To Body Wax or Not to Body Wax?

Depending on today’s fashion styles, mini skirts, shorts, and other leg-baring styles call for smooth legs, worthy of baring. Depending on your preferred method of body hair removal, there are a number of treatments to choose from. Shaving and body waxing are two popular methods readily available with products that are easily provided by your Boise hair salon or found at your local drugstore.

Why Body Wax?

No razor burn! Not only is razor burn painful and itchy, it looks terrible! What’s a sexy bikini or leg barring skirt with red, irritated skin? Body waxing is a much better alternative to shaving because it helps eliminate razor burn completely…

Time Saving

These days, who has time to shave or pluck stubborn, unwanted hair? Who has time for it? Plain and simple, body waxing simply saves time. Since the results of body waxing can last up to six weeks, this technique helps to eliminate everyday time-consuming shaving & plucking.

Body Waxing Helps To Reduce Hair Regrowth

Want another perk? Over time, the repetition of body waxing can help hair grow in less and less. Hair papilla is responsible for supplying nutrients to the hair follicle in order for it to grow, and body waxing, over time damages the papilla. Without it, the hair can’t grow!

Reduce the stubble

We all hate the feel of the stubble of hair the day after shaving. Shaving cuts the hair, leaving a blunt tip. Body waxing on the other hand removes it from the root. Compared to shaving, hair that’s waxed grows back with a fine tip that is soft instead of pokey. No more stubble!

Long Lasting Results

Body waxing results last up to a month compared to the chore of shaving daily. Not only that but it grows back finer and softer. While you have to let the hair regrow in order to wax it again, the hair is much less noticeable than if you were to shave.

After Care

After a body wax treatment at your Boise hair salon, your Undone technician recommends wearing loose clothing for a few hours to reduce uncomfortable rubbing on sensitive skin. Try not to take hot showers or baths for at least 24 hours, and avoid loofahs or mesh sponges that are known to harbor bacteria that are known to cause unwanted breakouts. Keep in mind, its not uncommon to have a break out after your first waxing session. Regular body waxing at 4 to 6 week intervals will help provide you with smoother results, and less ingrown hairs!

Wedding Hair

Planning a wedding is no easy feat. In fact, it can be quite stressful! Every little girl dreams of her big day, and once it all starts coming together, you want it to go as smoothly as possible. Call a time out. Relax & take a deep breath. The stylists at the Undone, Boise hair salon have you covered!  With a customizable, hair salon wedding package, we can help you feel beautiful on your big day while reducing overall stress levels. Our team of talented, Boise hair salon stylists offer a variety of up-do wedding styles as well as haircolor treatments or hair extensions depending on the look you’re searching for.

Since planning a wedding is a huge undertaking, planning in advance is key. Below are some tips & tricks to help you get find your perfect wedding hairstyle:

Find your perfect wedding look

Since planning a wedding takes time, don’t stress about whether you want an up-do wedding style or long flowing locks complemented by hair extensions. Start saving pictures that inspire you, and keep an eye out for what you like and don’t like about particular hairstyles. Keep in mind you can always ask your Boise Hair Salon stylist for a particular part of one hairstyle to incorporate with another that you might also like.

Longer Locks

If you want long flowing locks on your wedding day you really only have two choices: either let it grow, or apply hair extensions. Depending on the amount of time you have until your wedding day, hair can grow up to 3 inches during a 6 month waiting period. Not long enough? Hair extensions are a great way of adding the length, texture and volume you want while  transforming the thinnest, shortest locks into beautiful, flowing tresses.

Consider a “trial run”

While a trial run is by no means necessary, it can however be fun to see what you and your hairdresser can come up with. A trial run can be a great opportunity to benefit from the experience and creativity of your Boise hair salon stylist. Don’t be afraid  to ask what they would think would look best on you! Chances are, your stylist pays a lot closer attention to wedding hairstyles than you do.

The day of the wedding

Clean, dry hair is preferred by most Boise hair salon stylists. Depending on the look you have scheduled with them, they may want to wash and blow dry it anyway. Keep in mind that clean, dry hair provides your stylist with a fresh canvas to get started on. In addition, if your wedding party is having their hair done at the same time, let them know that by having clean, dry hair saves a TON of preparation time for you and your stylists.


Reflection: My Destiny Rescue Trip to Thailand Part 2

Mission Part 2
Kimberli Denton

So how does Destiny Rescue save these girls? The answer may surprise you. Destiny Rescue has male volunteers that go into the brothels and buy them. By doing this they build trust and pray with these girls while providing hope for a new life. Keep in mind the majority of these girls are broken and hopeless. Few choose to leave but others choose to stay because their ties to making money to support their families are much tighter compared to those who choose to leave at a very high risk.

Once I had a better understanding of how Destiny Rescue works, my heart sunk just walking into the salon I would be working in. While I was unaware of each of their stories or the trauma they had endured before being rescued, I only knew I loved each of the girls I met right away. While each of them knew very little English, the girls were very welcoming, and thankful for all the luggage full of salon supplies and individual presents we brought them. They really loved all the nail supplies, and the passion they showed for nails far exceeded the haircuts or up do’s we taught them. My team member, Kinsey Henry, from InsideOut had a lot of fun teaching them about manicures & pedicures.


Their hair braiding skills were also just as amazing, they probably taught me more than I could ever teach them! They also instructed us how to cut Asian hair as the styles, and preferences in Thailand are different than what we are used to here in America. In the end, I think they were just as happy teaching us as we were teaching them. We also took them out to ice cream. I know that in our country that may sound like a normal, everyday thing but to them it was a real treat. Beautiful from the inside out, they all looked so beautiful all dressed up.


We also helped Tina cut hair at a Destiny Rescue home. A rescue home is where the girls that are rescued go to stay. Once rescued, they are counseled, schooled, and taught about jewelry. They also have a small beauty school that teaches them salon basics before going to a school where they can become licensed. Its important to note that when many of the girls are first rescued, they have short attention spans mainly because very few of them have had any sort of education. Destiny Rescue works very closely with each of the girls they rescue as some of the girls are also handicapped. Depending on their family circumstances some are allowed to go home on the weekends and holidays. In the end my heart ached for all the girls, and all I can say was that I was honored to teach & cut their hair.

Series Links:
Boise Hair Salon Making a Difference in Thailand – Mission Part 1

Reflection: My Destiny Rescue Mission to Thailand


Mission Part 1
Kimberli Denton

Sitting down to write this, it is very hard for me to know where I should start. Upon returning from Thailand, the last week for me has been very emotional as I reflect on the time I spent over there. Having seen, heard, and learned so much about the girls I helped there I also gained a much better understanding of their culture as well. We are so blessed here in America, and as I sit down to write this, its important to note that we should all count our blessings and be thankful for so many of the everyday things we so often take for granted.

People often ask why I don’t support local organizations within our own country. Actually, yes I do. In fact, I am involved in helping those affected by sexual exploitation within our own backyards. I have helped to organize, sponsor, and promote multiple fundraisers to help those in need including: children dying of cancer, abuse victims, shop with a cop (Christmas) while helping children who come from abusive homes (or) families that simply don’t have much. Helping others has always been a soft spot for me, and it hurts knowing how many children are out there suffering.

Over two years have gone by since I first heard about children getting sold into sex trafficking or sexual exploitation to help support their families. I cant tell you how badly this filled my heart with sorrow. As a mother to a nine year old daughter, it is so hard for me to think about how lucky she is and how unfortunate other little girls her age are. Inside I felt this was a calling for me to help, and I remember thinking to myself, “How can I possibly make a difference?” Since God blessed me with the gift of hairstyling, I realized it was important for me to help provide these girls with a trade so they would never have to be sold into sex trafficking again.The more my heart was pulled, the more I dug into what I was eventually called to do. That is when I learned about Destiny Rescue. Less than a year later, I contacted them, and asked to help at a Destiny Rescue Salon.

For a person like Tina Marie Cairo however, it was a much bigger calling. Having met her during my mission, she runs a salon in Thailand for girls that have been directly involved in sex trafficking. Not only does she sacrifice her life for these girls, she lives in Thailand and only goes home once or twice a year. Working with her was such a blessing. For me it was only a week, but that one week would change my life forever.

Reflecting back on what I learned about the culture over there was amazing to me. Flying into Bangkok was like flying into New York. It was a busy city with lights, action, and really no sign of poverty. Flying into Chiang Rai however, was a completely different story. Tina explained to me that while Bangkok welcomes more visitors than any other city in the world it views its surrounding cities much differently because they are very poor and still developing.

Outside of Chiang Rai are additional villages that are extremely poor. This is where the importance of sex trafficking comes into play. Because their culture is so different than ours, many people simply depend on having children for survival. When a child comes into age, they are often pushed out to work. With no education and a need for money, girls are often sexually exploited to support their families. While the bonds that hold these families together are strong; abuse, drugs and alcohol are often just as powerful.


With no other way to work or support their families, girls either sell themselves on street corners or are sold into brothels or mamma saunas for money by their families. One brothel we visited in Bangkok was three stories high with curtains hung in front of the doorways of each room. As you walked by the young girls & boys standing outside would simply open the curtains to let you peek inside. Mind you this was only five blocks away from a busy mall and anyone could walk in.

Each girl had on them a number so it was easy to identify and ask for them. What really affected me was when I reached the 3rd floor.  I saw two small boys just standing there. They couldn’t have been any older than six or seven years old. No parents. Just hanging out. I was informed that this was very common as their parent(s) may have been busy working in one of the rooms nearby. Disgusting. My heart dropped and all I wanted to do was take these little ones home with me. Do brothels sell children you ask? Well of course… No age limit applies! Although it is against the law to sell a child under ten years of age, it still happens. All you have to do is ask. At least I can proudly say that it was Destiny Rescue that first brought down a brothel in Thailand, that was known for selling children and that brothel is still closed to this day…


Women’s Hair Tips from a Hip Hairdresser

On Monday, Sept 9th, 2014, the unDONE Boise Hair Salon had the pleasure of hosting, and learning from the world-renowned hair master, Albie Mulcahy! Hairdresser/Stylist-educator, Mulcahy offers over 35+ years of hair & fashion expertise having worked in over 35 countries, and fashion capitals throughout the world.

Master hair stylist and owner of unDONE, salon, Kimberli Denton was excited to share her experience. “The class went very well. Albie worked on three different models with long, to mid-length, to short women’s hair. He shared with us his famous dry cutting techniques where the hair is left completely in its natural state. By doing this, it allows women’s hair to fall where it naturally needs to be. Dry cutting is an art form in itself.  Albie cuts and textures a woman’s hair as he goes along with a visual guide. He was very inspiring and full of energy. Being able to learn from him adds a wonderful element to the collection of techniques we utilize at our Boise hair salon. Many of our clients really like the dry cutting technique as it allows their hair to fall more freely.”


Master of the dry-cutting technique Albie explained that, “Shaping Hair Dry is a refined method. Only 1% technical 99% visual, I call it Visual Balance. Like a new language it must be practiced every day. After shaping dry hair for over ten years, I still learn something each time. Its about creating a personalized look for your client. Its about HONEST hair shaping NOT just cutting hair. It comes from the heart and creative mind, NOT a book.”

unDONE was very happy to have Albie stop by, having inspired us all, and we appreciate his dedication to teaching our stylists new techniques. When a salon professional such as this takes the time to share his knowledge and creativity with the world we all win but in the end, it’s the clients of our Boise hair salon who really reap the benefits!

Beauty to the Rescue

Mission Blog #2

October 12th, 2014 is fast approaching & unDONE is getting excited about our upcoming Destiny Rescue trip to Chaing Rai,Thailand! By partnering with INsideOUT, we were able to raise over $1500 to help change lives overseas while supporting our Treasure Valley community with back-to-school haircuts! THANK YOU!

As you many know, owner Kimberly Denton, and her team of unDONE stylists will be working with other Destiny Rescue volunteers in an effort to provide industry training to young girls while supporting those in need. In turn, the training we provide will not only offer new trades but will shape new lives for those affected by human trafficking in an effort to break the cycle of poverty while investing in people’s worth, and loving them!

With your donations you’ve become a part of the “Take a Stand for Freedom” team by saying “no” to children being trafficked and sexually exploited. The money raised will not only help provide vocational training to those in need but offers educational opportunities for children & their families as well.

Feel good knowing that by helping families become self-sustaining, we eliminate one of the main reasons children are being trafficked. These resources also enable us to teach and educate parents about the dangers of prostitution and the known methods used by traffickers to trick children.

Rescue! Restore! Protect!  Empower! Be a voice!


Destiny Rescue is a grassroots, internationally recognized, Christian based, non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing children from human trafficking and sexual exploitation. They help rescue the sexually exploited and enslaved, restore the abused, protect the vulnerable, empower the poor and are a voice for those that can’t speak up for themselves.

For more information visit or contact:

P.O. Box 752, North Webster
Indiana 46555

Destiny Rescue USA, Inc.
is a (501)(c)(3) Organization

Kim’s Call for support letter

Dear Family, Friends & Associates,
About 2 years ago I sat in a church sermon and heard the words of a man who spoke about girls being trafficked over in the Philippians. I knew this happened but really never thought about it. Listening to him talk about poverty like we have never seen, he told about mothers selling their daughters for food, girls selling their bodies to survive, women that have been cast out of their homes because their husbands didn’t want them and other unimaginable horrors. His testimony brought tears to my eyes and my heart began to ache. I thought about my own daughter, who was age 7 at that time. I wanted to hold on to her hand and never let go. God spoke to me that day.
As you may already know, I have been a hair stylist in the industry for more than 20 years, an Educator for 20 years and now a salon owner for over 3 years. My husband and I named our salon unDONE for the simple reason that God was not done with us, just a coincidence at that time. But God knew what he was doing and he was doing it well. He was preparing our hearts for something greater than we ever thought about. He planted a seed what was going to flourish.
Psalm 10 17-18 says “You hear, O LORD, the desire of the afflicted, you encourage them and you listen to their cry, defending the fatherless and the oppressed in order that man, who is the earth, may terrify no more.”
So I took actions on Gods word. I got more involved with the Justice program and found a group of stylists with the same passion. Last year God planted another seed that he wanted me to go to Thailand and share through Destiny Rescue (in Thailand). I became more involved with a group of stylists and we became “Beauty to the Rescue”. Destiny Rescue’s primary purpose is to RESCUE THE SEXUALLY EXPLOITED AND ENSLAVED. But, once these people are rescued, they must be restored. That is where the Destiny’s Salon ( comes in. We are presented with an opportunity to share our gifts as stylists and help these women learn a viable trade, outside of the sex industry.
On October 12th myself and 6 other stylists will embark to Bangkok Thailand for a 9 day trip. We ask first for your prayers. If you care to donate money then please write all checks out to:

Destiny Rescue (directly benefitting the salon) or

Inside out Salon (for trip expenses)

You can mail them to 10249 W. Treeline ST., Boise Idaho 83704. You will receive a tax deduction form for all donations given.
Please feel free to call, email or write with any questions.


Kimberli Denton Wife & Mom, Owner & Stylist, unDone Salon of Boise

download this letter

The Key to Lasting Haircolor

There’s nothing quite like a new splash of color to completely change the way you look and feel. Not only does changing your haircolor provide you with a daring new look, it can also hit you in the wallet if you don’t maintain it like you should. Below are some tips from our experts to help boost the life of your new haircolor:

1.      Use the right kind of dye

To prevent haircolor from bleeding you need to use the right type of hair dye. Talk to your stylist. While all dyes eventually bleed & fade the severity depends on what type of dye is used. Not only will your stylist help you choose the right combination of colors for your new look, they can help explain the difference between permanent, semi-permanent, and temporary dyes, and how long they last.

2.      Use the proper cleansing & conditioning products for your haircolor

Stay away from clarifying shampoos! Everyone wants clean hair but depending on what type of shampoo & conditioner you use, you might be washing your haircolor down the drain. Keep in mind that the more you wash the faster your color will fade. Consider washing your hair every other day, and protect your haircolor investment by using color-protecting shampoo’s and conditioner’s. Color-protecting products work by sealing the hair cuticle so your strands hold onto the dye inside rather than stripping it.

3.      Protect your haircolor from the natural elements.

Pay attention to the weather. While the sun may be good for obtaining vitamin D and boosting your mood, it is particularly harsh on your new haircolor.  Avoid heat and humidity. Cover or protect your tresses with an SPF spray to avoid over exposure which accelerates the natural fading process.

4.      Water Temperature

While hot water is good for opening & cleaning your pores, it has a similar effect on your strands. Wet hair has more stretch than dry hair, and the “stretchiness” of hair increases with the water temperature which can allow your haircolor to wash out. Keep it cool. Not only does rinsing your tresses in cold water help maintain your color it also helps to seal the cuticles leaving your hair shiny, and beautiful.

5.      Go With the Glaze

Choosing a color-protecting glaze not only enhances the vibrancy of your hair but shine as well.  You can apply the glaze when you shower, and be delighted at the way it really brings out the new color of your hair. Alternatively, you can ask your stylist to apply the glaze if your haircolor is professionally done.

Haircolor to Dye for: The Box vs. the Chair

Thinking about changing up or enhancing your current haircolor? When it comes to 2014 hair trends there are a variety of colors to choose from but it’s important to choose a color that not only suits your appearance but personality as well. Seeking inspiration? Below are some celebrity inspired, haircolor ideas to help you get started!

Creative Commons Photo from

Creative Commons Photo from

1.)    If you’re blonde or thinking about going blonde, platinum is all the rage these days. From cool-toned tips & dark roots to pale blond with hints of honey, women with lighter skin tones are often best suited for these hues, but should be wary of shades that are too white or ashy.

Creative Commons Photo from

Creative Commons Photo from

2.)    Rich coppery colors like rose gold to vibrant orange-red are popular for those who want to obtain the gorgeous “ginger” effect. These hues not only make your eyes pop but can be enhanced with blue undertones, boosting the color’s vibrancy so the base can take center stage.

Creative Commons Photo from

Creative Commons Photo from

3.)    Brunettes are turning heads this year with raven hued tones like monochrome attic brown to dark chocolate sophistication. With high shine & definition, these shades can also be enhanced with subtle highlights a shade or two lighter than the overall base color. For example: If you want dark chocolate hair, think milk chocolate highlights. If you have milk chocolate hair, think  soft honey highlights

Salon or box dye?

When it comes to haircolor, and looking your best, the stylists at our Boise hair salon suggest rethinking the do-it-yourself dye job. While box dyes come with the appeal of being cheaper, keep in mind that when it comes to haircolor, one size (box) doesn’t fit all…

If you buy a box haircolor, you get exactly that: a color out of a box. Not only are box dyes generic, they are sold to work for anyone no matter their hair type or texture. Box dyes are also very damaging to your hair because they are typically much stronger than salon haircolor because they are formulated to work on all hair types and use higher concentrations of pigment and developer. Box dye also leave your haircolor very flat compared to a professional dye job because only one color is used unlike the 2 or 3 shades your stylist will blend to create to your desired look.

In the end, talk to your stylist when it comes to making an informed, and educated decision when it comes to your desired haircolor. Not only will they factor in your natural hair’s type & texture they can adjust formulas based on its condition. A professional haircolor will leave you with much healthier & beautiful hair compared to the dull & drying appearance that comes out of a box.

Extending Your Hair to New Lengths

Human vs. Synthetic Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are great for transforming the thinnest, shortest locks into beautiful, flowing tresses. As the first choice of our Boise salon’s, professional stylists, human hair is much more natural looking and can be colored and styled to meet the unique preferences of their client. Although they are more expensive than synthetic hair, human hair extensions last longer (up to a year), and can be washed or slept in without matting or tangling in addition to being styled with hot tools (synthetic hair will melt).

Synthetic hair extensions on the other hand (often the first choice for women as they are affordable, and require low maintenance) usually only last 1-3 months. They are created from plastic fibers with the style baked into them (curled, straight, colored, etc.) providing a less natural look and feel. In addition, synthetic hair cannot be dyed so color matching is extremely important before purchasing.

Match the haircolor and texture of your natural tresses

Your Undone hairstylist will take great care to match the color and texture of your hair extensions to that of your natural hair. When choosing a color we recommend a haircolor that matches your hair from the middle to the ends. The root is always darker, and blending your hair to the middle to bottom is extremely important. In addition blending several different colors is also a great way of providing you with a more natural look and is great at creating highlights or adding trending colors.

Your natural hair texture is also a key when choosing hair extensions. Try your best at matching the texture of your hair extensions to that of your natural hair (straight, wavy, or curly).

Placement & Styling TLC

Placement is essential when considering hair extensions. Finding the right extension method will depend on your budget, preference, and hair type. Depending on what your Undone stylist recommends and how long you want your look to last, the top three methods are:

  • Fusion (or Bonded) – Individual keratin-tipped strands are fused to your natural hair using heat.

  • Tape-in – Wefts of hair are attached to small sections of your natural hair using double-sided tape.

  • Weave (or Sew-in) -Your natural hair is braided in rows from ear to ear and wefts of hair are woven (with thread) onto the braids.

Good extensions should be entirely undetectable while blending with your natural hair. Hair extensions should be cared for just like your natural hair but gently. Be extra careful with wet hair, and avoid brushing or styling until it’s dry. Avoid tugging or yanking while brushing. Hold the hair at the root and detangle from the ends up. Never sleep in wet hair as it can mat the extensions and damage your real hair.