Swimming Hair Tips for Summer

It’s July in Idaho and it’s HOT outside! People throughout the Treasure Valley are taking refuge everywhere with their air conditioners or jumping in the pool. However, before you dive in, you might want to think about how the chlorine infused water can damage your hair. Chlorine is often used in pools to help prevent the growth of dangerous bacteria. However, it can also wreak havoc on your hair by stripping it of its natural oils, making it dry, brittle, and frizzy. Before you jump in for a quick cool down, try some of the following Boise hair salon tips to help prevent chlorine damaged hair.

Rinse Your Hair With Fresh Water Before You Jump In The Pool
Before a swim, drench your hair with fresh water. Think about it, your hair acts like a sponge by absorbing the liquids it comes in contact with. When you soak your hair in clean water before jumping in the pool, your hair will absorb less chlorine, resulting in less damage to the shaft.

Since chlorine strips your hair of its natural oils, stay on top of things by adding extra moisture to your hair before you swim. Conditioner, and even coconut oil will help boost your hair with the extra hydration it needs.

Wear a Swim Cap
If you’re a dedicated, daily swimmer, your Boise hair salon stylists recommend wearing a swim cap as it will help save your hair form extensive chlorine damage. If you have medium to long hair we suggest opting for a silicone cap that won’t tug on the hair. If you have shorter tresses, a stretchy latex cap will work better.

After Swim Rinse
Once your out of the pool, jump in the shower, and rinse your hair with fresh water. Doing so will help to remove any leftover chlorine from your hair.

Use a Clarifying Shampoo
Once you rinse your hair clean, use a clarifying shampoo from root to tip. It will help remove the bulk of chlorine and other chemicals from your hair.

Visit Your Boise Hair Salon
While the above tips will help to prevent hair damage resulting from the pool, you may still need to visit your Boise hair salon to undergo a deep oil treatment that will help to moisturize and hydrate damaged hair. Chlorine from a swimming pool can cause extensive damage to your hair if you’re not careful. By visiting your Boise hair salon on a regular basis, and utilizing our swim tips, you can prevent and reverse chlorine damage while maintaining soft, healthy hair!

Creative Commons Photo Courtesy of Sixtwelve

The Truth About Hormonal Hair – Written by Kim Denton Owner/Salon Coach

We all know how we feel about HORMONES! Yes, the world as we know it, being a female has it’s challenges. Not only that but being married to a female does too!  But did you know that hormones not only affect us emotionally, but it affects our hair as well?

The reason, I’m writing today’s blog on the topic of hair and hormones is because I am 46 and going through pre-menopause, and have lost my mind somewhere down the road. While I praise my husband and children for still supporting me through this craziness, I really want to talk about what it does to women physically. As I get older so does my clientele. So as the owner of the best Boise hair salon, let’s take a look at not only the emotional side things but the hair factor of this crazy time in our lives.  

When we become a teenager, a lot happens to us. For some reason, the higher power thinks it’s funny to give and take away hormones during different eras during our lives. I love it when clients who grew up in the eighties tell me that they got a perm when they were 12-13 years of age and that it never went away. The reason this is so funny to me is because, during that time their hormonal shift occurred and that’s what actually gave them curly hair. This is also the reason why as clients get older, their hair somehow turns curly to straight or straight to curly.

Additionally, during pregnancy the hair does not fall out as much because estrogen is at a high level. Your hair is shiny and healthy. Then low and behold, you give birth to your child and your estrogen plummets, which makes the hair follicles enter a resting stage, and suddenly you have hair falling out everywhere! If this is happening to you, don’t worry, it will come back in about 6-12 months.

Then we have medications that can put our hormones in a tail spin. This can also lead to balding. This also why most chemo patients end up with completely different hair after hair loss than before. Just when you thought you had a handle on your hair!

As the owner of the best Boise hair salon, I wanted to take a closer look at hair as we age. As we get older testosterone levels drop. Many clients start balding during this time and it is caused by the testosterone converting into DHT (with the aid of the enzyme Type II 5-alpha reductase, which is held in a hair follicle’s oil glands), which in turn hurts the hair by shrinking the hair follicles. This makes it hard for the hair to survive.

Then last but not least is menopause. Not only do we suffer from hot flashes, and mood swings but hair seems to grow everywhere but your head. Sound fun? Not really. Our Boise hair salon stylists are trained to help with this phase in our clients lives. You see, it’s not only the lack of testosterone but the estrogen hormone that affects us as well. Both of these lovely hormones become unbalanced causing hair to thin, loose its shine and even become very dry. You may also find that your hair strand seems thinner and the truth is, it is. It may also even have a harder time growing since the growing cycles are shorter.

So while you may be cursing at your hormonal hair, please don’t fret. There are many products that can help get you through this period of your life. Please ask one of our Boise hair salon stylists about what they would recommend and let them pamper you. Remember, stress doesn’t help things either!

Creative Commons Image Courtesy of Vix Walker


Planning the Perfect Wedding Hairstyle

As a friend to unDONE Salon owner, Kimberli Denton, and a soon-to-be-bride with an upcoming wedding in Oregon this summer, I thought I would take a moment to write about my own experience planning my wedding. With only a couple of months on hand to prepare everything, I have discovered that planning a wedding is BIG BUSINESS. But from booking the venue, to picking out my dress, I think that deciding on how to do my hair for my wedding is one of the hardest tasks…

You see, I have REALLY long hair and am torn between different bridal hairstyles. Do I have it up, or do I leave it down? I still haven’t quite decided but it’s important for me to figure out, and SOON. With so many beautiful looks to choose from, it’s hard to choose just one. Not to mention there are a million different things to consider when choosing a particular style. So upon doing my research, I have decided to list a few bridal hairstyles along with some of their pros & cons:

Bridal Hairstyle Ideas:

All Down – Having your hair all down can be gorgeous, especially if your hair is extra long (like mine). Not to mention comfortable because there are no bobby pins, and it’s movable. However, having your hair all down is one of the least predictable wedding hair styles. Since I wear my hair down all the time, I need to factor in that I will need to make time to touch it up several times throughout the day. I know from experience that if I don’t, it can end up looking ratty and messy.

Half Up – Having your hair half up, half down gives you the best of both worlds by keeping the look of long hair (or curls) while still having the security of bobby pins! Since the top half is pinned up, you have a higher chance of securing its shape and body for the whole day. However, since half of it is down, it can still end up looking messy and out of place.

UpDo – Who doesn’t want to look like a princess on her big day? An bridal updo is the perfect style that comes with so many options. The best part? It will hold it’s shape all day so that you don’t have to worry about fussing over it. Not only that but it will look perfect for pictures. Keep in mind however, some wedding updos can be uncomfortable, especially if you have really heavy hair (thankfully mine is light). The recommendations I got were to make sure you really love your updo from all angles, and keep it soft around your face.

To the Side – This is a beautiful style that I LOVE. Long and side swept, it’s just like the half updo in the sense that you get to keep the length while having the security of bobby pins. Not to mention it will look amazing in pictures. However, from what I’ve heard is that it can be uncomfortable because, having an updo right at the base of your neck by your ear can be annoying after a while. If you do decide to go with this style, it’s important to make sure you know what side of your hair will be facing the audience and photographer and to try and always have the side with the updo facing the camera.

Additional Boise Hair Salon Tips:  

  1. Choose a style that makes YOU feel beautiful.
  2. Communicate with your Boise hair salon stylist and ask questions. Don’t be afraid to reach out…
  3. If something hurts, speak up! Don’t wait until after your hair is in an elaborate updo to tell your Boise hair salon stylist that a hairpin is painfully jabbing your scalp. It’s easier to correct little missteps during the process than after it.

In the end, while planning my wedding, I can honestly say I don’t know how I’m going to pull everything off, but with each day that passes, I find myself working out the details. While it can seem overwhelming at times, it’s important for me to remember to take into consideration the worst case scenario – we have a lovely, intimate beach side ceremony with a handful of friends and family to help us celebrate. It’s also nice knowing that the Boise hair salon stylists at unDONE (especially their coordinator, Alexa Greg) is there to help me once I decide on a wedding hairstyle…

Wish me luck!
Katie Olsen


I Am a Hair Cutter: Written by Kim Denton Owner/Salon Coach

With over 30 years of Boise hair salon experience, having seen and adapting to so many different hair trends and changes over the decades, my friend Paulo Candido (you might know him from Bravo’s Television show, Shear Genius), and I were recently chatting about our love and passion for the salon industry. Having been trained by renowned stylist Irvine and Louise Rusk, our passion for seeing hair and using it as our artistic canvas has been ingrained in us. We are hair cutters before we are colorists and we are not ashamed to admit it!

In fact, having worked with some of the best mentors in the hair industry, Tatjanna Cyponpionka, Sandra Yu, Andor Bubelenyi and now Gerard Caruso, I feel very blessed.

So why am I writing this? Well, it’s not to brag. It is my concern for the hair salon industry. Haircolor has taken such leaps and bounds within the last decade that I feel many stylists have lost their love for hair cutting. As hair stylists we all looked up to Vidal Sasson and his passion, and vision to cut and sculpt hair for inspiration. But color, oh the wonderful world of haircolor… What really takes my breath away is when color is placed to the cut!

One thing I have noticed in the last couple of years is that hair cutting has really taken a back seat in the salon industry. Companies are pushing color, color theory, product knowledge, color placement and editorial styling but no technical cutting classes.

In fact, many younger stylists like to use the razor to create a hair cut but when it comes down to it, they can never do that same cut again, or they just want long hair because long hair is easy for them. Let’s be honest, cutting hair scares the hell out of them and some of us too! We take some cutting classes but there is no foundation, no vision, and no inspiration: Just. Cut. Hair. As a hair cutter, this is a concern, how do we get around this lack of education?

We share our voices. We make sure to support companies that provide cutting classes that have a technique and get back to the basics. It’s important for us to have confidence, no matter who sits in our chairs, so that we can create the best look for them WITH a color that brings the cut out. Let’s be honest, just because a haircolor is rainbow, doesn’t mean it’s beautiful! Beauty is when all forms of art come together to create a marriage, a silhouette! Have you ever seen ombre hair when it’s not curled? The best style for a client is when the hair is in its natural state without having to do anything to it…

Yes, I am a Boise hair salon stylist, but I am also an artist, a sculptor, and a hair cutter, other than just a colorist!

Haircolor confusion ….. What does it all mean? Written by Kim Denton Owner/Salon Coach



As a Boise hair salon stylist, the terms Ombre, Balayage, Sun Lights Ombre, Foils, and Highlights can often be confusing not only to professionals like myself but to many of our clients as well. Guy Tang said it best when he said “Call it for what it its.” As stylists, we are happy to #HashTag anything just to get our name out there but in doing so, we have caused quite a bit of confusion in the world of haircolor. Haircolor these days has been moving so fast over the past couple of years that sometimes it can be hard just to keep up and share as much information with our clients as possible. In respect to Guy Tang, we need to call it for what it is so that there is less confusion on both parts.

So let’s face it. Are we really taking the time to communicate with our clients or are we simply using #HashTags  just to get our name out there?

Shadow Root Area with a Baylage Front

Shadow Root Area with a Baylage Front

When it comes to looking at a picture for inspiration, it’s important to really study it. We all know that a darker level of hair cannot go platinum with a balayage! Balayage is a haircolor painting technique for a soft, subtle, natural look that resembles a young girl’s hair. It is used with a clay based lightener that will not swell, puff or bleed. However, it is NOT powerful enough to lift hair more than a couple of levels. Over time and with persistence it will lighten hair gradually but it always gives it a sun kissed look like you were hanging out in the sun at the beach.

Ombre is a term used for a lighter look on the ends. Usually the roots are shadowed meaning a darker shade than the natural level. This can be a dramatic look or a subtle look. The hair is usually back combed and the hair left out is foiled for a brighter result.

Ombre Shaded Root Area with Pre Lightened Ends

Ombre Shaded Root Area with Pre Lightened Ends

Sun Lights on the other hand, are a beautiful look for clients in between. This term consists of baby highlights on the top of the head followed with a ombre to brighten up the ends. Also, shading the root area can be done for a more dramatic look. Keep in mind that clients and stylists often both mistake this technique for Bayalage. *Remember this technique includes foils so you will get lighter results than the Balayage technique.

But more than anything, let’s face it… Sometimes a beautiful highlight is all a client needs to get the job done! So no matter what color technique you’re interested in trying, its best to consult with your Boise hair salon stylist. Happy coloring!

2016 Men’s Hairstyle Trend: The Man Braid

Starting with the man-bun, it was only a matter of time before this popular men’s hairstyle transformed into something more creative. With men everywhere sporting a scruffy beard and top-knot, we now have something completely new: the manbraid.

In reality, this surprisingly new trend actually looks kinda cool – if you’re a guy who can pull it off having already put in the hard work of growing out your hair. In fact, #ManBraid is now one of the trendiest men’s hairstyles on Instagram!

So how did this popular men’s hairstyle come to be? Well, during its evolution, it was the comeback of long hair that started it all. And once that long hair started to get annoying, the man bun steamrolled its way in with guys getting tired of having it constantly in their faces. Then, as things progressed, many of these man-bun types started embracing the buzz cut around the sides while leaving the top long. But as any Boise hair salon stylist knows, even the most modern haircuts grow out, leaving you with impossible hair that won’t stay in place. So like their female counterparts, men have finally started turning to the braid with trendsetters and celebrities alike taking their man buns to the next level with intricate braids to fasten their long locks.

In fact, with the internet buzzing it looks like some guys have really gotten the technique down. Gone are the terrible days of cheap buzz cuts and men’s haircuts. Instead of shearing off their glossy locks, many men are starting to enjoy the process of visiting their favorite Boise hair salon to groom them in more creative ways than ever.

While it remains to be seen whether the trend will reach the height of the man bun, one thing is for sure: men aren’t giving up on their long hair, instead they seem ready and eager to experiment with new do’s. While buns are usually quite simple, it’s not always easy to master the perfect braid. At Undone Salon, your Boise hair salon stylist can help you achieve your man bun or man braid goals. If you have any questions about any particular men’s hairstyle or to schedule an appointment, contact us at (208) 244-6744 today.


The Evolution of Men’s Hairstyles Over the Past Century

The ancient, biblical story of Samson and Delilah proves just how important male grooming can be. In fact, men’s hairstyles throughout history have been depicted by famous sculptors, composers and screenwriters for centuries. From pencil mustaches to today’s famous “man bun”, below is a brief overview of the evolution of men’s hairstyles over the past century:

During the 1910’s, the handlebar mustache and slicked-down hair were all the rage. Inspired by King Edward of England, this particular look provided men with an everyday “pomp & circumstance” style.

The 1920’s offered a more clean-shaven look with less facial hair and a slicked down, center part. Due to the industrial revolution, male grooming gained popularity because consumer razors became much more prevalent offering men a chance to shave regularly.

The 1930’s men everywhere started sporting pencil mustaches, made popular by Hollywood stars like Clark Gable who played the infamous Rhett Butler in Gone with the Wind.

The 1940’s boasted the “sailor” look featured in “V-J Day in Times Square,” the iconic photo in Times Square during Victory over Japan Day, was the inspiration for Cut’s 1940s look.

The 1950’s offered the ever famous “greaser” & pompadour look.These men’s hairstyles offered lots of volume with slicked, combed-back sides, and were made famous by celebrities like Johnny Cash, and Elvis Presley.

The 1960s saw a lot of longer, “mop-top” men’s haircuts, made popular by the Beatles while slick, gelled back looks of the past lost their popularity.

During the 1970’s, men everywhere started to grow their hair out even longer, demonstrating a freer look that required little male grooming or shaving habits.

Men in the 1980’s however, started sporting a slicked-back men’s hairstyle that mimicked a man of Wall Street due to the growth of 1980’s finance.

In the 1990’s grunge became HUGE due to rock icons like Kurt Cobain. However, similar to the 1970’s this style offered a more matted texture for a less groomed look.

The 2000’s in contrast to the previous decade offered a “boy band” look with short sides and a spiked front known as a fauxhawk.

Today, it’s all about the “man bun” that is a surprisingly versatile men’s hairstyle that incorporates many different elements. Just about anything goes as long as hair from the top of the head can be tied back.

Boise Hair Salon Tips: Preventing Winter Static

Are you suffering from static overload? Dry women’s hair is prone to static during the cold winter months due to the lack of moisture in the air. It’s paramount to keep your hair healthy and moisturized throughout the winter to reduce this pesky problem….

Below are a few Boise hair salon tips to help prevent the floating halo effect:

Wooden Combs
Your Boise hair salon stylist recommends using a wooden comb or brush with natural hair bristles as a way to prevent hair static. Plastic ones add electricity to women’s hair while natural materials don’t add any positive charge. Keep in mind they might cost a bit more, but it’s a small price to pay to get ride of your electric hair problems!

Moisturizing Hair Repair Mask
Boost moisture and seal it in with a repairing hair mask. Your Boise hair salon stylist recommends Davines NOUNOU Hair Mask – a nourishing and repairing mask for damaged or very dry hair. Its formula is designed to deeply nourish treated hair, making it soft and silky without weighing it down.

OI Oil – Absolute Beautifying Potion
Your Boise hair salon stylist recommends using Davines OI Absolute Beautifying Potion to your hair-care routine! Benefits include extraordinary shine and softness, strong detangling and restructuring action with amazing anti-frizz effects. After towel drying your hair, apply 2-3 squeezes of OI/ Oil, distributing it evenly on the lengths and ends, then dry. It will give you a healthy boost of shine and prevent further static.

Dryer Sheets
While dryer sheets are meant to get the static out of your clothing, they can equally work their magic on your hair when you’re in a pinch. Simply run a sheet over your strands and voila! As an added benefit, your hair will smell great!

Hand lotion also works great for static emergencies. Since many moisturizers are heavy, only apply a dime size amount or less and run your fingers through your hair. Repeat if necessary until static is at bay.


Quick & Easy Holiday Hairstyles

With the time-crunched, fast pace of the holiday season upon us and all the details occupying our brains, the last thing you want to worry about is your hair! Yet, once the  party invitations start rolling in, you may do just that. Whether you’re seeking a sexy or demure look, the stylists at Undone Salon recommend the following quick & easy holiday women’s hairstyles:

Fancy Bun

Your Boise hair salon stylists suggests pulling your hair up if you decide to wear a strapless dress or a beautiful necklace. This elegant women’s hairstyle is inspired by the classic ballerina bun, but the feel of it is much looser without the primness. Begin with hair that’s smooth and straight. Using a clear elastic, gather all your hair into a high ponytail (though if you have bangs, leave them free). Pull two small sections of hair out of the ponytail. Pull the two sections of hair forward and clip out of the way. Working with small sections of hair at a time, “roll” the hair, pinning it as you go to secure it. Moving clockwise around the base of the ponytail, roll and pin the hair until you’ve created a bun. Unclip the two small sections of hair that you had pulled out of the ponytail. Twist each of the two sections of hair, then pin along the front of the bun to finish it.

Glossy Waves

If you feel like taking a trip back in time, your Boise hair salon stylist suggests incorporating a little old Hollywood glamor into your holiday look! Start by keeping your hair well hydrated. A moisturizing conditioner and regular deep conditioning masks will help to keep flyaways and breakage to a minimum. After towel drying your hair, scrunch volumising mousse evenly throughout. Leave you hair to dry naturally then part your hair deep on one side with a tail comb. Use a 1 1/2″ curling iron to curl large sections of your hair, starting from a few inches up from the ends.Brush the curls through to give your hair a unified wave then set your style with a high shine finishing spray. Be generous, you want plenty of hold!

Messy Side Braid

The side braid is a cute, and super easy style of braiding your Boise hair salon stylist recommends that goes over the shoulder. It looks especially nice with side-swept bangs or as a romantic, somewhat messy look. Give yourself a deep side part, separating your hair in two. From there, separate each section in two again, leaving you with four sections of hair. Starting with the section on the far left, cross underneath the next section, then over the third section, then under the fourth section, as if you were basket weaving your hair. Continue this with each “new” far left section until your hair is completely braided all the way down. Secure the end of the braid with a clear elastic. Gently tug sections of the braid apart to loosen things up a bit, giving you the messy look. Don’t pull too hard — just enough to loosen the plait.

Do Big Curls

To get this 40’s – 60’s inspired look yourself, your Boise hair salon stylist recommends creating a deep side part. Use a 1” barrel curling iron to curl your hair to the side, wrapping towards your face. Repeat on the other side of your face. Once they’re set, unwind the spirals and separate with your fingers. Run a boar-bristle brush through for extra body. To maintain the bouncy style, finish with a blast of hairspray. Finally, tuck a bobby pin on the side opposite your part for instant glamour.

Why it’s Important to Pre-Book Your Holiday Boise Hair Salon Appointment!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! And as we all know, the days ahead will be booked with holiday parties and celebrations. However, it’s important to keep in mind that it’s your Boise hair salon’s busiest season as well since women and men from all over the Treasure Valley will be booking appointments for their next holiday haircolor, cut, or style.

Below are some helpful Boise hair salon tips for taking the stress out of your next holiday hair appointment:

1. Book Your Boise Hair Salon Appointment NOW

If you’ve marked the date of your next holiday party on the calendar, make sure to call your Boise hair salon stylist to reserve your hair appointments now. Don’t wait until the week of your next major event only to find out it may be next to impossible to squeeze you in.

2. Book Your Appointment For The Exact Boise Hair Salon Service You Want

The holiday season one of Undone’s busiest seasons. Be considerate. Don’t walk into your Boise hair salon requesting services you didn’t book for in advance. Make sure to have any chemical processes (haircolor, perms, etc.) done before your special occasion appointment to help avoid rushing your Boise hair salon stylist to complete the service you need done so you can get to your party on time. Keep in mind that many Boise hair salon stylists also have plans & family commitments of their own, so make sure to discuss any needed chemical processes with your stylist in advance.

3. Bring Pictures

Be prepared. If you have an idea of what you want your hair to look like, show a picture of it to your Boise hair salon stylist. Doing so will help you and your stylist achieve the special look you want. If the look requires hair extensions, make sure call ahead of time and ask their opinion on what length, style and texture would work best for you.

While the holiday season can be one of the busiest times of year, a little proper planning and a few simple steps can ensure you get to look and feel your absolute best before your next major event. The key here though is to PLAN. Now is the time to get your calendar out and start booking your holiday Boise hair salon appointments so you have one less thing to stress about!