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Exciting Boise Hair Salon Trends For 2020!

At unDONE, we’ve had thousands of people in our chair. In fact, we’ve been responsible for some of the most unique, head-turning looks in the Treasure Valley since our inception. With some of the most iconic hair trends coming back with a vengeance, our Boise hair salon stylists would like to provide you with a list of viral 2020 hairstyles you may want to consider trying.

The Jagged Edge Bob

It’s hard to go online without seeing people sporting a sleek, shiny bob. However, in 2020, it looks like this staple cut is about to get a messy upgrade. While the bob is one of the most timeless haircuts that sticks around, it’s going to look a bit different this upcoming year. Instead of a sharp bob, an edgy bob with a bit more raggedness is about to make its grand appearance. At unDONE, we call it the “attitude” haircut because of how it moves, giving you a sexier look.

Color Contrasting

If you tend to keep track of all the trending hairstyles, then you might have noticed some pretty stark color combinations, especially chunky, face-framing streaks. At unDONE, we’re a big fan of the mounting presence of contrasting colors. Imagine having an all-over hair color, but then all of a sudden, contrasting pops of color come out of nowhere. Professionally done, this combination looks absolutely amazing.

Twisted Balayage

This year, we’ve seen a flurry of balayage trends including 3D balayage and balayage mapping. However, our Boise hair salon stylists predict things are about to go back to the basics for a more natural look. At our salon, our stylists take a bunch of hair, section it, take only the ends, and lighten the color in a twisting motion. This provides a less concentrated highlight, resulting in a sun-kissed, beachy look.

Curly Highlights

Looking to update your curls? People with curly hair don’t have to stick with one particular trend or color. At unDONE, our Boise hair salon stylists suggest going for all-over highlights to add depth to your hair. We can place highlights on just about every hair type, and they look especially stunning on those with curly hair because it gives triple, even quadruple dimension to their style.

unDONE Salon

As the years change, so does our style. If you are craving a fresh, fun, new look for 2020, schedule an appointment at unDONE Salon. Our expert stylists have the knowledge, experience, and tools to help you achieve your ultimate hairstyle goals. Contact us by booking an appointment online or call us at (208) 287-2010 today. You can also view our most recent work on Facebook, Instagram!

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