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Boise Hair Salon: Understanding Spring Lash Shedding

Boise Hair Salon Lash Shedding Guide

Have you ever heard of lash shedding? Are you wondering what it is, when it happens, and why? You’re not alone. Since we are officially in the spring season with summer just around the corner, unDONE Salon would like to share with you some information about why you may be losing some extra lashes this time of year.

Eyelash Shedding

Whether you have eyelash extensions or not, everyone experiences lash shedding. Think about it. Remember when you were young and your mom would wipe away a single lash from your cheek and tell you to make a wish? Well, that was lash shedding!

Lash shedding is a natural occurrence that happens to everyone. Eyelashes fall out in cycles, completely replenishing every 60-90 days. While this may sound extreme, it’s actually a healthy part of our natural hair growth cycle. In fact, most people lose up to 20% of their natural lashes every two weeks. Depending on your own individual hair growth cycle, you can shed between 1-5 natural eyelashes per day. It’s important to keep in mind, however, that a new eyelash has already begun to grow to replace the one that falls out.

When Does Lash Shedding Happen?

While we all lose eyelashes throughout the year, most of us shed more during certain seasons like spring and fall. Why does this happen? It’s really quite simple. During the spring and fall seasons, our bodies are preparing for the upcoming summer and winter seasons. It’s a natural process that increases our oil production to keep our hair and skin hydrated. This, in turn, causes our bodies to shed old skin cells and eyelashes so new ones can grow.

What You Can Do

When it comes to lash shedding, there’s really not much you can do because it’s a natural process. Furthermore, it’s important to keep in mind that when you shed your natural lashes, your extensions will shed with them. However, as long as you keep up with your regular refill appointments every 2-3 weeks, your eyelashes will remain full and beautiful just how you like them!

All in all, lash shedding is a natural process and is no cause for alarm. Just like all mammals who shed their winter coats, humans do the same in different forms. If you do have eyelash extensions and have any concerns about how many lashes you are losing, chat with your Boise hair salon stylist at unDONE. After all, they are the experts when it comes to beautiful eyelashes and are here to put your mind at ease while providing you with valuable tips you can practice.

unDONE Salon

At unDONE Salon, our Boise hair salon estheticians specialize in providing you with beautiful, healthier, long-lasting eyelash extensions that feel fantastic. Not only can we customize your eyelash extensions based on your personal style in order to achieve your desired results but extend the amount of time they last through proper application. Whether you want natural looking or dramatic lashes, we can help you achieve the look you want!

Still got questions? Contact us at (208) 287-2010 or schedule a consultation online today!

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