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Reasons To Avoid A Cheap Boise Manicure

Have you ever wondered how some nail salons in the Treasure Valley only charge $15 to $20 for a manicure or pedicure? Although this may have been a more realistic price a few decades ago, you may be getting more than you bargained for when you opt for a cheaper service in today’s world. While it’s understandable to want to get something affordable in a pinch, it’s important to understand the risks you take when getting a cheap, too-good-to-be-true, manicure. That’s why unDONE Salon would like to provide you with the following reasons you should avoid a cheap Boise manicure.

What You Really Get For A Cheaper Rate

In today’s post, we want to layout for you some of the practices many “cheap” nail salons take part in, just to get more customers. Our goal at unDONE is to help inform you with important knowledge of what these salons are doing that will make you reconsider where you make your next nail appointment.

In order to provide the cheapest prices in the Treasure Valley, many nail salons take part in illegal practices. While you may be thinking that certain things can be overlooked in order to adjust the price, this should NEVER happen when it comes to your health. There’s a reason specific regulations are put into place – to protect YOU the consumer from getting infections that could lead to medications, surgery, and even death. Sounds kind of important, right?

Below are a few illegal practices that take place in the majority of cheap nail salons to provide you with a cheaper price:

  • The reuse of files on buffers between hundreds of clients. By law, these are single-use tools that must be thrown away or given to the customer after each use.
  • The reuse of metal tools used to clean and cut your cuticles without proper sanitization. This includes submerging the tools in a disinfecting solution for at least 20 minutes before they can be used again.
  • Not cleaning or sanitizing pedicure tubs between clients. Federal regulations require every salon to scrub, clean, and disinfect each tub in between each client.
  • The reuse of dirty towels and linens between clients. Many cheap nail salons try to save time and money by putting wet, used towels in a dryer instead of washing them first.
  • The reuse of latex gloves. Many cheap nail salon technicians simply take them off between clients and put them back on again until they rip before they are finally thrown away.
  • The use of cheap products that don’t last or may contain harmful ingredients.
  • Last, but not least, many cheap nail salons don’t pay their technicians a fair price for the services they provide. This allows them to offer the cheapest price in town. Furthermore, they may be exploiting people who don’t know their rights or hiring nail technicians that aren’t properly licensed.

As it turns out, there are more than a handful of illegal practices listed above. At unDONE Salon, we hear of these horror stories every day and are saddened they happen so routinely in our industry. These are real hazards that can harm you! Not much of a bargain, right?

What is your health truly worth? Is a $15 or $20 manicure or pedicure really worth the thousands you may have to spend later on medical bills? While we often think these things will never happen to us, you may be getting more than you bargained for when you choose to go to a cheap nail salon versus a professional one that provides top-notch services at a fair price.

unDONE Salon

At unDONE Salon, we are committed to the highest safety and beauty standards. Everyone who works or takes part in this dynamic industry (especially YOU as a consumer) should stay informed of these issues in order to protect your overall health and well-being.

Still have questions? Give us a call at (208) 287- 2010 or schedule an appointment online. We promise to pamper you with a safe, professional manicure or pedicure while providing you with the best products based on your individual needs.

Boise manicure

Get In A Summer Frame Of Mind With A Boise Manicure & Pedicure

Boise Manicure & Pedicure

With the sun shining brightly in the Treasure Valley, now is the ideal time to soak it all up and enjoy the summer. However, before you slip on your sandals and hit the pool, you may want to take a second glance at your toes. Over the winter you may have gained a few ingrown nails or the pads of your feet need to be buffed. At unDONE, our master nail technician wants your hands and feet look great and feel fresh for the summer season. However, a Boise manicure and pedicure offers more benefits than a relaxing day at our salon.

Get Pampered!

Okay, one of the best things about getting a manicure and pedicure is that they are extremely relaxing and rejuvenating. Not only do they feel great, they help to lower your stress levels while giving yourself the treat you deserve. In fact, nothing is more relaxing than sitting back, closing your eyes, and getting your hands and feet pampered. In just a short amount of time, not only will your hands and feet look great, you will feel relaxed and stress-free.

Healthy Skin

As two of the most neglected extremities on our bodies, our hands and feet take on the brunt of outside elements like dirt and water. In fact, your feet are almost never cared for aside from getting washed in the shower after all the places they’ve taken us throughout the day.

Getting a routine pedicure can give your feet the love they need and deserve while detecting any early signs of infections or bunions. Having your feet exfoliated and massaged on a regular basis will help to remove any calluses while relieving any aches and pains that come from standing for long periods of time.

Furthermore, a Boise manicure will not only provide you with younger, more radiant nails but help circulate the blood in your hands to keep your nails strong. If you are looking for the ultimate treatment, have our master nail technician at unDONE Salon paint your nails the desired color you want and get ready to enjoy some time by the pool or lake this summer.

Look Good For Summer!

Although we are lucky enough to have a warm weathered summer here in the Treasure Valley, you don’t want to go out in public with bunions and chipped or broken nails. Hit the pool or lake with clean, healthy looking hands and feet.

Men Can Get Them Too!

Ignore the common misconception that manicures and pedicures are for women only. This is an outright lie that causes men to miss out on a relaxing and tranquil experience. While we understand that not all men want their nails painted, that doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy getting a hand or foot massage while maintaining healthy, fresh skin and nails.

Furthermore, just because you’re a man, doesn’t mean you can’t pamper yourself while taking care of your hands and feet. Once you get over the apprehension, you will realize just how blissful a manicure and pedicure can truly be. In fact, our master nail technician has plenty of male clients that come into unDONE every week.

unDONE Salon

If you’re looking to take care of yourself by getting your hands and feet in pristine condition for summer, visit unDONE Salon where we are committed to providing excellent services at affordable prices. Even more, manicures and pedicures aren’t the only services we provide. We also offer hair, waxing, eyelash extensions, semi-permanent makeup, and more! Our experienced team is dedicated to excellence and your satisfaction. Be sure to stop by, call us at (208) 287-2010, or schedule an appointment online.

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Step Into Spring With A Boise Pedicure At unDONE!

It’s April and you know what that means – summer is on the horizon! You can see it in the longer daylight hours and feel it in the warmer weather. That’s why it’s time to pack up your heavy socks and boots and break out your favorite sandals! Oh, how glorious it feels to set your feet free!

However, if you’re like most of us, you’ve probably slacked a bit over the winter when it comes to your feet. It’s not like you saw much of them anyway, right? The truth is that routine pedicures do far more than boost your self confidence by having pretty toes. That’s why unDONE Salon would like to provide you with the following benefits of a spring pedicure.

The Benefits Of A Boise Pedicure

Detect Problems Early

Getting pedicures on a regular basis can help detect any problems early. These include bunions, corns, and fungal infections. These conditions are much easier to treat when you catch them in the early stages. While your nail technician isn’t a doctor, she can, however, spot potential problems you may have missed and help you determine whether or not you need to see a healthcare professional.

Decrease Infections

Cutting or clipping toenails on your own can cause them to grow inward and increase your chances of developing an infection. At unDONE, our master nail technician “Yogi” will clip and file your toenails short enough for comfort but long enough to maintain the protective seal between your nails and nail bed to prevent an unwanted and painful infection.

Improve Moisture

At unDONE, all of our Boise pedicures include a soak in warm water and a therapeutic massage with specially formulated lotion to lock moisture in your feet. Moisturized feet are less likely to crack. Even more, it’s just as important to keep your cuticles moisturized to prevent toenails from splitting.

Exfoliation = Smoothness

Routine pedicures help to exfoliate and remove dead skin cells that collect and cause corns or bunions. By removing dead skin from your feet, especially your heels, it encourages new cell growth which, in turn, creates smoother skin and healthier feet.

Increase Circulation

Let’s be real. The best part of a pedicure is the massage. Massage helps to increase circulation and relieve tension, not just in the feet but in the calves as well. When you boost circulation, you can also relieve pain that can be felt throughout the entire body.

Relax Your Body & Mind

A great pedicure can be very therapeutic and relaxing. In fact, it’s been shown to relieve stress from the body and mind by easing tension and stiffness while enhancing your overall well-being.

unDONE Salon

At unDONE Salon, we offer both manicures and pedicures for those who like to look and feel their very best. Our master nail technician is ready to help you relax, boost circulation and make your nails look beautiful. If you would like to book an appointment, you can schedule online or by contacting us at (208) 287-2010 today.

Boise Pedicures

The Importance Of Winter Boise Pedicures

Maintaining beautifully polished toes during the summer is a must for most women in the Treasure Valley. However, just because the weather is cold and gloomy, doesn’t mean we won’t soon be ditching our boots for a nice pair of sandals this coming spring. That’s why it’s so important to maintain routine pedicures to keep our feet and toenails healthy in the meantime .

Spotting Potential Problems

During the winter months, regular pedicures are essential when it comes to maintaining the overall health of your feet. At unDONE, our master nail technician is trained to spot any potential problems related to your feet. If you hide your feet away for months at a time, you might miss something that needs to be taken care of. While our master nail technician isn’t a doctor, she can, however, spot potential problems and can help you determine whether or not you need to see a doctor.

Preventing Ingrown Toenails

If you tend to go the DIY route during the winter, you may end up cutting your toenails too short which can lead to problems like ingrown toenails and infection. At unDONE, our master nail technician has a better point of view to ensure she clips and files your toenails short enough for comfort but long enough to maintain the protective seal between your nails and the nail bed beneath it. Cutting your nails too short can allow bacteria, and dirt into the bed of the nail which can lead to an unwanted and painful infection. That’s why it’s important to allow a trained professional to care for your feet.

Total Body Relaxation

In addition to maintaining the health and beauty of your feet, a Boise pedicure will provide you with total body relaxation. All of our pedicures at unDONE Salon come with a calf and foot massage. Why? Massage helps to improve circulation and the emotional well being of our clients. What a better way to unwind after a stressful week than with a warm foot bath and a trained technician to expertly care for your tired feet and legs?

Boise Pedicures

At unDONE Salon, our master nail technician knows how important your feet are to you. We work with you to ensure the overall health and appearance of your feet in any season. In fact, regular pedicures are an important beauty treatment no matter the season. If you’d like to learn more about the manicures and pedicures we offer, contact us at (208) 287-2010 or schedule an appointment online.

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Boise Hair Salon Tips For Maintaining Your Gel Manicure

Many women throughout the Treasure Valley know the frustration of leaving their Boise hair salon after a fresh manicure, only to smudge or chip it the moment you step out the door. However, when the gel manicure was invented, it put that annoyance to rest, allowing women to enjoy shiny, chip-free nails for weeks. While a gel manicure provides a wide variety of benefits, there are some important things you need to do to maintain it. That’s why unDONE would like to provide you with the following tips to keep your nails looking healthy and beautiful.

Keep Your Nails & Cuticles Hydrated

A gel manicure can be very drying and cause your nails to become brittle. However, all nail polish is drying. That’s why it’s important to ensure your nails and cuticles are properly hydrated to keep them strong and healthy. Yogi, our master nail technician recommends rubbing your nails and cuticles with vitamin E oil nightly to prevent damage and keep them hydrated.

Invest In A Gel Friendly Top Coat

Investing in a gel friendly top coat will keep your nails looking fresh and shiny between manicures. Applying a fresh top coat weekly will also prevent any nicks or chips that can happen as a result of daily activity.

Keep Your Nails Short

If you want to look rock the look of a gel manicure, it’s a good idea to keep your nails short and neat. Gel polish can soften your nails, leaving them prone to snagging. By keeping them short, you will avoid any unwanted broken nails.

Don’t Peel The Gel Polish

We know it can be tempting to peel off your gel manicure but it’s important not to!  Peeling away layers of gel polish can damage your nail bed if it isn’t done properly. At unDONE Salon, our master nail technician will provide you with proper removal techniques and tips if you decide to do it yourself at home. If your nails look particularly rough after the gel polish has been removed, it’s important to keep your nails hydrated with the tips above and take a little break before your next gel manicure.

Boise Manicure & Pedicure

The best way to keep your nails strong while maintaining a beautiful gel manicure is to visit our master nail technician at unDONE Salon. As a full-service salon in Boise, we are here to take care of all your hair, skin, and nail needs to keep you looking and feeling your best. To learn more about the services we offer contact us at (208) 287-2010 or schedule an appointment online. Don’t forget to connect with us on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram to stay up-to-date on the latest industry trends and styling tips!

Boise Manicure

Boise Manicure Holiday Design Ideas

The holidays are just around the corner. This means you’ll need to book your Boise manicure appointment as soon as possible to complete your festive look. That’s why unDONE Salon has put together some Boise manicure design ideas for inspiration.

Classic French

A French manicure will provide you with a sense of glamour that showcases your jewelry without overpowering it. If you prefer the classic look, you can opt for a peachy or pink shade with white tips. If you’re more daring, you can vary the tip color to any color you’d like. Another twist to consider is adding a subtle decorative pattern to the nail beds while leaving your nail tips white.

Black & Gold Combinations

In general, most colors look great when they are combined with gold. However, black and gold add a flair of elegance you may not find with other color combinations. With a wide variety of combinations to choose from, you can try out designs like polka dots, stripes, half and half, and more.

Fire Engine Red

Fire engine red screams “Look at me!”. After trimming your cuticles and shaping your nails, our master nail technician will carefully apply a bright red polish with a super shiny finish to the length of your nails. This dramatic look is sure to impress and generate holiday attention to your elegant hands.

Candy Cane Designs

Nothing says Christmas like candy canes. These red and white striped candies provide a wide variety of design options to choose from. For a classic look, consider adding some red and white stripes across your nails to create the perfect candy cane nail design.

Snowflakes & Snowmen

In Idaho, we usually get plenty of snow. So why not make snowflakes and snowmen a part of your holiday nail design? Our master nail technician can paint your nails white with glittery snowflakes or carrot-nosed snowmen. These cute, classic designs are bound to keep you in the holiday spirit!

Boise Manicures & Pedicures

unDONE Salon can treat you to a holiday beauty treatment that helps you to escape the stress of the season while keeping you looking your best. Even more, unDONE offers gift cards to pamper your loved ones this holiday season. Whether you are looking for a holiday manicure or pedicure, you’ll find it at our Boise hair salon. Contact us at (208) 287-2010 or schedule an appointment online!

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The Benefits Of A Boise Manicure For Men

Who says manicures are just for women? Men can reap the same benefits of clean, healthy nails, and are increasingly making them part of their own self-care rituals. If you’re a man who’s interesting in getting a Boise manicure or pedicure but fear of being the only man at the salon, don’t. Men have been coming to us for years. That’s why unDONE Salon would like to provide you with the following benefits of adding regular manicures or pedicures to your routine.

Improve the Health of Your Hands & Feet

During a manicure or pedicure, it’s not just your nails that get attention. Your hands or feet will be exfoliated, removing dry, dead skin cells that can cause irritation. Even more, calluses can be treated to dramatically improve your skin health. Our master nail technician will safely remove any unwanted hangnails while trimming and shaping your nails to prevent them from occurring down the road.

Reduce Aches & Pains

Whether you work in construction or spend your days in the office, your hands and feet are under a lot of pressure. Many men throughout the Treasure Valley develop joint pain, aches, and stiffness in their hands and feet because of their jobs. A hand or foot massage is a part of the manicure and pedicure process to help release built up tension while loosening stiff muscles and joints. Regular manicures and pedicures can help keep this unwanted discomfort at bay.

Maintain A Well-Groomed Look

It can be hard to maintain the clean, buffed look of manicured nails on your own. During a manicure or pedicure treatment, your nails will be left with a smooth, buff finish. The small attention to detail our master nail technician provides will make a huge impact on the way you look and present yourself to the world.

Boise Manicures & Pedicures

Whether you realize it or not, people notice your hands and feet. That’s why it’s important to keep them clean and neat. At unDONE Salon, we not only provide the best men’s haircuts in the Treasure Valley, we also offer Boise manicures and pedicures for men and women alike. We can help clean up your nails and cuticles while removing dry skin in the process.

If you would like to schedule an appointment, contact us at (208) 287-2010 or book online today.

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Tips & Tricks For Making Your Boise Manicure Last

We’ve all been there. After getting home from a relaxing manicure, we accidentally jam our finger and break a nail. Or, perhaps you simply go about life as usual, and a day or two later, you realize your nails have already chipped. So what should you do? At unDONE Salon, our master nail technician has put together the following tips and tricks to help extend the life of your Boise manicure between appointments.

Avoid Damaging Activities

While everyday chores can seem unavoidable, you can, however, change up your routine. If you can’t skip doing the dishes, make sure to protect your manicure by wearing gloves. Also, be mindful of your hands. For example, take care when searching in drawers for utensils to avoid damage while you rummage.

Keep Your Hands Moisturized

By making sure your hands are adequately moisturized throughout the day, you can extend the life of your Boise manicure. Even more, make sure to use a hydrating hand cream if you tend to wash your hands often. When you keep your hands moisturized, your nails won’t break or split as easy, and your cuticles will look fresh and clean.

Don’t Pick Your Nails Or Cuticles

If you deal with stress or anxiety, it can be easy to pick or bite at your nails and cuticles. However, if you want your Boise manicure to last longer, you need to keep this bad habit under control. Picking and biting your nails can cause the polish to become prematurely damaged or flake off. Even worse, if you pick or bite at your cuticles you can cause an unwanted infection.

Retouch Your Top Coat

While a top coat may seem minuscule, it’s actually a crucial part of your Boise manicure. However, it can wear away over time making your nails vulnerable to chipping. That’s why you may want to retouch your top coat every 2-3 days to provide your nails with extra protection between appointments while keeping them shiny and fresh.

Use The Same Brand Of Products

If you want your nails to last, keep the products you use in the family. Brands test their products together. This means the nail products you use may not jive well together if you use a different brand of base coast from your polish and topcoat.

Choose A Stronger Manicure

If you’re doing all you can to extend the life of your Boise manicure but still having trouble with your nails lasting, you may need to up the game. Instead of opting for a regular polish manicure, you may want to consider getting gel polish or acrylics. These alternative nail treatments not only last longer, they can handle the strain we put on our hands better than regular polish.

unDONE Salon

If you are ready to pamper your hands and get a Boise manicure that lasts, contact unDONE Salon. We offer a variety of hand and foot treatments that will care for your nails and toes making them look and feel their best. You can call us at (208) 287-2010, visit us at our 738 N. Benjamin Lane in Boise, or schedule an appointment online by clicking here.

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Preparing for Prom with unDONE Salon

It’s that time of year again! Teens from all over the Treasure Valley are getting ready for prom! From fancy dresses to smart tuxedos, everyone wants to look and feel their best. That’s why the stylists, nail technicians and skincare experts at unDONE Salon are here to help you get ready!


Everyone wants clear, smooth skin. That’s why you may want to consider scheduling a skincare treatment at unDONE Salon. We can provide you with a wide variety of facial treatments to improve circulation, buff away dry skin, and banish unwanted blemishes while restoring moisture and hydration in the process.

Boise Spray Tan

Enhance your natural glow just in time for prom with a Boise spray tan. unDONE Salon offers the perfect spray tan in minutes without any unwanted chemicals or streaking while leaving your skin soft and moisturized. We can also provide you with the customized color you desire without any negative side effects or harmful ingredients.

Prom Hair

At unDONE, our Boise hair salon stylists offer customized hair color, cut, and style services to help you rock the perfect prom look. While you may already have a style in mind, we will offer suggestions based on your face shape, hair type, texture, and length while providing you with a wide variety of styles to make you look picture perfect!

Boise Manicure & Pedicure

Your prom day is one day you get to look and feel like a true Hollywood star. With so many details to be planned, it’s important not to overlook your nails. However, beautiful nails aren’t as easy as having your polish done the night before. At unDONE Salon, we can help you maintain a beautiful, lasting manicure without the worry of smudging, chipping or splitting while help you relax before the big prom rush.

Undone Salon

If you would like to learn more about the prom services unDONE offers, contact us at (208) 287-2010. You can also book an appointment online by clicking here. Our Boise hair salon stylists, estheticians, and master nail technician are here to help you with all your hair, skin and nail needs and can help bring your prom vision to life. You have enough on your plate as it is. Let unDONE help you make it a relaxing, fabulous, and fun experience to remember!

Boise Manicure Tips: Harmful Nail Habits to Avoid

Whatever your reason, there’s no wrong time to quit your bad habits and replace them with healthier rituals. Perhaps you want to stop biting your nails or peeling off your gel manicure, or maybe you just want to maintain healthier nails. Whatever the reason, Yogi, the master nail technician at unDONE would like to provide you with the following harmful nail habits to avoid and how to break them.

Picking At Your Polish

We know, we know… Even the tiniest chip can ruin an entire manicure. At least that’s how it feels anyway — and that’s when the picking usually begins. Even if you don’t see the damage your causing, picking off your nail polish can weaken your nails. This is because the top layer of your nail can come off with the polish. Over time, your nails will become thinner, weaker, and prone to peeling.

If you simply can’t live with a chip, try keeping a bottle of matching color with you and cover up those chips when they happen. That way when it comes time for your next Boise manicure, your nail technician can simply remove the nail polish for you while providing you with beautiful, healthy nails in the process.

Peeling Off Your Gel Mani

The #1 thing we tell people at unDONE is not to peel off their gel manicure. This is because when you peel the gel off, you’ll end up peeling away thin layers of your nail which can seriously damage your nails for months. Peeling your gel mani can even cause your nail to peel after the polish is removed, which will cause your future Boise manicure to chip faster and won’t look as pretty.

Instead, Yogi suggests either having your gel mani removed professionally or covering your nails individually with a cotton ball soaked in an acetone-based nail polish remover and wrap each of your fingertips with a bit of aluminum foil. Let sit for 10-20 minutes. Then, one by one, gently remove the gel polish by using light pressure and the flat, slanted tip of an orange stick (cuticle pusher).

Picking At Your Cuticles

Oh… the cuticle… How can one tiny sliver of skin be the source of so many nail problems? Cutting or picking your cuticles won’t just lead to unsightly nails, it can also make them prone to bacteria and infection —  not to mention incredibly painful! As a compulsive habit to break, it’s important to kick this bad habit as soon as possible.

At unDONE Salon, Yogi suggest leaving the cuticle care to the professionals. If you insist on managing them on your own between Boise manicures, simply push your cuticles back with an orange stick. Since a common trigger for cuticle picking is dry skin, try making it a habit of massaging your cuticles and nails each night before you go to bed with a little cuticle oil or vitamin E. Doing so will keep them moisturized and healthy between Boise nail salon visits.

Biting Your Nails

As the worst habit of them all, biting your nails is the most common —  and toughest to break. However, there are plenty of ways to kick this habit. First, it’s important to take note of your triggers. These can include boredom, stress or anxiety. Once you understand your triggers you can catch yourself before you start biting your nails unconsciously. To replace this habit, try chewing some gum or squeezing a stress ball instead. Some people have even kicked this habit by snapping a rubber band around their wrist when they catch themselves biting.

Getting a Boise manicure can also be an effective motivator for not biting your nails. Since you’re spending your hard earned money and time getting a beautiful manicure, you’ll be less likely to ruin it by biting your nails. By keeping your nails trimmed, groomed, and polished you’ll have the motivation you need to break this bad habit. Setting goals and establishing rewards (not biting your nails for a month = a pair of new shoes) can also really help.

Boise Manicure

Nails By Yogi @ unDONE Salon

At Undone, we are a Boise nail salon that offers manicures and pedicures to exfoliate, moisturize, and condition your hands, and nails to keep them healthy and looking their best. Despite applying all of the above-mentioned tips, you may find yourself with a split, cracked or torn nail. If that happens, come in to see us for a needed repair. Remember, healthy hands & nails can make a huge difference in the beauty of your Boise manicure, so visit us often, and especially during the spring and summer!

Want more information or to schedule an appointment? Contact us at (208) 287-2010 or book a visit online!