. pH balanced, it protects the outer surfaces of the hair shaft for optimal Boise hair salon haircolor quality and optimum shine.


As a Boise hair salon, we love this Davines color line. Mask colour consists of three aspects: cream, protection and shine, that are delivered every step of the way, throughout your entire Boise hair salon service. With cohesive ingredients from start to finish in all of Davines haircolor products, your hair will never feel so healthy!

The unDone Boise Hair Salon could not be more proud to be a Davines salon!