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A Boise Hair Salon Guide to Gray hair Blending

Gray hairs are common for all kinds of people, old and young. If you’re concerned about upholding a youthful image, you may want to get rid of as many gray hairs as possible. Fortunately, there is a solution.

Gray blending has been used for generations to promote normal hair color in men and women. That’s why unDONE would like to provide you with the following Boise hair salon guide to gray hair blending and explain everything there is to know about this hair color technique.

What is Gray Blending?

Gray blending is a hair color technique that produces a subtle, natural-looking result. The main idea behind gray blending is to use two colors that are similar in tone to create a soft, blended effect.

This technique can be used on its own or in combination with other hair color techniques, such as highlights or lowlights. When done correctly, gray blending can give you beautiful, natural-looking results.

How Does Gray Blending Work?

Gray blending works by using two colors that are similar in tone. The stylist will apply the first color to the roots of your hair and then blend it out into the rest of your hair. They will then apply the second color to your hair, starting at the mid-lengths and blending it to the ends.

The two colors will be blended together using a brush or comb to create a soft, subtle effect. The final result should look natural and gentle like your hair has been softly kissed by the sun.

Is Gray Blending Right for Me?

Gray blending is an excellent technique if you’re looking for low-maintenance hair color. Because the two colors are similar in tone, they will blend together seamlessly and won’t require a lot of touch-ups. Talk to your Boise hair salon stylist about your options if you’re interested in gray blending. They will be able to assess your hair color and texture to determine if this technique is right for you.

Are There Any Risks?

Gray blending is a relatively safe hair color technique. However, as with any hair color service, some risks are involved.

The most common risk is that the two colors may not blend together evenly. This can leave your hair looking patchy or streaky. If this happens, you may need to have your hair colored again to even out the result.

Another risk is that the colors may not perfectly match your skin tone. If this happens, you may have hair that looks too light or dark. Be sure to talk to your stylist about your skin tone before having your hair colored.

Finally, remember that gray blending is a temporary solution. The color will eventually fade, and you’ll need to have it done again. If you’re looking for a more permanent solution, you may want to consider another hair color technique.

Are There Any Alternatives to Gray Blending?

If you’re not interested in gray blending, other hair color techniques can help you cover your gray hair. One popular option is highlights. Highlights are usually done with bleach or high-lift color and can be placed throughout your hair to create a natural-looking result. Lowlights are another option. Lowlights are usually done with a dark dye and are placed throughout your hair to create depth and dimension.

Both highlights and lowlights can be used to cover gray hair and give you beautiful, natural-looking results. Be sure to talk to your Boise hair salon stylist about which technique is right for you.

Schedule a Consultation with unDone Salon

If you’re interested in gray blending or any other hair color technique, schedule a consultation with a Boise hair salon stylist at unDONE. We’ll assess your hair color and texture to determine which technique is right for you. Schedule an appointment online or give us a call at (208) 287-2010 today.

We look forward to helping you achieve your ideal hair color!

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Professional Hair Color Vs Box Dye

When it comes to hair color, there are two main options: professional hair color or box dye. Box dye is a more affordable option but can often lead to poor results.

Professional hair color, on the other hand, is more expensive, but it produces much better results. That’s why the Boise hair salon stylists at unDONE would like to compare professional hair color and box dye and discuss the pros and cons of each option.

Box Dyes Don’t Provide Full Results

One of the main problems with box dyes is that they don’t provide full results. This is because they don’t contain all of the necessary ingredients to provide a complete color treatment. As a result, you may end up with uneven color or patches of your natural hair color showing through. Additionally, box dyes often contain harsh chemicals that can damage your hair. These chemicals can strip away your hair’s natural moisture, leaving it dry and brittle.

Box Dyes Don’t Fit All Hair Colors

Another problem with box dyes is that they don’t fit all hair colors. It can be difficult to find a box dye that will provide the desired results if you have very dark hair. Conversely, if you have very light hair, you may have a color that’s too dark for your liking. In either case, it’s best to consult with a Boise hair salon stylist at unDONE to determine which shade would be best for you.

Professional Hair Color Is More Expensive

The biggest downside of professional hair color is that it’s more expensive than box dye. A typical color treatment can cost anywhere from $60 to $200. However, the results are usually worth the price tag. The Boise hair salon stylists at unDONE use high-quality products that are less likely to damage your hair. Additionally, we can custom-mix colors to create a perfect shade for you. And if you’re unhappy with the results, most colorists will offer to fix it for free.

Professional Hairstylists are More Experienced

When it comes to hair color, it’s essential to trust professionals. The Boise hair salon stylists at unDONE have years of experience and training in color theory and application. They know which colors will work best for your skin tone, eye color, and hair type. They can also help you choose a style that compliments your features.

So if you’re thinking about coloring your hair, be sure to visit a professional hairstylist. They’ll help you find the perfect shade and provide expert advice on how to care for your new color.

You Can’t See the Back of Your Head

One of the most difficult parts of coloring your own hair is trying to see the back of your head. This can often lead to missed spots and uneven color. A professional hairstylist will have no problem seeing the back of your head and can ensure that your color is applied evenly.

Professional Hair Dying Also Includes Conditioning

Professional hair color treatments always include a conditioning treatment. This is because the chemicals in hair dye can be very drying. A good conditioning treatment will help to replenish your hair’s moisture and protect it from further damage.

Box Dyes Often Cause Bleed Marks

Another problem with box dyes is that they often cause bleed marks. This happens when the dye bleeds onto your skin, clothing, or towels. Not only is this annoying, but it can also be difficult to remove. If you’re using a box dye, wear an old towel and wear old clothes that you don’t mind getting stained. Also, there is a chance that the dye can seep through your shower cap.

You Might Not Get the Exact Shade You Want

When you use a box dye, you risk not getting the exact shade you want. This is because the colors are often not as true-to-life as they appear on the box. If your heart is set on a specific color, it’s best to consult with a Boise hair salon stylist at unDONE. They can help you find a shade that’s similar to what you’re looking for.

Schedule a Hair Appointment with unDone Salon

If you’re thinking about coloring your hair, we invite you to schedule a hair appointment with us at unDONE. Our Boise hair salon stylists would be more than happy to help you find the perfect color and shade for your features. We also offer a variety of other hair services, such as haircuts, styling, and treatments. Book an appointment online or give us a call at (208) 287-2010 today.

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Introducing the New Hair Frosting Technique at unDONE!

Although we are still early into 2022, stylists around the world have been predicting and coming up with plenty of hairstyle trends that are gaining popularity. These include everything from French glossing to the modern mullet and more. However, there’s one LA-inspired look that is starting to gain traction — and it’s set to take over as one of the most requested hair colors at our Boise salon. Introducing… Hair frosting!

What is Hair Frosting?

Created by Stuart Marsh, an award-winning color director at Taylor Taylor London, hair frosting shouldn’t be confused with the 90s boy band frosted tips. Instead, today’s hair frosting consists of bleaching individual hair strands to a cool blonde shade from root to tip, leaving nearby darker strands untouched. This hair color technique creates a multifaceted look that creates a subtle contrasting effect. As these lightened strands fall among darker hair, it resembles the frosty look of trees in the winter — hence the term’ hair frosting’.

Hair Frosting Vs. Balayage

Balayage is one of the most popular hair color techniques of the past decade. However, there’s a huge difference between hair frosting and balayage. While hair frosting and balayage are both hair lightening techniques that don’t require coloring every single strand of hair, frosting provides you with a more muted, subtle effect. On the other hand, Balayage means ‘sweep’, in French, so hair is lightened in much larger sections.

Keep in mind that frosting incorporates small, cool-blonde tones to contrast with the darker hair around it. Not only is it easier to maintain, but it can also create full layers of color with a detailed finish that doesn’t appear overdone. This makes it an excellent hair color option for those who want something easy to manage without high commitment.

Hair Frosting is Customizable

Want to know the best part about hair frosting? It’s completely customizable depending on how your hair falls naturally or which style you prefer to rock. This makes it perfect for all hair types and textures, providing you take care of it. However, it’s important to keep in mind that bleached hair is more prone to becoming dry and brittle. That’s why it’s important to wash your hair less (every other day), so you maintain your natural oils instead of stripping them. You should also cut back on heat styling and use a hydrating deep conditioner like Davines NOUNOU Hair Mask to help reverse damage and protect weakened, bleached hair.

How to Achieve the Perfect Look

Hair frosting is all about achieving a dainty softness — and it’s going to be extremely popular this year. At unDONE, we recommend taking some pictures of some hair frosting styles for inspiration ahead of your Boise salon appointment. You should also ask your stylist to add cool tones that contrast your darker hair and explain that you would like to create a more muted look than traditional highlights.

unDONE Salon

While it remains to be seen where 2022 hairstyles will continue to go, one thing’s for sure: women everywhere love the variations we are seeing and are ready and eager to experiment with new hairstyles. At unDONE Salon, your Boise salon stylist can help you achieve your hair color goals. If you have any questions about any particular hairstyle — including the new hair frosting technique, contact us at (208) 244-6744 or schedule a free consultation online today.

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A Boise Hair Salon Guide to Gray Blending

At a certain point in their lives, many women are faced with a major decision. They can either grow out their gray hair or color it because they prefer the natural color they were born with. While it’s entirely up to you on how you want to embrace the future, there may come a point where you would like to try something new. At unDONE, our Boise hair salon stylists have extensive experience in color transformations that take women with gray hair to a beautiful blended color without the worry of full coverage hair color. That’s why we’d like to provide you with the following guide to gray blending to help you make an informed decision.

What Is Gray Blending?

Not sure what the term “gray blending” means? Well, basically, it’s like gray camouflage. It’s a low-maintenance hair color technique that helps hide gray hair by adding other colors similar to your natural shade. This helps gray hair to appear less white or silver while creating a smoother transition to these lighter shades. While gray hair will still be in the mix, it won’t be the dominant color. Think of it like adding more pepper to salt.

Gray Blending Options

There are a wide variety of options for blending gray hair, each with its own unique results.

Traditional Highlights

Traditional highlights are often the most popular option for camouflaging gray hair. At unDONE, our Boise hair salon stylists use foils to highlight sections of hair to break up the look of gray hair. This is particularly great for those with blonde hair as ashy or icy highlights blend wonderfully with gray hair.


Lowlights are another great option for blending gray hair. They are used for people with dark or red hair as they tend to blend better with natural hair than traditional highlights. At unDONE, our Boise hair salon stylists will tactically play lowlights over gray strands to help blend them with your natural hair color.


Balayage is another popular option to blend gray hair. While it won’t cover gray hair entirely, it will very lightly blend it, so any gray hairs complement the natural color of your hair. This is a great way to create a sun-kissed look, especially for those with naturally blonde hair.


Last but not least, babylights are great for blending wispy grays. Because they mimic the natural highlights that you get from the sun, they can help to blend away small strands of gray hair.

Embracing Gray Hair

Unfortunately, trying to stop gray hair from growing is like trying to stop the wind from blowing. While you can color your hair to help hide the gray, it will always come back. That’s why fighting it will be a constant struggle. At unDONE, we can help relieve the anxiety of dealing with gray hair. Sometimes all you need is a slight change of perspective.

Instead of thinking of gray hair as something you need to fight, we can help you create a whole new style that is more fitting of the person you are at this moment in time. By embracing gray hair and opting for gray blending to help keep it under control, we can provide you with a classy, sophisticated look that controls how much gray you show.

unDONE Salon

If you feel conflicted about your gray hair and are looking for ways to blend them into a new style, contact the experts at unDONE Salon today. Our expert stylists will help you find a style that fits you best and get the most out of your look with gray blending or a full coverage hair color. Contact us by scheduling an appointment online or give us a call at (208) 287-2010. You can also stop by our 738 N. Benjamin Lane location in Boise, as walk-ins are always welcome. We look forward to seeing you and helping you look and feel your very best!

Color Correction in Boise

Fixing A DIY Disaster With A Color Correction in Boise, Idaho

Whether we like to admit it or not, we’ve all tried to save time and money with a hair color kit we picked up at the grocery store. However, the results were nothing like it was promised on the box. If this has recently happened to you, don’t despair. The stylists at unDONE Salon can help fix a DIY disaster with a color correction in Boise, Idaho.

What is a color correction service?

A color correction service helps to restore hair to the closest desired color possible. Basically, it’s a rescue service for DIY hair color-related accidents. Color correction is usually a multi-step process that often requires a few appointments to complete. That’s why it’s important to be patient when it comes to fixing your hair. After all, beauty is worth the wait, and rushing the process could further damage your hair.  That’s why you should consider the things below when preparing for a color correction service.

Have Realistic Expectations

It’s important to schedule a free consultation with one of our stylists at unDONE to determine if the results of what you want to achieve are possible. If your hair is over-processed from a previous hair color treatment, pushing the envelope to achieve a certain look may not be possible immediately or at all.

It Takes Commitment

Taking your hair from dark to light or removing color that you didn’t expect can take time. Remember, it’s a marathon, not a sprint. It can take several appointments with time in between to achieve the perfect result to protect your hair. During this time, your hair may not look anything like you want it to be. Think of it like painting a picture; the process will take priming, base coats, and finishing to produce the final result.

It’s a Science

There’s a lot of science that goes into the color correction process. Like the example we used above, there are a few steps that your hair must go through:

  1. There’s the prep work (strand test) to see how much color or how much stress your hair can handle.
  2. Priming your hair to remove as much color as possible to start with a clean, healthy slate.
  3. Correcting and manipulating the color to achieve your goal.
  4. Maintain it and set up a plan for future appointments and products at home.

Dark Hair Color Correction

If the color of your hair turned out darker than you wanted it, the first step during the color correction process would be to remove as much of the dark pigment as possible. Once complete, the stylists at unDONE can begin the process of lightening your hair. During this time, we will factor in the health of your hair and how far it can be lightened without damaging it in the process. This often requires scheduling a few appointments to let your hair recover between each step to protect it from damage.

Light Hair Color Correction

If your hair turned a few shades lighter than you wanted it, it’s usually a little easier to correct. A darker shade can often be applied on top of over-lightened hair. However, you should never attempt to do this at home. Choosing the wrong dye or the wrong color can make matters much worse. The last thing you want to end up with is green, brassy, or an orange mess that may require additional steps to the color correction process. At unDONE, our stylists are professionally trained and know how to mix dyes and colors to get the desired effect.

unDONE Salon

Whether it’s a DIY disaster or you’ve fallen victim to a cheap salon, the expert stylists at unDONE are here to help without judgment with a color correction in Boise. Give us a call at (208) 287-2010 or schedule an appointment online. We’ll develop a plan to fix your hair and achieve your ultimate goals. You can find us at 738 N. Benjamin Lane, near the Boise Towne Square Mall.

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How Can I Make My Bright Hair Color Last Longer?

If you’ve recently spent big bucks on a vibrant new hair color, the last thing you want is for it to fade. Whether you’re rocking bright blue hair or a beautiful balayage look, you can make your hair color last. It’s all about proper maintenance between salon visits. That’s why the Boise hair salon stylists at unDONE would like to provide you with the following tips to make your bright hair color last longer.

Start with Healthy Hair

While bleach is sometimes necessary to lighten your hair, it’s important to know that unhealthy, damaged hair won’t hold color well. This means that if you take your black hair to a vibrant pink, it may not hold because your hair isn’t in good shape. That’s why it’s important to be patient with your hair color journey if you’re going from a dark to lighter shade and nurture your hair in the process with repairing hair masks and salon-grade products.

Get a Professional Hair Color Service

A box of DIY hair color may seem tempting when it comes to saving money, but booking a professional service is the best way to go. Why? First of all, your stylist at unDONE has access to all the professional hair color products, which are formulated to be vibrant, gentle, and long-lasting. More importantly, they have the professional training necessary to create a customized color just for you. Last but not least, you’ll end up with the exact color you want. You simply never know how your color will turn out with a box of hair dye you purchase at the grocery store.

Shampoo the Right Way

When you get a vibrant, new hair color, it’s essential to stay away from any shampoos that contain sulfates as it will strip your hair of its natural moisture, thus fading your color in the process. Sulfate-free shampoos are formulated without any harsh ingredients, so they are perfect for cleansing bright, beautiful hues. Even better, some formulas like Davines MINU Shampoo are formulated to gently cleanse your hair while protecting its color and keeping it shiny longer.

Rinse with Cool Water

This is actually the number one tip to protecting bright hair color. Hot water opens the cuticle of your hair, allowing color to escape. While you don’t have to rinse with ice-cold water, the cooler the better. Cold water also prevents bleeding if you have more than one color in your hair. If you end up rinsing with hot water, your hair can turn into a different colored mess.

Use Dry Shampoo

Scared of your hair color going down the drain? Skip the daily wash and only lather every other day. On the days you don’t wash, use a dry shampoo to maintain fresh, clean hair. The best part? Dry shampoo helps to lock texture, making it perfect for styling twists and braids that showcase your beautiful hair color.

Use a Heat Protectant Spray

Can’t live without your favorite styling tools? At unDONE, we don’t judge. However, to protect your bright, beautiful hair color, it’s essential to use a heat protectant spray to prevent it from fading. We recommend Davines MELU Hair Shield that’s ideal for protecting all types of hair from stress caused by straightening or blow-drying.

Avoid Sun Exposure

Everyone knows the sun’s UV rays can be damaging to your skin. The same goes for your hair color too. UV rays can oxidize and break down the color pigment in your hair, causing it to fade faster. That’s why it’s important to avoid excessive sun exposure and wear a hat or scarf when you’re out and about.

Wear a Shower Cap

If you’re in between washes, wearing a shower cap when you bathe will prevent your hair from getting wet. This will not only prevent fading, but it allows you to turn up the temperature without your hair color going down the drain.

unDONE Salon

And there you have it! Our best tips and tricks for maintaining bright hair color while keeping it healthy and beautiful in the process. Contact our Boise hair salon stylists for more information by scheduling an appointment online or give unDONE a call at (208) 287-2010 today.

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Breaking Down the Costs of Hair Color

How much you should pay for a hair color treatment is a complicated question. Many clients expect an exact number, and as Boise hair salon professionals, we wish it was that easy too! However, a wide variety of factors come to play before setting a dollar amount for an individual treatment. That’s why unDONE would like to break down the costs of hair color so that you can get a better idea of what to expect before booking a free consultation.

Cheap Salons Vs. Specialized Ones

As we mentioned above, many factors go into the cost of hair color. Think about it like ordering a meal at your favorite restaurant. There will always be salons (like restaurants) that are cheap or more expensive for what they offer. However, it’s essential to determine approximately what you are getting at an expertise level. For example, if you were to visit one of Gordon Ramsay’s restaurants, you’d expect to pay top dollar for the Michelin-Starred hamburger you’ve ordered. However, ordering a burger from McDonald’s would be a much cheaper alternative, but you would be sacrificing quality, taste, and satisfaction. The same hold’s true for cheap salons compared to specialized ones. When you book a hair color appointment at unDONE, our Boise hair salon stylists will factor in the starting point of your hair, your desired result, the cost of the product, and the techniques needed to achieve it.

Your Starting Point

Your hair’s starting point is a huge factor when it comes to the price of a color treatment. For example, if you want to achieve platinum blonde but your hair is box-dyed black, the process to get your hair where you want it is going to take time and money. Think of it as a hair journey. To achieve a platinum blonde look, you’re going to have to make multiple appointments for different processes to keep your hair as healthy as possible. Attempting to go the DIY route or choosing a cheap salon alternative could result in significant damage and color that you are less than thrilled about. Below are some additional starting points that will affect the cost of a quality hair color treatment.

Virgin Hair

If you have virgin hair that hasn’t been colored, you are in the best possible position for a lower-cost hair color treatment. Why? Virgin hair is the cleanest possible canvas to work with. The price quoted should be very true to the price you pay. With virgin hair, it will color as expected without much fuss or issues.

Previous Professional Hair Color

If you’ve had your hair professionally colored at unDONE in the past, our Boise hair salon stylists will have a more accurate idea of what we will be able to do with it. We’ve had clients go from a level 10 platinum blonde to a level 6 medium brown before wanting to go back to blonde. While it’s not an easy process, having worked with you before, we will have control over the entire color experience. Long story short, by having your hair professionally colored at unDONE, we will have a better prediction of what you can achieve going forward.

Color Correction

If you walk into unDONE with box dye hair color that didn’t turn out the way you wanted, there’s a good chance it’s not going to be an easy fix. Hair color corrections can result in long, multiple appointments to save the integrity of your hair. This, in turn, will result in a higher costing hair color treatment.

Keep in mind, on average, most salons charge $100 per hour for a color correction treatment. While this might seem a bit pricey, your Boise hair salon stylist will have to use a ton of time, product, and techniques to achieve your hair goals. This results in booking you for multiple hours or an entire day, so we won’t help other clients, which affects our income.

unDONE Salon

So there you have it. A general breakdown of what to expect when it comes to factoring the costs of a hair color treatment. That’s why it’s essential to do your research and determine your starting point to find what you should expect for your next hair color appointment. Want to learn more or book an appointment? Contact the Boise hair salon professionals at unDONE by calling our 738 N. Benjamin location at (208) 287-2010 or schedule online now.

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Boise Hair Salon Tips For Understanding & Treating Gray Hair

Just like with wrinkles, getting older results in gray hair. While some people accept these changes as a privilege, others would like to prolong a more youthful look. That’s why unDONE would like to provide you with the following Boise hair salon tips for understanding and treating gray hair.

Gray Hair Causes

There are many reasons why we develop gray hair. These range from stress to age to genetics. No matter the reason, hair goes gray because it loses its pigment (when color-responsible cells, called melanin, stop being produced). Furthermore, gray hair can also be caused by malnutrition or hormones.

At What Age Do People Go Gray?

Unfortunately, there’s no set number to answer this question. The age at which people go gray varies from person to person. Some people may notice a few silvery strands in their 20s, while others may not spot any gray until their 40s. This holds true for any hair color. However, people with darker hair may notice gray hair sooner, as white strands stand out more.

Does Gray Hair Change Texture?

Sometimes. Many people with gray hair report their strands feeling coarse or wiry. However, this isn’t due to a loss of pigment. Rather it’s another natural process of getting older. As we age, our hair follicles produce less oil, which causes a coarser texture. For those with wiry hair, the Boise hair salon stylists at unDONE suggest a hydrating shampoo and conditioner from Davines that’s specially designed for dry, dehydrated hair. You can also schedule an in-salon treatment to smooth and hydrate hair to help tame and soften grey strands.

Can Gray Hair Be Colored?

Of course! While gray hair can be more resistant to color, unDONE offers a wide variety of color treatment options for those looking to hide their silver stands. Understanding which option is right for you and how to properly approach the process should be left to a professional to achieve the desired look you want to achieve. These include:


A popular approach to coloring gray hair is highlights. Highlights are a wonderful option because the hair color is diversified. Since gray hair is devoid of any color pigment, it will absorb hair color differently and often has a different contrast against your natural color. This, in turn, results in a better balanced, more natural look with minimal maintenance compared to all-over hair color.

Permanent Hair Color

Permanent hair color provides a deeper penetration to gray hair follicles. Furthermore, if you choose this option, your Boise hair salon stylist may suggest selecting a lighter permanent color because it will look more natural and better resist strong contrast when new gray hairs appear at your roots.

Demi-permanent Colors

Another option for covering gray hair is to utilize a demi-permanent hair color. These dyes don’t have ammonia and won’t penetrate the hair shaft as deeply as a permanent hair color. Keep in mind they also won’t lighten your natural shade. However, demi-permanent colors are a great way to blend gray hair for a subtle approach to hair coloring.

Undone Salon

Whether you opt to embrace your gray hair or cover it up, there are a wide variety of hair color options to make the most out of your hairstyle. With so many color formulas available, you can either cover your gray completely or highlight your silver tresses with toned shampoos and color glazes; it’s really up to you.

Make an appointment today with one of the talented Boise hair salon stylists at unDONE to effectively cover up your gray hair, giving you a younger look that lasts. Book an appointment online or give us a call at (208) 287-2010 today.

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Boise Hair Salon Tips for Maintaining Fashion Hair Color

Have you made the decision to take the plunge and get the fashion hair color of your dreams? Whether their bright and bold or soft and subtle, fashion hair colors are an awesome way to express yourself. However, they can also be high maintenance. The most obvious maintenance is the constant battle against fading. That’s why it’s important to set yourself up for success with the following Boise hair salon tips for maintaining fashion hair color.

Wash with Cold Water

Warm water opens up the hair cuticle. To prevent your fashion hair color from rinsing out, it’s important to avoid hot or warm water, and wash with cold water instead.

Use Salon-Grade Shampoo

Grocery store shampoos often contain sulfates that can strip the natural oils from your hair. They can also cause your fashion hair color to fade faster. Using salon-grade shampoo and condition will not only promote healthy oils in your hair, but will also prevent your fashion hair color from going down the drain.

Cut Back on Washes

Washing your hair on a daily basis will speed up the fading process. That’s why it’s important to only wash 2-3 times a week and alternate days with some dry shampoo to maintain fresh, beautiful hair.

Protect Your Hair From the Sun

If you plan on spending plenty of time outdoors this summer, it’s important to use a UV-protective spray to help maintain your fashion hair color. Why? The sun can damage your hair just like your skin and rapidly fade your hair color.

Turn Down the Heat

Using hot tools on a regular basis can not only damage your hair but cause your fashion hair color to fade faster. That’s why it’s important to blow dry on a cool setting and always use a heat protectant if you decide to use any hot tools.

Trim Regularly

Dead, damaged hair doesn’t hold color well and will make your tresses look uneven and dull. That’s why it’s important to trim your hair often to remove any stringy, damaged ends.

unDONE Salon

At unDONE Salon, we love doing fun, creative things to our client’s hair! We just want you to understand the process and upkeep of maintaining the look you pay for. If you’re interested in trying out a new hair color, contact us at (208) 287-2010 or schedule an appointment online. Our Boise hair salon stylists would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have and look forward to helping you achieve the fashion haircolor of your dreams!

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How To Care For Your Hair After Going Blonde

The thing that nobody tells you about going blonde is the damage it can cause your hair. While you finally achieved the perfect color, your hair can become dry and brittle in the process. That’s why the Boise hair salon stylists at unDONE would like to provide you with the following tips to help nurse your hair back to health after bleaching.

Invest in a Good Shampoo

You probably know that it’s important to invest in a color-protecting shampoo to maintain your hair color, which holds true for blondes as well. At unDONE, we recommend Davines Heart of Glass Silkening Shampoo or MINU Shampoo. These shampoos cleanse and clarify blonde tones while providing nourishment to natural and cosmetically treated hair. Keep in mind that you should only wash your hair 2-3 times a week with cool water to maintain your natural oils.

Don’t Brush Wet Hair

Whether or not you have color-treated hair, brushing when wet can lead to major breakage. This is especially true for those who’ve gone blonde because it takes time for your hair to recover from the bleaching process and is more dry and brittle. Instead, it’s best to add a detangling spray and allow your hair to dry before brushing it out.

Avoid Heat Styling

After bleaching your hair, you should do your very best to avoid heat styling. In order to lift your hair color to achieve a blonde shade, your hair cuticle is stripped. When this happens, it can be hard for your hair to hold onto essential nutrients and oils that your scalp produces, leaving it dry and brittle. Excessive heat styling on top of the chemical process can really damage your hair and dull its shine.

Deep Condition Weekly

Deep conditioning hair masks like Davines NOUNOU Hair Mask have essential oils and ingredients that help to repair and speed up hair recovery time. In fact, this hair mask is great for restoring hydration and shine. At unDONE, our Boise hair salon stylists recommend using this deep conditioning hair mask at least once a week for best results.

Make Your Color Last

Over time, your blonde tresses may become brassy. Unless it’s the look you’re going for, the Boise hair salon stylists at unDONE recommend investing in a purple shampoo like Davines Alchemic Shampoo Silver. This specially formulated shampoo helps to intensify and illuminate natural and colored blonde shades by combating brassy tones and leaving your locks the cool tone you paid big bucks to achieve.

Keep in mind, you shouldn’t use just any purple shampoo as some brands can be too drying or pigmented for your tone. That’s why it’s best to consult with your Boise hair salon stylist at unDONE to ensure you choose the right shampoo for your hair color.

To maintain a beautiful blonde shade, we recommend using purple shampoo at least once a week. If you find that your hair is yellowing or becoming super brassy, increase your usage to 2 times a week. You should also decrease how much you use this shampoo if your hair becomes too ashy.

Undone Salon

There you have it! These Boise hair salon tips will help restore luster and keep your blonde hair looking refreshed and healthy. Want more tips to maintain your hair color? Check out our blog, contact us at (208) 287-2010 or schedule a consultation online. We would love to hear from you!