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Boise Manicure Holiday Design Ideas

The holidays are just around the corner. This means you’ll need to book your Boise manicure appointment as soon as possible to complete your festive look. That’s why unDONE Salon has put together some Boise manicure design ideas for inspiration.

Classic French

A French manicure will provide you with a sense of glamour that showcases your jewelry without overpowering it. If you prefer the classic look, you can opt for a peachy or pink shade with white tips. If you’re more daring, you can vary the tip color to any color you’d like. Another twist to consider is adding a subtle decorative pattern to the nail beds while leaving your nail tips white.

Black & Gold Combinations

In general, most colors look great when they are combined with gold. However, black and gold add a flair of elegance you may not find with other color combinations. With a wide variety of combinations to choose from, you can try out designs like polka dots, stripes, half and half, and more.

Fire Engine Red

Fire engine red screams “Look at me!”. After trimming your cuticles and shaping your nails, our master nail technician will carefully apply a bright red polish with a super shiny finish to the length of your nails. This dramatic look is sure to impress and generate holiday attention to your elegant hands.

Candy Cane Designs

Nothing says Christmas like candy canes. These red and white striped candies provide a wide variety of design options to choose from. For a classic look, consider adding some red and white stripes across your nails to create the perfect candy cane nail design.

Snowflakes & Snowmen

In Idaho, we usually get plenty of snow. So why not make snowflakes and snowmen a part of your holiday nail design? Our master nail technician can paint your nails white with glittery snowflakes or carrot-nosed snowmen. These cute, classic designs are bound to keep you in the holiday spirit!

Boise Manicures & Pedicures

unDONE Salon can treat you to a holiday beauty treatment that helps you to escape the stress of the season while keeping you looking your best. Even more, unDONE offers gift cards to pamper your loved ones this holiday season. Whether you are looking for a holiday manicure or pedicure, you’ll find it at our Boise hair salon. Contact us at (208) 287-2010 or schedule an appointment online!

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The Benefits Of A Boise Manicure For Men

Who says manicures are just for women? Men can reap the same benefits of clean, healthy nails, and are increasingly making them part of their own self-care rituals. If you’re a man who’s interesting in getting a Boise manicure or pedicure but fear of being the only man at the salon, don’t. Men have been coming to us for years. That’s why unDONE Salon would like to provide you with the following benefits of adding regular manicures or pedicures to your routine.

Improve the Health of Your Hands & Feet

During a manicure or pedicure, it’s not just your nails that get attention. Your hands or feet will be exfoliated, removing dry, dead skin cells that can cause irritation. Even more, calluses can be treated to dramatically improve your skin health. Our master nail technician will safely remove any unwanted hangnails while trimming and shaping your nails to prevent them from occurring down the road.

Reduce Aches & Pains

Whether you work in construction or spend your days in the office, your hands and feet are under a lot of pressure. Many men throughout the Treasure Valley develop joint pain, aches, and stiffness in their hands and feet because of their jobs. A hand or foot massage is a part of the manicure and pedicure process to help release built up tension while loosening stiff muscles and joints. Regular manicures and pedicures can help keep this unwanted discomfort at bay.

Maintain A Well-Groomed Look

It can be hard to maintain the clean, buffed look of manicured nails on your own. During a manicure or pedicure treatment, your nails will be left with a smooth, buff finish. The small attention to detail our master nail technician provides will make a huge impact on the way you look and present yourself to the world.

Boise Manicures & Pedicures

Whether you realize it or not, people notice your hands and feet. That’s why it’s important to keep them clean and neat. At unDONE Salon, we not only provide the best men’s haircuts in the Treasure Valley, we also offer Boise manicures and pedicures for men and women alike. We can help clean up your nails and cuticles while removing dry skin in the process.

If you would like to schedule an appointment, contact us at (208) 287-2010 or book online today.

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The Magical Benefits of a Boise Manicure

A Boise manicure (or) pedicure is one of the best ways to keep your nails looking healthy and beautiful. Since we use our hands and feet all day, every day, it’s important to take care of them. For those who think a Boise manicure is only meant for special occasions, you might find it interesting that these relaxing spa treatments have several other benefits aside from making your nails look beautiful or clean. This is especially true during the dry winter months when your skin and nails are dry and need some extra TLC.

That’s why our master nail technician at unDONE Salon would like to provide you with the following benefits of a Boise manicure and pedicure:

Increase Circulation

Aside from the typical exfoliation, and moisturizing process, you’ll receive a relaxing hand or foot massage. This not only helps to relax your tired muscles but improve blood circulation while enhancing the mobility of your joints.


While a visit to your Boise hair salon is always a nice way to pamper yourself, a Boise manicure (or) pedicure is a great way to calm and restore your nerves while enhancing the look and feel of your hands or feet. Sometimes under stress, we tend to bite our nails, leaving them dry, cracked or bleeding. That’s why it’s important to take the time to unwind while giving your nails a break with the special treatment they need to be healthy.

Smooth Dry Rough Skin

For many people, the dry effects of winter can be very harsh on their hands or feet. That’s why the master nail tech at unDONE Salon recommends getting regular Boise manicures (or) pedicures during the cold winter months. Doing so will keep dry, rough skin at bay while maintaining soft, smooth hands and feet.

Mental Well-Being

The physical and mental health benefits of a Boise manicure (or) pedicure are extraordinary. Not only will you get healthy, beautiful nails, your stress levels will go down, improving your mental well-being. By taking the time to focus on you – and only you, you’ll have a more positive outlook on life making you physically and mentally stronger to tackle the daily tasks ahead.


Pamper yourself or a loved one this holiday season. A Boise manicure at unDONE Salon offers the perfect getaway to relax while escaping everyday cares. Whether you are preparing for a big event or just want to maintain beautiful hands and feet, getting your nails professionally done is a great way to pamper yourself while throwing the time-consuming task of doing-it-yourself out the window.
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The Winter Benefits of a Boise Pedicure

It’s not uncommon for people to go all winter without a Boise pedicure before returning to their nail tech in the spring complaining about how bad their feet look. At unDONE Salon, there is no need for that to happen. By maintaining your Boise pedicure during the winter season, we will not only provide you with beautifully shaped and painted toes, we will also help you maintain the overall health of your feet.

Promote Healthy Toes

During the cold winter months, your nails can become dry and brittle causing them to split and break. This can lead to irritating and often painful ingrown toenails and/or infections. Regular Boise pedicures will prevent this from happening and provide you with strong, healthy nails.

Prevent Calluses

Regular exfoliation during a Boise pedicure will help to control and prevent the growth of calluses and corns. Since your feet are often confined to enclosed shoes and boots over the winter months, your feet are more prone to developing these unwanted problems. Not only do calluses and corns look unattractive they can also cause discomfort.

Nurture & Relieve Stress

During a Boise pedicure, your nail technician will massage your feet. Not only does this feel great and help relieve stress, it can also help to ease tight muscles. A regular foot massage during your Boise pedicure will not only loosen the muscles in your feet and lower legs, it will increase blood flow and joint performance. By boosting circulation, your feet will not only feel better, you will be preventing additional health problems associated with your feet in the process.

Undone Salon

Maintaining routine Boise pedicure treatments during the winter isn’t crazy talk. When spring comes back around, you won’t have to worry about making your feet look and feel healthy again. That’s why it’s important to come into unDONE Salon every 4-6 weeks during the winter for a Boise pedicure to maintain healthy toes, and feet. Ready to schedule your next pedicure? Call us at (208) 287-2010 or schedule an appointment online.