Why Brows Are More Than Just A Beauty Trend

It’s 2019, and we all know the importance of good eyebrows. For a lot of us, leaving the house without drawing on and filling in our eyebrows is unthinkable. Furthermore, your eyebrows are one of the most significant features on your face. While you might think it’s your lips, eyes, or button nose, science actually says it’s your eyebrows. Why? Eyebrows help you express your emotions and support facial recognition.

That’s why unDONE Salon would like to talk about eyebrows in today’s blog post and why they are more than just a beauty trend.

The Perception Of Eyebrows

Have you ever met someone who looks like they are perpetually surprised or angry all the time? The reason why is often due to an unflattering eyebrow shape that has too much or too little of an arch. With the proper semi-permanent application of powder brows, however, you won’t have to worry about these self-inflicted problems of drawing on or over-plucking your eyebrows again.

Aside from better framing your eyes, well-groomed brows, especially ones that have been specifically designed for you by an expert technician, have many significant perks. In fact, full brows with a soft arch are not only aesthetically pleasing but can actually make you appear much younger.

Another way that professionally applied powder brows can impact your overall appearance is that they can be placed to help balance your face. With the exception of Angelina Jolie, no human face is perfectly symmetrical. Even worse, our facial symmetry is closely associated with how attractive we are perceived by others. By getting the semi-permanent technique of powder brows to increase the symmetry of your face, you can appear instantly more youthful, balanced, and beautiful.

Helping Our Clients Look & Feel Beautiful

At unDONE, the ability to make someone look and feel beautiful is important to us. This is especially true for Annie Bradshaw, our trained and certified semi-permanent makeup technician who finds her ability to help clients with their eyebrows extremely rewarding.

Having the skills and abilities of being a semi-permanent makeup artist allows her to not only make someone physically look good by creating beautiful eyebrows, she is able to make them feel good, more confident, happier, and attractive. Who would have thought the two little eyebrows on your face held so much power?

Powder Brows Boise

Over the past few decades, our eyebrows have been through a lot. However, it’s important to realize that they are much more than just a changing beauty trend. If you want to get the best, most flattering eyebrows of your life, contact our semi-permanent makeup artist Annie Bradshaw at (208) 589-1501. She would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have via text or phone call. Even more, you can view some of her most recent work below or on Facebook and Instagram. We promise you won’t be disappointed!

Powder Brows Boise   Powder Brows Boise

Powder Brows Boise   Powder Brows Boise

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