Boise Manicure Tips: Harmful Nail Habits to Avoid

Whatever your reason, there’s no wrong time to quit your bad habits and replace them with healthier rituals. Perhaps you want to stop biting your nails or peeling off your gel manicure, or maybe you just want to maintain healthier nails. Whatever the reason, Yogi, the master nail technician at unDONE would like to provide you with the following harmful nail habits to avoid and how to break them.

Picking At Your Polish

We know, we know… Even the tiniest chip can ruin an entire manicure. At least that’s how it feels anyway — and that’s when the picking usually begins. Even if you don’t see the damage your causing, picking off your nail polish can weaken your nails. This is because the top layer of your nail can come off with the polish. Over time, your nails will become thinner, weaker, and prone to peeling.

If you simply can’t live with a chip, try keeping a bottle of matching color with you and cover up those chips when they happen. That way when it comes time for your next Boise manicure, your nail technician can simply remove the nail polish for you while providing you with beautiful, healthy nails in the process.

Peeling Off Your Gel Mani

The #1 thing we tell people at unDONE is not to peel off their gel manicure. This is because when you peel the gel off, you’ll end up peeling away thin layers of your nail which can seriously damage your nails for months. Peeling your gel mani can even cause your nail to peel after the polish is removed, which will cause your future Boise manicure to chip faster and won’t look as pretty.

Instead, Yogi suggests either having your gel mani removed professionally or covering your nails individually with a cotton ball soaked in an acetone-based nail polish remover and wrap each of your fingertips with a bit of aluminum foil. Let sit for 10-20 minutes. Then, one by one, gently remove the gel polish by using light pressure and the flat, slanted tip of an orange stick (cuticle pusher).

Picking At Your Cuticles

Oh… the cuticle… How can one tiny sliver of skin be the source of so many nail problems? Cutting or picking your cuticles won’t just lead to unsightly nails, it can also make them prone to bacteria and infection —  not to mention incredibly painful! As a compulsive habit to break, it’s important to kick this bad habit as soon as possible.

At unDONE Salon, Yogi suggest leaving the cuticle care to the professionals. If you insist on managing them on your own between Boise manicures, simply push your cuticles back with an orange stick. Since a common trigger for cuticle picking is dry skin, try making it a habit of massaging your cuticles and nails each night before you go to bed with a little cuticle oil or vitamin E. Doing so will keep them moisturized and healthy between Boise nail salon visits.

Biting Your Nails

As the worst habit of them all, biting your nails is the most common —  and toughest to break. However, there are plenty of ways to kick this habit. First, it’s important to take note of your triggers. These can include boredom, stress or anxiety. Once you understand your triggers you can catch yourself before you start biting your nails unconsciously. To replace this habit, try chewing some gum or squeezing a stress ball instead. Some people have even kicked this habit by snapping a rubber band around their wrist when they catch themselves biting.

Getting a Boise manicure can also be an effective motivator for not biting your nails. Since you’re spending your hard earned money and time getting a beautiful manicure, you’ll be less likely to ruin it by biting your nails. By keeping your nails trimmed, groomed, and polished you’ll have the motivation you need to break this bad habit. Setting goals and establishing rewards (not biting your nails for a month = a pair of new shoes) can also really help.

Boise Manicure

Nails By Yogi @ unDONE Salon

At Undone, we are a Boise nail salon that offers manicures and pedicures to exfoliate, moisturize, and condition your hands, and nails to keep them healthy and looking their best. Despite applying all of the above-mentioned tips, you may find yourself with a split, cracked or torn nail. If that happens, come in to see us for a needed repair. Remember, healthy hands & nails can make a huge difference in the beauty of your Boise manicure, so visit us often, and especially during the spring and summer!

Want more information or to schedule an appointment? Contact us at (208) 287-2010 or book a visit online!

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