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Boise Hair Salon Tips to Reducing Swim Damage

With the start of summer comes summer fun. After waiting all winter long, we’re eager to take part in relaxing picnics, BBQs, and poolside shenanigans. However, all that fun can actually wreak havoc on your hair, especially the pool. While swimming is an excellent exercise regime, it can, however, take its toll on your hair in a big way.

Hair Tips to Reduce Chlorine Damage

Arguably one of the most damaging elements of summer fun is the effect chlorine has on your hair. Especially for those with blonde or light hued tresses that tend to turn green after a dip in the pool – a definite sign of overexposure! Even for those whose hair doesn’t turn a sickening shade of green, chlorine can still damage your hair regardless. Chlorine eats away at the natural lubricant that protects women’s hair, called sebum. Over time, “swimmer hair” will have far more split ends and become coarser than those that don’t swim often. The stylists at unDONE salon recommend the following:

Boise Hair Salon Tip #1 – Pre-Swim Rinse

Taking a quick shower before entering the pool helps hydrate your hair while preventing it from soaking up the chemicals in the pool. Slathering a conditioner post-shower on top of wet hair also helps to create a temporary barrier by coating your strands, which also help to prevent it from absorbing pool chlorine or saltwater. To keep your hair in place while swimming, try placing it in a bun, twists or braid. Doing so helps to maintain the level of conditioner from rinsing out to quickly as well.

Boise Hair Salon Tip #2 – Post-Swim Rinse

Once you leave the pool, the next important step of your beauty regime continues! Make sure to shower thoroughly for several minutes to allow fresh water to wash away as much chlorine or salt as possible. Lingering chlorine can cause irritation later on in the day and the smell will hang around until you shower again. So, having a good soak straight after your swim is a simple, and easy way to eliminate chemicals in your hair and on your skin as well…

Boise Hair Salon TIp #3 – Eliminating Built up Chemicals in Your Hair

A good way to eliminate built up chemicals in your hair is to wash it from root to tip with a clarifying shampoo. unDONE salon recommends using Davines’ Solu Refreshing Solution Shampoo which packs barley extract to protect strands as it deep cleans. A clarifying shampoo treatment will help remove the buildup of chlorine and other chemicals from your hair, leaving it clean while reducing your risk for damage.
In conclusion, there’s no need to forgo the summer fun the pool offers because you’re worried about messing up your hair. You can easily join in the fun by taking a few protective measures regardless if your hair is relaxed, dyed or nature. Simply follow the above Boise hair salon swimming tips and ask your unDONE salon stylist about what you should do to keep your hair in tip-top shape!

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