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Spring & Summer Haircare Tips from Your Boise Hair Salon!

It’s finally starting to brighten and warm up here in the Treasure Valley providing that summer is well on its way! That means it’s time for unDONE salon to give you some important hair care tips for the highly anticipated hot days ahead. When it comes to fun in the sun, everyone knows how to care for their skin (i.e., sunscreen, etc.) but not everyone pays attention to their hair. If you want beautiful hair all summer long, make sure to remember the following hair care tips:

Tip 1- Condition More!

It’s always important to condition your hair, especially when it comes to protecting and maintaining your favorite haircolor. Using a good moisturizing conditioner, like Davines MOMO conditioner can especially help dry tresses during the dog days of summer. Once a week, or at the very minimum, it’s also a good idea to visit your Boise hair salon for a deep conditioning treatment as well…

Tip 2: Shampoo Less!

Shampoo can be very drying to your hair so its important to skip a wash every couple of days to prevent your hair from losing its natural moisture (or switch to a more gentle cleansing method that won’t dry out your sun exposed strands). By providing your hair with a summer shampoo break, your tresses will be able to better absorb natural oils.

Tip 3- Protect Your Hair from the Sun

Hanging out in the sun without proper protection is not only bad for your skin but your hair and scalp as well. It’s important to use leave-in women’s hair products with SPF protection (or at the very least, wear a flattering beach hat when you know you will be out in the sun for extended periods of time). If by chance you don’t have a specific leave-in or sun care product for your hair, it’s okay to slather regular SPF products on your tresses. Make sure to concentrate the product onto your scalp as well. While it may not be a perfect solution, it will help when it comes to saving your tresses from major sun damage. Talk with your Boise hair salon stylist about what SPF products would work best for your hair.

Tip 4-  Watch Out for Chlorine

Have you ever experienced straw like hair when it’s wet? Has your hair ever developed a weird almost glassy look (not the kind of shine that looks healthy) when your hair is dry? That’s chlorine build up. While many people think that hair turns green from chlorine, that’s not always the case. Try using a gentle but deep clarifying shampoo at least once or twice a week to help prevent chlorine build up from the pool.

Tip 5- Trim regularly

Make sure to get your hair trimmed every 4-6 weeks in the summer with the help of your Boise hair salon stylist to help prevent breakage, and split ends. If you are in the process of growing out your hair, it is also equally important to keep up with regular trims as a preventative, hair splitting measure.

If you have any questions, feel free to come by the unDONE salon or contact us at (208) 287-2010 to schedule a consultation. Our Boise hair salon stylists will help recommend a plan of action including what products to use and when. At unDONE, it’s our goal to keep your hair as beautiful as the gorgeous summer days ahead!

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