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The Liberation of Short Hair

We all know that hair plays an integral role in the way we represent ourselves. It’s related to personal and cultural identity as well as public aspirations, aesthetics and passages. For many women (and men) there is often no material possession in our lives richer with greater substance than our hair. Whether your hair is long, razor-cut or dyed, our hair speaks to the world about who we are without us having to utter a single word. In fact, our hair is an extremely powerful statement when it comes to our personal identities.

Think about it, when we visit our unDONE salon stylist to snip away at our split, broken ends, all that energy falls to the Boise hair salon floor. It’s an act of shedding our old skin and leaving our heavy baggage at the door while pushing a reset button on our lives. When a woman cuts her hair, she’s actually cutting off SO MUCH MORE:

Short women’s hair cuts the societal standard & notion of beauty

In the eyes of society, the notion of beauty is all mixed up. Everyday we are bombarded with images of Victoria’s Secret models with long flowing tresses while we have been brainwashed into thinking these images of women’s hair (among other things) are the sole definition of beauty. In contrast however, sexiness can be defined just as much by the display of short hair as well. Short hair exposes one of the most seductive part of a woman’s body: her neck. And once we get a glimpse of her neck, well, our eyes tend to work their way down to her clavicle. Short hair exposes and highlights the physique of a woman just as much as long hair does.

Cutting out toxic relationships

For many women in the throes of a breakup, some of us not only embark on a change of heart but a change of hairstyle as well. Hair is energy and often for those who decide to cut it are cutting out the stagnation of an old relationship. Nothing will kick-start the beat of a broken heart like a new hairstyle. In fact, during this time in a woman’s life, she is free to explore HER individuality without the shackles of an outside opinion or ex’s preference. Whether it’s a new hair cut, haircolor, or permanent you’re dreaming of, go for it! Nothing is stopping you but you!

Cutting off expectations

There is no greater feeling than affirming to the universe that your are going to finally do whatever the heck you want to do. By fearlessly cutting your women’s hair into the edgy style you’ve always wanted, your ridding yourself of the rigid expectations bestowed upon you by society, your partner, friends or family. Whether you decide to cut, extend or dye your hair, your unleashing a whole new side of your personality while opening yourself up to an entire world you didnt even know existed…

Cutting the safety net: anticipating the next big adventure

Women’s hair is often deeply nestled into the crux of our comfort zones. When we cut or alter our hair we are free ourselves from a falsified sense of protection. Not only do we widen our vision but we break free from the veil of the fears and limitations that hold us back, allowing ourselves to step out of the barbed-wire cage of familiarity in anticipation of broad spectrum of future adventures.

Cutting off damage and time consuming maintenance

Without realizing it, we abuse the hair on our heads. In the name of beauty, the hot irons and teasing combs we tend to use wreak havoc on the overall health of our women’s hair. Often the very thought of the time and energy we spend washing, conditioning and styling it is overly consuming. The shorter the hair, the shorter the time spent caring for it, and the hours of being handcuffed to hair maintenance routine is drastically cut in half. What would you do with all that saved time?

Cutting off “beauty” to tap into style

The beauty industry would like us to believe that long, virgin hair is concurrent with “beauty. However, in today’s age of liberation, FASHION says otherwise. Truly “beautiful” girls are the ones who own their authentic, personal styles. Whatever their preference, they share a creative vision that is expressed through their own definition of beauty. Whatever your style, it’s important to abandon convention, and opt for originality. After all, “beauty” fades; style is everlasting.

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