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Undone Salon Hairstyling Tips: Blow Drying Women’s Hair!

You don’t need a Boise hair salon appointment to get beautiful, bouncy hair between visits. While we all feel confident after visiting our Undone salon stylist, it can be another story after we wash our hair at home, and we can’t quite recreate our favorite Boise hair salon effect.

Next time you blow dry your hair at home, follow the tips below for a professional blow out at home:

Towel-dry First. After washing your hair, squeeze the remaining water from your hair before wrapping it with a towel. Soaked hair is hard to blow-dry and takes twice as long. Excess water can also dilute your favorite styling Rusk products, making them less effective when it comes to the look you want.

Apply Leave-in Conditioner. A leave-in conditioner is great for preventing frizz, breakage and flyaways caused by blow drying. For those with thick, curly women’s hair a heavier cream is recommended while those with fine, thin hair a light spray is recommended that won’t weigh down your locks. Apply mid-length to the strands, then use a wide-tooth comb to thoroughly distribute the conditioner while smoothing tangles.

Boost Your Roots. Always dry your roots first (unless you have bangs). You want to get the roots up off your head as fast as you can before they dry. Rusk products like the Rusk blofoam texture and root lifter is a great root-lifting spray. Keep in mind though that your Boise hair salon stylist applies it everywhere in order to add volume, body, support, and curl separation. The best at home technique is to spritz in layers, and massage it into the roots.

Flip Your Hair Upside Down. If you’re running short on time and can’t dry separate sections, flip your hair over and dry it upside down. Use your fingers to gently pull the roots away from your scalp and continue until all your roots are dry. Finish with a cool shot of air.

Grab a Round Brush. With a round boar-bristle brush, brush through the bottom layers of your hair while it is flipped over, from the nape of your neck to the ends as you blow-dry. This helps lift the roots away from the scalp while creating the same fullness and body as you would get from your Boise hair salon stylist by clipping it up and blow-drying individual sections. The bristles of the brush also polish and smooth the outer layer of your hair while fighting frizz.

Smooth and Finish Hair. Lock in your blow dry style by blasting your hair with cool air from the blow dryer. Cool air helps to seal the cuticles and set your style. while adding shine and manageability. Finish the blowout with an appropriate hair serum to boost overall shine while weighing down frizzy strands.


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