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‘The Revival of ‘Mall Bangs’: A Trendy ’80s Look for 2023

With the abundance of bang styles making waves in 2023, it’s no wonder some might blur together in your mind. From “Birkin bangs” to peekaboo bangs, the choices seem endless. However, one resurfacing 80s-inspired trend stands out for its retro charm: mall bangs.

The great news about 2023’s “mall bangs” is that they don’t have to be as exaggerated as their ’80s predecessors. These bangs are more versatile, eliminating the need for tons of Aqua Net hairspray. Instead, mall bangs are all about adding a touch of interest rather than achieving perfection. They can be customized to suit your unique hairline, forehead size, and preferred thickness. While not everyone may be on board with this ’80s-inspired style, it’s worth trying out, especially since it’s more adaptable than ever in 2023.

Celebrate Your Curls &  Waves

For those with naturally curly or wavy hair who once felt compelled to straighten their bangs for a sleek look in the 2000s, you’re in for a treat with mall bangs. Embrace those curls and waves; after all, the most iconic ’80s hairstyles were characterized by bold curls and waves. In 2023, there’s no need to conceal your natural hair texture. Flaunt your wavy and curly bangs to rock the playful ’80s mall bang look.

Volume Focus on Your Bangs

On the flip side, you don’t have to have curly, wavy, or ultra-voluminous hair to pull off mall bangs. As previously mentioned, the style has evolved in 2023, making it possible for those with straight and fine hair as well. When styling your hair, emphasize your fringe, ensuring that your bangs are the most voluminous part of your hair – making them true to mall bang fashion.

Enhance with Velcro Rollers

Need an extra boost of volume for your mall bangs? Look no further than Velcro rollers. Surprisingly, TikTok has become a hub for tutorials on how to style your bangs using these rollers, proving that this hairstyling technique isn’t confined to the 1950s. So, embrace the nostalgia by learning how to use these ’50s-era rollers to infuse some ’80s flair into your bangs!

Experiment with Micro Mall Bangs for Extra Trendiness

If you’re seeking an even bolder statement, consider combining mall bangs with the micro bangs trend. This double dose of style will turn heads and make you the center of attention. To achieve this look, ensure your bangs are shorter than traditional ones, and add volume by blow-drying or using rollers.

Give Mall Bangs an Edgy Twist

While mall bangs may have earned their name from the sassy, hyper-girly characters of ’80s, it’s important to remember that ’80s rockstar style was just as iconic. If the sassy look isn’t your vibe, unleash your inner rocker with ’80s-inspired bangs and outfits that can instantly be edgier. Mall bangs can be as versatile as your personal style, so don’t hesitate to add your unique spin and embrace this timeless trend with confidence.’

unDONE Salon

As things come full circle, one thing’s for sure; we love embracing the resurgence of 80s hair with a modern twist at unDONE. If you’re interested in trying something new, make sure to book a free consultation online or call (208) 287-2010 for an appointment. Our Boise hair salon stylists have the knowledge, experience, and tools to help you achieve your ultimate hairstyle goals.

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Best Haircuts Based on the Shape of Your Face

Do you know your face shape? If not, it’s time to figure it out. Once you know your face shape, you can start looking for haircuts that will flatter your features. There are many different haircut styles out there, but not all of them will look good on every face shape.

That’s why the Boise hair salon stylists at unDONE would like to discuss the best haircuts for each of the six most common face shapes. This includes round, oval, square, rectangular, diamond, and triangular face shapes.

What is a Face Shape?

The width and length of your face determine your face shape. Your facial features and bone structure change with age, so it’s important to re-evaluate your face shape from time to time. To figure out your face shape, you can use a tape measure or ruler and take measurements of different areas on your face.

Haircuts for Rectangle Faces

Rectangle faces have long, straight jawlines that are longer than wide. A good haircut for this type of face shape will add volume around the cheekbones and chin area to make the face appear more balanced.

Recommended hairstyles for rectangle-shaped faces include layers with side-swept bangs, pixie cuts, wavy bobs, and shoulder-length haircuts. Avoid blunt bangs or anything that adds extra length to your face.

Haircuts for Oval Faces

Oval faces are the widest close to the cheeks and taper to a narrow chin. The key to flattering an oval face shape is creating an illusion of width at the forehead while keeping the chin area slightly narrower.

Recommended hairstyles for oval-shaped faces include layered bobs, long layers, shags, and side-parted bangs. Avoid straight fringe or short pixie cuts, as these will make your face appear longer.

Haircuts for Square Faces

Square faces have a strong jawline and angular features. To best flatter this type of face shape, you’ll want to soften the lines of the jawline while adding volume to the sides of the face.

Recommended hairstyles for square-shaped faces include wispy bangs, shoulder-length haircuts with waves or curls, long layers with side-swept bangs, and choppy pixies. Avoid blunt cuts that stop at the chin, as this will draw attention to the jawline.

Haircuts for Round Faces

Round faces have a wider forehead and full cheeks, so the goal is to create an illusion of length. To achieve this, you’ll want to add volume on top while keeping the sides of your face shorter.

Recommended hairstyles for round-shaped faces include long layers with side-swept bangs, pixie cuts with texture, and graduated bobs. Avoid chin-length cuts, as these will make your face appear even rounder.

Haircuts for Diamond Faces

A narrow forehead and jawline with wide cheekbones characterize diamond faces. The goal is to draw attention away from the widest point of your face (the cheeks) and bring it more toward the eyes.

Recommended hairstyles for diamond-shaped faces include choppy pixie cuts, long layered haircuts with side-swept bangs, and shoulder-length cuts with waves. Avoid blunt bangs or anything that adds extra width to your face.

Haircuts for Triangular Faces

Triangular faces have wide jawlines and narrow foreheads. The goal is to create an illusion of width at the forehead while keeping the chin area narrower.

Recommended hairstyles for triangular-shaped faces include short bobs, long layers that start near the chin, and bouffant styles. Avoid anything too short, as this will draw attention to your pointed chin.

What if You Need Help Finding Your Face Shape?

If you’re having trouble figuring out your face shape, you can always consult a Boise hair salon stylist. A good stylist can identify your face shape and recommend the best hairstyle for it. They can also help you choose the best hair products and styling techniques for your particular face shape.

No matter what your face shape is, there’s sure to be a flattering haircut that suits you. With the right cut, you can make the most of your facial features and look your absolute best!

Schedule a Hair Appointment with unDONE Salon

At unDONE Salon, we specialize in custom haircuts and looks tailored to our client’s individual face shapes. Whether you’re looking for a new style or need a trim, our experienced Boise hair salon stylists can help you find the perfect look! Book an appointment online or give us a call at (208) 287-2010 to get the perfect haircut based on your face shape!

Boise Hair Salon Tips for Square Faced Hairstyles

For those blessed with a square face, consider yourself lucky. A square face is a very common shape, especially among those of some big name celebrities. Unlike people with oval faces, however, you can’t get away with any hairstyle you want to try. But keep in mind there are plenty of sexy styles out there to compliment your square faced features. That’s why the Boise hair salon stylists at unDONE have put together a list of tips for square faced hairstyles.

Characteristics of a Square Face

The characteristics of a square face include a squared jawline with the forehead, cheekbones, and jawline approximately the same width. People with a square face tend to hide their pronounced jawline with long, soft layered hairstyles that add an instant disguise. Waves and curls, on the other hand, are also known to soften your facial features while adding a touch of femininity to your style.

Whether you opt for a long or short hairstyle, it’s important to remember not to go too short or too long. In fact, the perfect hairstyle for a square face should measure just a few inches above or below the chin line.

Short Hairstyles Recommendations

At unDONE, our Boise hair salon stylists recommend short or medium hairstyles with curls or waves for people with square faces. Wispy layers also work to soften your features while making your face appear longer. To pull off this look, think about adding some short layers that will add volume and height. Off center parts (either straight or diagonal) will also add a flattering twist to your hairstyle.

Bobs, on the other hand, are a little bit riskier. To pull off this particular hairstyle, we recommend a tapered bob with side swept fringes.

*If your hair is straight and mid-length, you may want to try using some rollers or a curling iron to add some gentle waves to your hair. Curls and waves work to soften your angular features instantly.

Long Hairstyles for Square Faces

Long hairstyles should be generally avoided by those with square face shapes as they will only accentuate your jawline. However, if you love long hair, try adding layers around your face to help soften the harsh angles of your jaw, nose and cheeks. Long layers that begin at the jaw and continue downwards will help to accentuate your best features. To top off this look, side swept fringes with look fabulous on you!

*For those that have long hair, it’s also important to avoid center parts, straight fringes, and a poker straight look. Instead, complement your best features by adding a side part and soft feminine waves.  

Square Faced Styles to Avoid

There are a few rules our Boise hair salon stylists have when it comes to what hairstyles look best on square shaped faces by taking into account the following:

  • Long straight styles will accentuate a square jaw line and should be avoided
  • Straight, full fringes or center parts will do nothing for your face shape.
  • Straight bobs or cuts ending at the jaw line should also be avoided.

Instead it’s important to keep your locks fuller with waves and added layers for extra body. Side swept fringe also works to detract attention from your angular features making them look more feminine. Bobs on the other hand should always be choppy and layered!

Other Factors to Consider

Taking into account the shape of your face is important when it comes to choosing the perfect hairstyle. However, it’s important to keep in mind that the above guidelines are just that – general guidelines – and that the shape of your face isn’t the only thing to take into consideration. Overall body, type, and length are just as important. If you are feeling stuck with the same old hairstyle, or you don’t think a new cut is working for you, it may be time to discuss some alternatives with your stylist.

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At unDONE Salon we offer personalized consultations when it comes to choosing the best hairstyle for your face shape. Our Boise hair salon stylists are professionally trained and can help you decide the best direction to take when it comes to the hairstyle that will look best on you. We will be more than happy to share our wealth of knowledge and provide you with the perfect cut for your new look! To schedule an appointment, call us at (208) 287-2010.