Why Brows Are More Than Just A Beauty Trend

It’s 2019, and we all know the importance of good eyebrows. For a lot of us, leaving the house without drawing on and filling in our eyebrows is unthinkable. Furthermore, your eyebrows are one of the most significant features on your face. While you might think it’s your lips, eyes, or button nose, science actually says it’s your eyebrows. Why? Eyebrows help you express your emotions and support facial recognition.

That’s why unDONE Salon would like to talk about eyebrows in today’s blog post and why they are more than just a beauty trend.

The Perception Of Eyebrows

Have you ever met someone who looks like they are perpetually surprised or angry all the time? The reason why is often due to an unflattering eyebrow shape that has too much or too little of an arch. With the proper semi-permanent application of powder brows, however, you won’t have to worry about these self-inflicted problems of drawing on or over-plucking your eyebrows again.

Aside from better framing your eyes, well-groomed brows, especially ones that have been specifically designed for you by an expert technician, have many significant perks. In fact, full brows with a soft arch are not only aesthetically pleasing but can actually make you appear much younger.

Another way that professionally applied powder brows can impact your overall appearance is that they can be placed to help balance your face. With the exception of Angelina Jolie, no human face is perfectly symmetrical. Even worse, our facial symmetry is closely associated with how attractive we are perceived by others. By getting the semi-permanent technique of powder brows to increase the symmetry of your face, you can appear instantly more youthful, balanced, and beautiful.

Helping Our Clients Look & Feel Beautiful

At unDONE, the ability to make someone look and feel beautiful is important to us. This is especially true for Annie Bradshaw, our trained and certified semi-permanent makeup technician who finds her ability to help clients with their eyebrows extremely rewarding.

Having the skills and abilities of being a semi-permanent makeup artist allows her to not only make someone physically look good by creating beautiful eyebrows, she is able to make them feel good, more confident, happier, and attractive. Who would have thought the two little eyebrows on your face held so much power?

Powder Brows Boise

Over the past few decades, our eyebrows have been through a lot. However, it’s important to realize that they are much more than just a changing beauty trend. If you want to get the best, most flattering eyebrows of your life, contact our semi-permanent makeup artist Annie Bradshaw at (208) 589-1501. She would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have via text or phone call. Even more, you can view some of her most recent work below or on Facebook and Instagram. We promise you won’t be disappointed!

Powder Brows Boise   Powder Brows Boise

Powder Brows Boise   Powder Brows Boise

Powder Brows Boise

Powder Brows Boise: Look Younger With A Simple Makeup Solution

Powder Brows Boise

As we get older, most of us search for ways to maintain our youthful appearance. However, you don’t have to take drastic measures just to look younger. Instead, a properly shaped brow can help open your entire eye area while working to improve the overall symmetry of your face. In fact, most people in the Treasure Valley don’t realize how much of a boost powder brows will make when it comes to taking years off your look.

How Your Eyebrows Can Age You

Depending on the era you grew up in, overly plucked, thinly waxed or just plain sparse eyebrows can make you look tired and aged. Even worse, the wrong shape of brow can leave you looking angry, mad, surprised, or scared. Your eyebrows can also affect the appearance of your nose, making it look larger when they are placed too far apart. You also don’t want to weigh down the look of your eyes if you draw them in too low. Last but not least, it’s important to keep in mind that your eyebrows change color as you get older to a lighter blonde or gray. Even light colored eyebrows can blend into your face and look sparse – even if they’re not.

What You Should Be Aiming For

What you should be aiming for are eyebrows that make you appear fresh, young, and more attractive. Ideally, your eyebrows should start at the bridge of your nose. From there, your eyebrow should gradually incline toward your arch. Your brow should reach its highest arch about ⅔ of the way out. Keep in mind, you should never attempt a center arch. Doing so will result in rainbow shaped eyebrows and all the surprised and scared expressions that go along with it. Last but not least, the tail should end in a tapered point no lower than where your eyebrow begins.

Choose Semi-Permanent Powder Brows

So what can you do about your eyebrows if they aren’t as thick as you want or you’re tired of dealing with the hassle of drawing and filling them in every day? Kick your eyebrows into high gear with semi-permanent powder brows at unDONE Salon. Our trained and certified powder brow expert, Annie Bradshaw can help you create natural looking eyebrows using an electric pen to lightly to deposit medical-grade color on top of your natural brow shape to provide you with an even and equal look.

While makeup can help you achieve your ideal eyebrow, it gets expensive and takes up too much time in the morning. Furthermore, tattooed eyebrows look unnatural and harsh. With semi-permanent powdered brows, you’ll have more natural looking eyebrows all the time without the worry of smudging or smearing. The best part? After a professional touch up 4-6 weeks after your initial treatment, you will only need to have your eyebrows touched up once a year. At that point, you’ll have the option of redesigning your brows based on any slight change in your appearance.

Semi-permanent powder brows create a unique effect that looks just like your real hair. At unDONE, our powder brow expert will blend your color and apply that color in thin layers into the top layer of your skin. The pigment and method used will emulate the look of real hair and you won’t have any scarring or downtime. With powder brows, you’ll get picture perfect eyebrows just 7-10 days after they fade to a softer, more natural color that will make you look younger and more effortlessly put together.

unDONE Salon

Not all of us are blessed with perfect eyebrows. However, technology and advancements in permanent makeup can help you achieve a look that will help you look and feel your very best.

Interesting in learning more about our powder brows service? Contact our trained and certified expert, Annie Bradshaw at (208) 589-1501. She would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have via text or phone call. Even more, you can view some of her most recent work on Facebook or Instagram.

Powder Brows Boise

Everything You Want To Know About Powder Brows

It can be a living struggle to deal with your eyebrows every day. This is especially true for those who have to get up extra early just to draw and fill them in. Even worse, if you are in a hurry, your eyebrows can end up looking uneven, messing up your entire makeup routine. Who wants to deal with this day in and day out? Well, if you’re looking for a better way to maintain your eyebrows, unDONE Salon offers the ultimate cosmetic solution to make life simple again. That’s why we’d like to provide you with everything you want to know about powder brows.

Powder Brows – A Wonderful Solution

Sick and tired of drawing and filling in your eyebrows? While there are several options out there to choose from, powder brows can provide you with a soft powdery finish that looks like you’ve just powdered your eyebrows (hence the name).

Example (1) Before:

Powder Brows Boise
Example (2) After:

Powder Brows Boise

The Difference Between Microblading & Powder Brows

At unDONE Salon, we get asked this question a lot, so here goes:


As somewhat of an invasive procedure, microblading is the process of tattooing natural hair strokes onto your eyebrows. This includes the beginning, arch, and tail. This form of permanent makeup is done manually and with a tool called a microblader that consists of a blade formed of tiny needles that cut hair like strokes into the skin much like a paper cut. Once this process is complete, a medical-grade pigment is applied to seep into the small, open wounds.

Powder Brows

Powder brows, on the other hand, are achieved using an electric pen with a small needle at the end that isn’t as sharp or pointy as a microblading tool. A trained and certified expert will then use this tool to puncture the skin lightly to deposit medical-grade color on top of your natural brow shape to provide you with an even and equal look. The best part? Powder brows provide you with a natural, more subtle look that just about everyone will love.

Who’s A Good Candidate For Powder Brows?

If you have grown tired of drawing and filling in your eyebrows, you are going to love the powder brow solution. It’s the best treatment option for those who have some hair, yet need more color and depth for a fuller effect. Even better, everyone is a potential candidate for powder brows because they don’t hurt as much as brows that are microbladed and can last up to 2-4 years.

How Much Do Powder Brows Cost?

At unDONE Salon, the initial powder brow service costs around $325. This includes a personalized consultation, treatment, and professional touch up 4-6 weeks later. The process takes approximately 2 ½ hours from start to finish. After that you will need to get regular touch-ups only once a year for $75.

Powder Brows Aftercare

The powder brow procedure isn’t as painful as microblading. Even more,a trained and certified expert will apply a topical anesthetic to alleviate any discomfort during the process. After the treatment, your brows will look much darker and fuller than normal. Rest assure, however, that your brows will fade to a softer, more natural color after 7-10 days.

Even more, you will be sent home with a list of after care instructions along with a specialized cleanser and protective oil to be used on your eyebrows twice a day starting the same evening as the procedure.

Powder Brow Benefits
  • You receive a long-lasting solution.
  • You get a natural, subtle look without the work.
  • It’s suitable for just about anyone.
  • Ideal solution for thin or blonde brows.
  • Virtually painless with no down-time.
  • Brows stand up to high heat.
  • Suitable for those with oily skin.

Powder Brows Boise

At unDONE, we hope this provides you with a helpful overview of what to expect with powder brows and whether or not they are the right treatment option for you. Want to learn more? Contact our trained and certified powder brow expert, Annie Bradshaw at (208) 589-1501. She would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have via text or phone call. Even more, you view some of her most recent work on Facebook or Instagram.

See you soon!