Maintaining Your Haircolor Between Boise Hair Salon Appointments

We all want to change it up every now and then. When it comes to haircolor, change can be a wonderful thing. After all, a simple switch of your shade can completely transform your appearance making you feel fresh while boosting your self confidence. However, sometimes finding the right haircolor that’s your perfect match can be challenging. But once you find the shade you love, you’ll want to keep that haircolor looking vibrant, healthy and fresh for as long as you can.

Below are some Boise hair salon tips for maintaining your haircolor between visits:

Wait Before Washing

The Boise hair salon stylists at unDONE recommend waiting at least 48 hours after your hair has been colored. While you may want to shower during this period of time, it’s important to keep your hair dry with a shower cap. Washing your hair to often can also be damaging. Haircolor can make your hair more absorbent, and washing it releases some of the color each time. Try washing your hair at a minimum of 2-3 times per week to help keep your haircolor vibrant.

Use Haircolor Safe Products.

Don’t let your beautiful (and costly) haircolor go down the drain. Make sure to use color safe products that are free of harsh sulfates, parabens or sodium chlorine which can damage your hair. Instead, choose products with extra emollients and proteins that soften the cuticle and lock in your hair’s luster. The Boise hair salon stylists at unDONE recommend using Davines award winning MINU Shampoo to gently cleanse your hair while protecting your haircolor and keeping it shiny for a longer period of time.

Remember to Deep Condition

Never underestimate the importance of deep conditioning your hair. Restoring and maintaining your hair is vital when it comes to maintaining your haircolor. As fun as it can be to color your hair, it can be damaging. At unDONE, we recommend using Davines MINU Deep Conditioning Hair Mask. This deep conditioning treatment is formulated to deeply nourish colored hair and should be applied at least once a week to help maintain your haircolor.

Keep it Cool in the Shower

Another important tip for longer lasting haircolor is to rinse your hair with cool water instead of hot water in order to keep your color nice and bold. Cool water also helps to close the cuticle and smooth out the hair shaft, making it smooth, shiny, and easier to style.

Avoid Chlorine/UV Light

While water will of course wash some of the dye out of your hair, chlorine will also damage your haircolor while potentially turning it green. Try wearing a swim cap while in the pool or hot tub. If you can’t, make sure to wet your hair with clean water before swimming and apply a leave-in conditioner to help prevent chlorine absorption.

UV light from the sun can also damage your haircolor as well as heat from the sun. Try limiting your exposure and wear a hat if possible while out in the elements.

Contact unDONE For Haircolor Treatments

For more tips on protecting your haircolor, contact the stylists at unDONE Salon. We will be more than happy to share our wealth of hair treatment knowledge. We are also happy to schedule your appointment over the phone at (208)  287-2010 or through our online appointment form.

Conveniently located near the Boise Mall, unDONE Salon offers a variety of hair, nails, and skin treatments. Contact us today!

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