unDONE Salon is Proud to Introduce DAVINES Natural Tech Line!

unDONE salon is proud to introduce the new DAVINES Natural Tech line! By uniting the best elements of nature, man, and technology, DAVINES has created a synergy that is pure, natural and effective.

Natural Tech was conceived as a series of intensive, therapeutic treatments that counteract and correct common hair and scalp ailments. Aromatherapy principles combined with cutting edge biotechnology to optimize the effectiveness of natural, active phytoceuticals.

The result is a comprehensive hair care line with formulations that alleviate the imbalance of stressed scalps, hair loss, dandruff, chemically or environmentally-damaged hair, dry hair, oily scalps, or sensitive scalps, creating an optimal environment for healthy hair.

Throughout the creation process of Natural Tech, DAVINES remained true to their philosophy of sustainable & natural beauty, using new technologies with proven effectiveness and increased health and safety for both people and the environment.

What is Natural Tech?

Natural Tech is a complete treatment line created to address the main scalp and hair problems: fragile, thin and lifeless hair, dry and damaged, environmentally stressed, dandruff, grease, and hair loss.

What is included in a Natural Tech Treatment?

You will receive a consultation with your Boise hair salon stylist to determine which line would best suit your hair/scalp needs. Your Boise hair salon stylist will then prepare an experience based off of your consultation, with the products customized to your needs.

At the end you will be provided with a “prescription” for take-home products if necessary. The first Natural Tech treatment you receive is a catalyst treatment. It sets the stage for the scalp to receive the treatments at their fullest.

A Natural Tech treatment is a perfect solution to rejuvenate those luscious locks!

The Davines Natural Tech line features Petit Grain Oil, which gives elasticity, moisturizes, and protects hair while gently cleansing without altering hair structure! Natural Tech also features Plum Phytoceuticals which fight free radicals & prevents cell aging. Great for all hair types! Helps hair look shiny, and hold it’s style longer! Ask your Boise hair salon stylist to find out more!

To schedule your appointment or speak with one of our knowledgeable Boise hair salon stylists call (208) 287-2010 or click here.



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