Boise Hair Salon Tips to Reducing Swim Damage

With the start of summer comes summer fun. After waiting all winter long, we’re eager to take part in relaxing picnics, BBQs, and poolside shenanigans. However, all that fun can actually wreak havoc on your hair, especially the pool. While swimming is an excellent exercise regime, it can, however, take its toll on your hair in a big way.

Hair Tips to Reduce Chlorine Damage

Arguably one of the most damaging elements of summer fun is the effect chlorine has on your hair. Especially for those with blonde or light hued tresses that tend to turn green after a dip in the pool – a definite sign of overexposure! Even for those whose hair doesn’t turn a sickening shade of green, chlorine can still damage your hair regardless. Chlorine eats away at the natural lubricant that protects women’s hair, called sebum. Over time, “swimmer hair” will have far more split ends and become coarser than those that don’t swim often. The stylists at unDONE salon recommend the following:

Boise Hair Salon Tip #1 – Pre-Swim Rinse

Taking a quick shower before entering the pool helps hydrate your hair while preventing it from soaking up the chemicals in the pool. Slathering a conditioner post-shower on top of wet hair also helps to create a temporary barrier by coating your strands, which also help to prevent it from absorbing pool chlorine or saltwater. To keep your hair in place while swimming, try placing it in a bun, twists or braid. Doing so helps to maintain the level of conditioner from rinsing out to quickly as well.

Boise Hair Salon Tip #2 – Post-Swim Rinse

Once you leave the pool, the next important step of your beauty regime continues! Make sure to shower thoroughly for several minutes to allow fresh water to wash away as much chlorine or salt as possible. Lingering chlorine can cause irritation later on in the day and the smell will hang around until you shower again. So, having a good soak straight after your swim is a simple, and easy way to eliminate chemicals in your hair and on your skin as well…

Boise Hair Salon TIp #3 – Eliminating Built up Chemicals in Your Hair

A good way to eliminate built up chemicals in your hair is to wash it from root to tip with a clarifying shampoo. unDONE salon recommends using Davines’ Solu Refreshing Solution Shampoo which packs barley extract to protect strands as it deep cleans. A clarifying shampoo treatment will help remove the buildup of chlorine and other chemicals from your hair, leaving it clean while reducing your risk for damage.
In conclusion, there’s no need to forgo the summer fun the pool offers because you’re worried about messing up your hair. You can easily join in the fun by taking a few protective measures regardless if your hair is relaxed, dyed or nature. Simply follow the above Boise hair salon swimming tips and ask your unDONE salon stylist about what you should do to keep your hair in tip-top shape!

The Liberation of Short Hair

We all know that hair plays an integral role in the way we represent ourselves. It’s related to personal and cultural identity as well as public aspirations, aesthetics and passages. For many women (and men) there is often no material possession in our lives richer with greater substance than our hair. Whether your hair is long, razor-cut or dyed, our hair speaks to the world about who we are without us having to utter a single word. In fact, our hair is an extremely powerful statement when it comes to our personal identities.

Think about it, when we visit our unDONE salon stylist to snip away at our split, broken ends, all that energy falls to the Boise hair salon floor. It’s an act of shedding our old skin and leaving our heavy baggage at the door while pushing a reset button on our lives. When a woman cuts her hair, she’s actually cutting off SO MUCH MORE:

Short women’s hair cuts the societal standard & notion of beauty

In the eyes of society, the notion of beauty is all mixed up. Everyday we are bombarded with images of Victoria’s Secret models with long flowing tresses while we have been brainwashed into thinking these images of women’s hair (among other things) are the sole definition of beauty. In contrast however, sexiness can be defined just as much by the display of short hair as well. Short hair exposes one of the most seductive part of a woman’s body: her neck. And once we get a glimpse of her neck, well, our eyes tend to work their way down to her clavicle. Short hair exposes and highlights the physique of a woman just as much as long hair does.

Cutting out toxic relationships

For many women in the throes of a breakup, some of us not only embark on a change of heart but a change of hairstyle as well. Hair is energy and often for those who decide to cut it are cutting out the stagnation of an old relationship. Nothing will kick-start the beat of a broken heart like a new hairstyle. In fact, during this time in a woman’s life, she is free to explore HER individuality without the shackles of an outside opinion or ex’s preference. Whether it’s a new hair cut, haircolor, or permanent you’re dreaming of, go for it! Nothing is stopping you but you!

Cutting off expectations

There is no greater feeling than affirming to the universe that your are going to finally do whatever the heck you want to do. By fearlessly cutting your women’s hair into the edgy style you’ve always wanted, your ridding yourself of the rigid expectations bestowed upon you by society, your partner, friends or family. Whether you decide to cut, extend or dye your hair, your unleashing a whole new side of your personality while opening yourself up to an entire world you didnt even know existed…

Cutting the safety net: anticipating the next big adventure

Women’s hair is often deeply nestled into the crux of our comfort zones. When we cut or alter our hair we are free ourselves from a falsified sense of protection. Not only do we widen our vision but we break free from the veil of the fears and limitations that hold us back, allowing ourselves to step out of the barbed-wire cage of familiarity in anticipation of broad spectrum of future adventures.

Cutting off damage and time consuming maintenance

Without realizing it, we abuse the hair on our heads. In the name of beauty, the hot irons and teasing combs we tend to use wreak havoc on the overall health of our women’s hair. Often the very thought of the time and energy we spend washing, conditioning and styling it is overly consuming. The shorter the hair, the shorter the time spent caring for it, and the hours of being handcuffed to hair maintenance routine is drastically cut in half. What would you do with all that saved time?

Cutting off “beauty” to tap into style

The beauty industry would like us to believe that long, virgin hair is concurrent with “beauty. However, in today’s age of liberation, FASHION says otherwise. Truly “beautiful” girls are the ones who own their authentic, personal styles. Whatever their preference, they share a creative vision that is expressed through their own definition of beauty. Whatever your style, it’s important to abandon convention, and opt for originality. After all, “beauty” fades; style is everlasting.

Prepare Your Perfect Wedding Day With unDONE!

Here comes wedding season, and looking good is instrumental to feeling good and there’s no bigger day for brides to feel their best. However, all too often, this is the last thing brides consider in advance, leading to a stressful scramble a day or two before the wedding. This unnecessary stress can be easily avoided if your salon plans, schedules and bookings are a part of your long-term planning agenda. It’s your wedding day!

If you’re a bride-to-be, take a deep breath. The unDONE salon has worked with hundreds of brides, their families, and bridal parties, helping them look and feel their very best for the big day ahead. At unDONE salon we can help make preparation for your big day a little easier by offering either a hairstyle wedding party or makeup wedding party (or both!). A Boise hair salon visit for you and your bridal team is the perfect opportunity to set the mood and stage for a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

So in order to help you prepare to walk down the aisle – with all eyes on you, unDONE salon has put together a checklist of some important things to consider and prepare for in advance to help take the stress off your shoulders while bringing out the most beautiful you.

Plan Ahead!

Consult with your Boise hair salon to ensure your comfort level when it comes to delivering all of your party’s beauty and grooming needs – from head to toe. The staff at unDONE salon wants to ensure your comfort level by making sure you and your guest will be well cared for. Make sure to book the date/s for your makeup wedding party or hairstyle wedding party at least a couple months in advance to avoid any scheduling hassles. *Also, make sure to lock in the date and times with your family and bridal party as well.

Determine your bridal look or updo wedding style in advance!

Now the fun begins! Once you’ve booked your Boise hair salon visit, you get to work with your Boise hair salon stylist in advance to determine the look you want – for you and your hairstyle wedding party. You may already know, or you may want to look through beauty and wedding publications (or scour the internet) to find just the right look for you. Utilize your unDONE salon professional and their experience to bounce ideas off of so that the final decision is right for you.

A Boise manicure or pedicure are obvious, but don’t forget the skin!

There is without question a “natural glow” of happiness on the bride’s face when her wedding day arrives. But you can also help enhance that glow with a Boise spray tan leading up to the big day. unDONE salon offers a perfect Boise spray tan in minutes without the chemicals or streaking while leaving your skin soft and moisturized. A Boise spray tan using VINO Bronzing Mist can provide you with the customized color you desire while providing you with a beautiful Boise spray tan without any unwanted side effect or harmful ingredients.

**Remember, its all about planning. If you treat your Boise hair salon experience with the same advance attention to detail as every other aspect of your wedding day, then you and your party will feel great, and look great while enjoying some pampering along the way!

Spring & Summer Haircare Tips from Your Boise Hair Salon!

It’s finally starting to brighten and warm up here in the Treasure Valley providing that summer is well on its way! That means it’s time for unDONE salon to give you some important hair care tips for the highly anticipated hot days ahead. When it comes to fun in the sun, everyone knows how to care for their skin (i.e., sunscreen, etc.) but not everyone pays attention to their hair. If you want beautiful hair all summer long, make sure to remember the following hair care tips:

Tip 1- Condition More!

It’s always important to condition your hair, especially when it comes to protecting and maintaining your favorite haircolor. Using a good moisturizing conditioner, like Davines MOMO conditioner can especially help dry tresses during the dog days of summer. Once a week, or at the very minimum, it’s also a good idea to visit your Boise hair salon for a deep conditioning treatment as well…

Tip 2: Shampoo Less!

Shampoo can be very drying to your hair so its important to skip a wash every couple of days to prevent your hair from losing its natural moisture (or switch to a more gentle cleansing method that won’t dry out your sun exposed strands). By providing your hair with a summer shampoo break, your tresses will be able to better absorb natural oils.

Tip 3- Protect Your Hair from the Sun

Hanging out in the sun without proper protection is not only bad for your skin but your hair and scalp as well. It’s important to use leave-in women’s hair products with SPF protection (or at the very least, wear a flattering beach hat when you know you will be out in the sun for extended periods of time). If by chance you don’t have a specific leave-in or sun care product for your hair, it’s okay to slather regular SPF products on your tresses. Make sure to concentrate the product onto your scalp as well. While it may not be a perfect solution, it will help when it comes to saving your tresses from major sun damage. Talk with your Boise hair salon stylist about what SPF products would work best for your hair.

Tip 4-  Watch Out for Chlorine

Have you ever experienced straw like hair when it’s wet? Has your hair ever developed a weird almost glassy look (not the kind of shine that looks healthy) when your hair is dry? That’s chlorine build up. While many people think that hair turns green from chlorine, that’s not always the case. Try using a gentle but deep clarifying shampoo at least once or twice a week to help prevent chlorine build up from the pool.

Tip 5- Trim regularly

Make sure to get your hair trimmed every 4-6 weeks in the summer with the help of your Boise hair salon stylist to help prevent breakage, and split ends. If you are in the process of growing out your hair, it is also equally important to keep up with regular trims as a preventative, hair splitting measure.

If you have any questions, feel free to come by the unDONE salon or contact us at (208) 287-2010 to schedule a consultation. Our Boise hair salon stylists will help recommend a plan of action including what products to use and when. At unDONE, it’s our goal to keep your hair as beautiful as the gorgeous summer days ahead!

What Your Boise Hair Salon Stylist Wants You to Know

Have you ever wondered why your Boise hair salon service didn’t turn out the way you dreamed or why it didn’t turn out the same as it did in the picture you brought your stylist? Lets put things into perspective & get straight to the point with how hair actually works. First of all, to get the hair of your dreams, it takes time. While a salon may book your appointment for 2-3 hours depending on what service was requested, those services (in reality) can take anywhere from 4 to 9 hours (or in some cases – even longer). Think about it. When your stylist has such a small frame of time to work on your hair, it’s not always going to match up to the beautiful hair in the picture you brought them.

We all want celebrity hair

You know how your fave celebrities always seem to look perfect – all the time? Well, when it comes to down to it, perfection doesn’t come cheap. While celebrities are born just a human as you and I, they do however have the means to afford a team of stylists, extensions, wigs, top-of-the-line hair products and Boise hair salon processes that can cost a fortune. Unless you’re able and willing to pay those kinds of prices, it’s probably not realistic to have celebrity perfect hair everyday… In the end, celebrity hair comes down to time & money. Celebrities don’t just pay more because they are celebrities, quality costs more. Especially when someone elses time is involved…

Why it takes so long

Professional services take time. Think about it, every time you want something new, your stylist will have to spend more time working on achieving that look. For example, coloring your hair isn’t always as simple as a client might assume i.e., coloring your hair and lightening it are not the same, & haircolor doesn’t lift haircolor. Also, if your hair is damaged from a previous coloring, your hair probably won’t take the new color as it should. In fact, it will not only cost more but will add more time to your Boise hair salon service as well…

You don’t have virgin hair

As stylists, we refer to “natural” (or virgin) hair, as hair that has never been touched by chemicals. If your hair is truly virgin hair when you come into our Boise hair salon, it’s much more simple, and less time-consuming to get the results you want in less time. But if it’s not, and you come in with colored hair and want a different hue, it’s going to involve haircolor removal before we can even get started. That service alone can take up to a few hours. In fact, the hair you might be dreaming off, might not only require haircolor removal but the adding of a new base color, highlights or toner as well. Thats four hair services in one time! So keep your expectations real…

Big changes take time

Big changes take time. For example if your a client who wants a huge haircolor change from black colored hair to platinum blonde hair, the time it takes to do this will require many services that cannot be done in one or two treatments. As stylists, we know this can be frustrating for a client to understand but trust us. If you are however, working towards a big change, talk and listen to your stylist. Big changes take many services, and yes, you will have to pay for each step (not just the first appointment) just like you would for any other service in the modern world…

In conclusion

We hope that by providing you with these tips, we make you and your Boise hair salon stylist happy. Most hair stylists are happy people who are excited to make you look & feel your best. So help them help you, and remember by keeping these things in mind, you are not only making your stylist’s job easier, you are going to walk out of your favorite Boise hair salon having achieved the best possible results for you hair. Ciao!


Boise Hair Salon Tips for Dry Hair

With advances in women’s hair care technology, it has become easier to win the battle over dry hair. Brittle, dry hair can be the #1 concern when it comes to women’s hair but there are ways to fight it! During a Boise hair salon consultation, there are several points your unDONE salon stylist will discuss with you, including what products you should use to cleanse, treat and protect your hair. For anyone who suffers from brittle, dry women’s hair, learning the proper tips and right products can be the key to overcoming the lack of moisture issue.

Below are some nourishing tips to help get your hair back to a healthy, manageable state:


When choosing a shampoo, make sure its hydrating and nourishing, adding moisture to your tresses. How often you shampoo is also key. Over shampooing women’s hair can lead to dryness from the scalp to the ends. How often you should wait in between cleansing also depends on the texture of your women’s hair, and the level of dryness you are experiencing. While some individuals shampoo every other day, others may go a week before washing.

If you’re new to the concept of not shampooing everyday and are worried about a greasy or messy look, it all depends on how you style it while giving your hair a break. Try top knots, braids, chignons, etc. Have fun with it! If you happen to have fringe bangs – feel free to lightly shampoo them while giving the rest of your hair a break. However, when you do shampoo, keep in mind that your scalp is where you should be cleansing them most. Since your ends need more moisture, they don’t need to be included in the vigorous process of washing.


ALWAYS follow up a shampoo with a moisturizing conditioner or even deep conditioning treatment. Use a wide tooth comb to help work the conditioner into your tresses while evenly penetrating your women’s hair so every strand is getting the right moisture coverage. Leave the conditioner in for a few extra minutes to help detangle your tresses.

**The temperature of water also plays a key role. Water that is too hot can hurt not only your hair but skin as well. A cooler rinse is more beneficial because it helps to seal the cuticles of your hair, while boosting overall  shine.


Protect your hair by using an oil or hydrating leave-in conditioner. Control the oily scalp look by applying it to the mid lenght of your hair to the ends while providing your hair with the moisture it needs.

Blow Drying:

The heat from blow drying your hair can also suck the moisture out of your tresses. Medium heat followed up with a cool shot to help calm the cuticle is always a good idea.

Your Diet:

Certain foods also affect the health of your hair. Fruits, dark green vegetables, vitamin C and A, omega-3 fatty acids, beta-carotene, beans, cysteine in eggs and yogurt, whole grains and even some dairy products can all lead to curing dryness and a healthier head of hair.




Undone Salon Hairstyling Tips: Blow Drying Women’s Hair!

You don’t need a Boise hair salon appointment to get beautiful, bouncy hair between visits. While we all feel confident after visiting our Undone salon stylist, it can be another story after we wash our hair at home, and we can’t quite recreate our favorite Boise hair salon effect.

Next time you blow dry your hair at home, follow the tips below for a professional blow out at home:

Towel-dry First. After washing your hair, squeeze the remaining water from your hair before wrapping it with a towel. Soaked hair is hard to blow-dry and takes twice as long. Excess water can also dilute your favorite styling Rusk products, making them less effective when it comes to the look you want.

Apply Leave-in Conditioner. A leave-in conditioner is great for preventing frizz, breakage and flyaways caused by blow drying. For those with thick, curly women’s hair a heavier cream is recommended while those with fine, thin hair a light spray is recommended that won’t weigh down your locks. Apply mid-length to the strands, then use a wide-tooth comb to thoroughly distribute the conditioner while smoothing tangles.

Boost Your Roots. Always dry your roots first (unless you have bangs). You want to get the roots up off your head as fast as you can before they dry. Rusk products like the Rusk blofoam texture and root lifter is a great root-lifting spray. Keep in mind though that your Boise hair salon stylist applies it everywhere in order to add volume, body, support, and curl separation. The best at home technique is to spritz in layers, and massage it into the roots.

Flip Your Hair Upside Down. If you’re running short on time and can’t dry separate sections, flip your hair over and dry it upside down. Use your fingers to gently pull the roots away from your scalp and continue until all your roots are dry. Finish with a cool shot of air.

Grab a Round Brush. With a round boar-bristle brush, brush through the bottom layers of your hair while it is flipped over, from the nape of your neck to the ends as you blow-dry. This helps lift the roots away from the scalp while creating the same fullness and body as you would get from your Boise hair salon stylist by clipping it up and blow-drying individual sections. The bristles of the brush also polish and smooth the outer layer of your hair while fighting frizz.

Smooth and Finish Hair. Lock in your blow dry style by blasting your hair with cool air from the blow dryer. Cool air helps to seal the cuticles and set your style. while adding shine and manageability. Finish the blowout with an appropriate hair serum to boost overall shine while weighing down frizzy strands.


Undone Salon Celebrates 4 Year Anniversary & 2015 Expansion!

It’s been four amazing years since my husband Bret & I decided to take the journey into salon ownership. As a passionate stylist such as myself, it all seems like a dream having founded and created my own Boise hair salon. Looking back it was a scary but rewarding venture.

Creating a team atmosphere instead of being a sole stylist, I knew venturing into salon ownership would have its challenges since the majority of salons are leased out hence promoting independent contractors in business for themselves. Looking back I sometimes can’t help but shake my head and ask myself how I was able to accomplish it all after leaving the Eagle hair salon.

Last year, I took a leap of faith and partnered with a salon in Thailand for girls that have been exploited in the sex trade industry. I also work with a close friend that owns the InsideOut Salon and Spa in Eagle, Idaho. During this period of growth, I felt the need to help more with the community as well as girls that have been trafficked or exploited throughout the sex trade industry while creating more awareness in the process.

With a commitment to Rusk (whom I am an educator for) combined with a strong team behind me, I took another leap of faith and decided to expand the unDONE Salon by adding additional team members who share my vision for compassion by offering new services.

This year, the unDONE Salon will be offering nails & pedicures by Hang Palmer, who is a highly educated nail art technician who specialized in hand and foot care. She uses only the highest quality nail care brands and moisturizers that other nail salons don’t carry. Hang’s passion and top educational skills will bring a variety of new services to our clients and the unDONE team.

In addition, we will also be offering organic Vino spray tans by Kathryn Muroff who trained under the Hollywood Airbrush Tanning Academy’s founder Simone Emmons who is a renowned airbrush tanning expert dedicated to assisting aspiring spray tan professionals to make their mark in this growing industry.

I look forward to 2015, and sharing unDONE’s passion with the Treasure Valley community while giving back more than we ever could before. Some of the new adventures we look forward to will be volunteering our time at women’s shelters, and orphanages by cutting hair for those who are less fortunate than we are, while boosting their self-esteem. We will also be working closely with our Destiny Rescue Salon partners in Thailand, and Cambodia.

The unDONE team is highly devoted to pursuing the 2015 continued educational programs of our leading lines, Davines, Kevin Murphy, and Rusk, and look forward to the cutting edge courses we have scheduled.

Happy New Year!
Kimberli Denton

Undone Salon Tips for Maintaining Long Healthy Hair

According to many historical beliefs, the hair on your head is meant for more than just looking good. Since the biblical story of Sampson and Delilah, hair has been equated with magical powers. From a yogic perspective, hair is an amazing gift of nature that can actually help raise the Kundalini energy – creative life force, which increases vitality, intuition, and tranquility.

Of course there are also the cultural aspects of hair. Think about it. How we choose to wear our hair is an expression of our individuality. Flappers in the 1920’s cut their women’s hair short to proclaim equality. Hippies of the 1960’s grew their hair out for peace. In fact, the hair on our heads is often used to make political statements. Whether you have long, natural hair, hair extensions, or a permanent, isn’t it amazing that something as simple as a hairstyle can speak for generational and cultural movements?

No matter the reason, long hair requires maintenance. If you have long women’s hair, you probably want to take care of it in the healthiest possible way in order to preserve your luxurious locks.  Below are some helpful Boise hair salon tips and tricks that will help transform your tresses from drab to fab in no time:

Don’t flip

Flipping your hair or vigorously drying it with a towel can be a hard habit to break. Often these drying habits can damage your hair which causes split ends. Rejuvenating oils can help replenish and strengthen your hair. We like Rusk products like Rusk Deepshine® Protective Oil Treatment. With its marine mineral-enriched argan oil treatment, it helps to eliminate frizz, improves elasticity, and leaves hair soft and manageable.

Never use a comb on wet hair

Your Boise hair salon stylist will explain that when hair is wet, it has the extra weight of water in it. Therefore, it stretches more and breaks easier. Wait for hair to dry or use a detangling brush because it holds less tension and safety untangles wet hair compared to combing through wet locks with a regular brush or comb.

Make sure to schedule regular trims with your Boise hair salon stylist

If you have long women’s hair, you probably don’t like cutting off any of your luscious locks but scheduling a regular trim every six to eight weeks with your Boise hair salon stylist is vital. Cutting of damaged ends helps hair from developing split ends.

Choose the right products

Choosing the right shampoo & conditioner that suits your hair is important. Often times, people tend to choose the wrong products depending on their hair type. If you have dull, dry hair, use a product that specifically caters to strengthening and moisturizing your long, women’s hair. Talk to your Boise hair salon stylist to see what products would work best for your hair type.

Don’t shampoo as often

Its important not to shampoo your hair every day. Hot water and over-shampooing strips your hair of its natural oils contributing to further moisture loss of your long locks.

Get your daily dose of vitamin E

Whether you take it orally as a supplement or rub it into your hair, vitamin E is proven to help maintain healthy hair and skin. Not only does it help to strengthen your long hair, it helps with split ends as well.


Men’s Hair Grooming Basics

When it comes to male grooming, every gentleman needs a little sculpting here and there. Below are some men’s hair grooming basics every guy needs to apply to their no-fail grooming routine to help turn heads:

*Men’s hair routines differ depending on hair texture and chosen men’s hair cut & style.


Men with these hair types should wash their hair on a daily or every other day basis in order to prevent oil build-up. While it’s been a long-standing tradition to get a men’s hair cut once a month, it all depends on the rate in which your hair grows back, your chosen hairstyle, and budget. Its also important that your Boise hair salon stylist is familiar with cutting your hair so it grows out evenly and looks great for the entire month between cuts.


Men with these hair types should generally wash their hair every couple of days or once a week in order to maintain the moisture. Moisturizing shampoos & conditioners are highly recommended. Hair should also be lightly moisturized on a daily basis to keep it from becoming dry and breaking off. The frequency of a men’s hair cut also depends on the hairstyle, budget, and rate at which your hair grows back. Routine men’s hair cuts (every week or every other week) are recommended by your Boise hair salon stylist.

Long Hair

Long hair is back in style and it seems that everyone has taken notice. Remember that just because it’s long hair doesn’t mean it’s healthy hair. Longer hair is prone to dryness so washing your hair every other day will help keep it looking fresh. Use a good conditioner at least three times a week & don’t over-brush. The key to long healthy hair is to keep it hydrated—just as you would your skin. Conditioned hair doesn’t solve all split ends, so visit your Boise hair salon stylist for a trim every month or two.