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Perception: What Do We See? – Written by Kim Denton Owner/Salon Coach

Over the past couple of months we have been working on setting goals and achieving them. Awesome right? But what do you do when you finally reach them and you still don’t see the results? Perception is hard for us to see in ourselves as opposed to what others see.

To understand perception, we have to know that it is shaped by learning, memory, expectation, and attention. There are three factors that can influence your perception: experience, motivational state, and emotional state. In different motivational or emotional states, the perceiver will react to (or) perceive something in different ways. In a different situation, you might even employ a “perceptual defense” where you tend to “see what you want to see”. Crazy huh?

This is what causes a person who may have lost weight to see themselves as the person they were before. This is also the reason why positive feedback to one’s self is so important. Not only do we have to change the way we see things but our emotions have to be a positive influence as well. Positive influences are one of the hardest things (I believe) to learn. Especially when there are plenty of images out there that we take in everyday that are airbrushed, have hair extensions, botox, facelifts, or even wigs thanks to the media. With this, how are we supposed to perceive good imagery in ourselves? Is the media we are exposed to the “cause” or the “effect”? The answer can be both. Our perception of ourselves will not change unless we change. How we react to what we see in the media is a big source when it comes to our emotional state and how we perceive ourselves.

So how do we deal with misconception of ourselves when it comes to business and self imagery. We start with positive talk and stop comparing ourselves to others. The biggest thing I see working behind the chair is our clients constantly comparing their hair to others by attempting to achieve an exact color, cut or wedding style. Doing so takes its toll on us by making our job harder while making you (our client) unhappy. Keep in mind that we want to provide you with positive feedback and a true perspective on what your hair can actually do.

At unDONE, the best hair salon in Boise, we have clients sitting in our chairs, talking silently to themselves and not seeing the beautiful person they really are. As a Boise hair salon stylist who works in an industry that strives for beauty, I want my clients to feel happy, and beautiful. I want them to see their true beauty and success. The only way we can achieve this is by positive self talk and by changing how we see things. We need to take care of ourselves and celebrate our wins!


Creative Commons Image Courtesy of Skip