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Boise Hair Salon Styles For Older Women With Glasses

Are you an older woman with glasses looking for the perfect hairstyle? No worries! There are plenty of short hair ideas out there, and unDONE has got you covered. However, when it comes to choosing a new look, it’s important to consider the glasses that you wear and your lifestyle. Why? Certain styles around the face won’t work with certain frames. As far as your lifestyle goes, it’s important to ask yourself whether you’re okay with styling your hair every day or if you’re a wash-and-go kind of gal. So, before you book your next hair appointment at our Boise hair salon, check out these inspiring ideas for older women with glasses.

Chin Length Bob for Fine Hair

If you’re a woman with fine hair, you may want to choose a chin-length bob to add fullness to your length. This Boise hair salon style for older women with glasses is a classic cut due to the weight it holds to the length. It’s also low-maintenance and helps finer hair to look its fullest.

A Classic Pixie Cut

A low-maintenance pixie cut is perfect for older women with glasses. As a classic Boise hair salon style, layers can be added to create lift and add density to your hair. Bangs can also be added to bring out a young, fresher look.

Short Shag Cut

A short shag cut is perfect for face-framing texture for older women with glasses. Its soft fringe combined with extra length layers give life to dull, boring hair. To maintain this style, simply apply some mousse to your roots and allow it to dry while your hair is upside down for an instant lift.

Curly Bob

A curly bob is perfect for older women with glasses if you’re looking to frame your face and add volume. Cutting off extra length from curly hair can be just the thing to revive and reactivate your curls.

Short Spiky Pixie Cut

A short spiky pixie cut adds extra definition for an eye-catching style for older women with glasses. While the sides maintain a flatness, the top is molded into longer lengths. This enhances fullness for a thicker look for those with fine hair.

Curly Hair Pixie

Depending on your hair’s natural texture, a short pixie cut can look great on older women with glasses and curly hair. This look will create natural-looking movement combined with a soft, effortless style. To jazz it up, all you have to do is apply a curl serum like DAVINES CURL Building Serum to create defined, bouncy curls.

Layered Crop For Fine Hair

A layered crop for older women with glasses and fine hair provides a fuller style that creates lift while providing the illusion of density. This Boise hair salon style is perfect for those with a round face.

Short Cut for Grey Hair

A short cut is perfect for older women with glasses and grey hair. It’s low maintenance, easy to style, and grows out nicely between cuts. A short cut with a middle part like the one featured above is perfect for those with an oval face shape.

unDONE Salon

As the years change, so does our style. If you’re an older woman with glasses and want a fun, fresh look that compliments your mature hair, schedule an appointment at unDONE Salon. Our expert stylists have the knowledge, experience, and tools to help you achieve your ultimate hairstyle goals. Contact us by booking an appointment online or call us at (208) 287-2010 today. You can also view our most recent work on Facebook, Instagram!

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