Boise Hair Salon Tips: Choosing the Right Hairstyle

Choosing a new hairstyle can boost your confidence and change your life. While it’s easy to find a variety of hairstyles you like online, it’s important to find a hairstyle that is perfect for you. While nothing compares to the professional advice of a Boise hair salon stylist, we would like to provide you with a few basic guidelines to help you decide on the perfect look for your hair.

#1 Face Shape. When considering a new hairstyle, it’s important to determine the shape of your face. Do you have a round face, heart face, or long oval face? It’s all about framing your face to bring balance your overall features.

#2 Hair Texture. Certain hairstyles complement different hair textures. While we all want what we can’t have it’s important to make a reasonable decision when it comes to achieving the hairstyle we desire. Choosing a hairstyle based on your hair’s texture will not only provide you with a great style but make it easier to manage on a daily basis.

#3 Lifestyle. How much time to do you have to spend on your hair each day? While it’s fun to play up your features with a new look, it’s important to factor in your lifestyle and whether or not you will have the time to maintain a high-maintenance hairstyle each day.

#4 Play Down Flaws. In the same way a hairstyle can highlight certain features, it can also draw unwanted attention away from features you don’t like. For example, if you dislike the size of your neck, forehead or ears, you can choose a hairstyle that helps cover or downplay them.

#5 Haircolor. When it comes to a new hairstyle, a beautiful haircolor can transform your appearance making you feel fresh while boosting your self-confidence. Keep in mind, however, that picking the wrong haircolor can come with disastrous results. That’s why it’s important to ask your Boise hair salon stylist for advice when it comes to what they feel would be the best choice for your skin tone, hair type, etc.

Trust the Professionals at unDONE Salon

Leave it to the experts. At unDONE Salon, our Boise hair salon stylists are professionally trained and can help you decide the best direction to take when it comes to the cut or color that will look best on you. We will be more than happy to share our wealth of knowledge and provide you with the perfect hairstyle for your new look! To schedule an appointment, call us at (208) 287-2010.

Boise Hair Salon Tips For Rescuing Dry, Damaged Hair

Whether you have dry, dull or frizzy hair that’s littered with split ends, there is no quick fix for damaged hair. However, there are a variety of steps you can take to quickly improve its appearance while helping it regain its healthy luster.

Check out the following Boise hair salon tips for rescuing dry, damaged hair:

Be Gentle
You may not realize it, but the simple act of brushing, drying and putting your hair into a ponytail can damage your hair. In order to maintain healthy locks, it’s important to be gentle. Brush your hair gently to avoid breakage or pulling out multiple strands. After washing, you should also make sure to avoid wrapping your hair in heavy towels. When it comes to styling,  instead of pulling your hair into a tight ponytail, try putting it in a loose braid to keep your hair healthy and happy.

Protect Your Hair From the Sun
Hair that is regularly exposed to the sun can become damaged. Harmful UVA and UVB rays can damage the cuticle, causing hair to break, split, or thin. UV light can also damage color-treated hair by causing the dye molecules to oxidize. This can make your haircolor fade or turn brassy.

At unDONE, our Boise hair salon stylists recommend using a high SPF conditioner to help protect your strands against dangerous, harmful UV rays. Hats and scarves are also recommended to keep your hair under wraps when you’re out and about.

Trim Regularly
If your hair is thin and brittle, cutting it may seem like the last thing you want to do. However, avoiding regular trims can actually keep your hair from growing out any longer. Blow drying, curling, and coloring can also damage your hair, causing unwanted split ends. Left untreated, split ends will move up the hair shaft, causing it to break. At unDONE Salon, our Boise hair salon stylists recommend getting your hair trimmed every 2-3 months to keep it healthy and free of split ends.

Wash Less & Condition More
While we all love fresh, clean smelling hair, over-washing can decrease its health and vitality. Hair requires it’s own natural oils to stay healthy. Washing it multiple times per week will strip your hair of its own essential oils. At unDONE Salon, our Boise hair salon stylists recommend washing your hair 2-3 times a week in warm or cool water. When you do wash, it’s important to select sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners that are formulated for damaged hair. It’s also equally important to condition your hair each time you wash to add a protective, moisturizing layer to help repair the cuticle.

Minimize Heat Styling and Damaging Products
Heat from a blow dryer or other styling tools can damage hair and increase frizz and split ends. While styling your hair in its natural state isn’t always possible, other hair styling products can help. Gels, mousse and even hair rollers can help you style your hair without the damaging effects of heat. However, if you must use a heat source, our Boise hair salon stylists recommend using it on its lowest heat setting.

Color Your Hair Wisely
Haircolor can be a great way to eliminate gray hair and provide yourself with a new look. However, no one wants to damage their hair in the process. That’s why it’s important to talk with your Boise hair salon stylist before attempting a DIY haircolor.  They will take into account your hair history, type, and color application to help you achieve the best looking results while avoiding unwanted damage. Keep in mind that unlike the box dye you find at the grocery store, the salon-grade ingredients they use will leave your hair soft, shiny and healthy.

Contact unDONE Salon
At unDONE Salon, our Boise hair salon stylists will recommend the best ways to treat dry, damaged hair along with the best hair treatment products available. Let us prescribe the perfect treatment for your specific hair and scalp needs. Call us at (208) 287-2010 or schedule an appointment online.

Male Grooming Tips from the Experts at unDONE Salon

Lets face it, an accomplished man is well-groomed, has good style and is ready to tackle whatever is thrown his way. He pairs a proficient attitude with nice clothes and a great haircut while maintaining excellent male grooming habits. At unDONE Salon, we offer a wide variety of Boise hair salon services for men. Whether you’re looking for a men’s haircut or need body waxing services to rid you of unwanted hair, our talented team of professionals are always available to help you with your male grooming needs.

With a new year just around the corner, now is a great time to take your grooming routine up a notch. Below are some of the Boise hair salon services we offer for men:

Visit unDONE for a Men’s Haircut

If there’s one thing people notice about you, it’s your haircut. A good men’s haircut is the work of a talented Boise hair salon stylist that can offer you a style that will truly impress. Whether your hair is long or short, we can provide you with a trim or cut to keep you looking fresh and sophisticated.

Visit Your Boise Hair Salon Stylist Between Haircuts

Ideally, a men’s haircut should be maintained every 4-5 weeks. However, you don’t want your neck hairs or sideburns to grow out of control in between cuts. That’s why unDONE Salon offers neck and side burn trims to keep your style clean-cut.

Look Younger with Gray Blending Haircolor

There comes a point in life where you may be starting to notice unwanted gray hairs. At unDONE Salon, our stylists recommend a gray hair blending service. Take years off your appearance by blending out gray areas with haircolor specially formulated by our talented Boise hair salon stylists. The end result will provide you with natural looking haircolor that’s not over-the-top dyed.

Maintain Your Hands and Nails

Another thing people notice are your hands. That’s why it’s important to keep them clean and neat. Not only does unDONE Salon provide the best men’s haircuts in the Treasure Valley, we also offer Boise manicures for men and women. We can clean up your cuticles and remove dry skin, file and shape your nails while adding a subtle buff for a nice shine to keep your hands and nails looking and feeling great.

Wax Away Unwanted Body Hair

It’s normal to grow unwanted body hair. Body waxing is an ideal option to quickly rid yourself of unwanted hair, leaving your skin smooth and hair-free for weeks at a time. By maintaining a regular body waxing schedule (usually coinciding with your haircut appointments), you can maintain a youthful appearance without having to worry about shaving on a daily basis.

Take Stock Of Quality Grooming Products

If the products you use on a daily basis are collecting dust on your bathroom shelf, shake it up a bit by investing in some top-quality male grooming products. We carry some of the most popular take-home products that will keep you looking like you just left the salon.

Book An Appointment at Undone Salon Today

If you need any help with your hair care or male grooming needs, unDONE Salon invites you to check out the wide variety of services we offer for men. Our Boise hair salon stylists offer a diverse variety of men’s haircuts, manicures, pedicures, body waxing, haircolor and more to best fit your look and lifestyle! Contact us at (208) 287-2010 with your men’s grooming questions or book online for an exceptional salon experience. We look forward to seeing you!

Boise Hair Salon Tips for the Perfect Holiday Hair

The holiday season will soon be in full swing with beautiful bows, bursts of color and an air of excitement! And as we all know the days ahead will be booked with holiday parties and celebrations. That’s why it’s important to look your best with a holiday hairstyle from unDONE Salon. Our Boise hair salon stylists will help you find the best winter look for your hair and face with their expert knowledge of style, cut, and haircolor!

Be Prepared
When you’re ready to book your holiday hair appointment, it’s important to be prepared. If you have an idea of what you want your hair to look like, show a picture of it to your Boise hair salon stylist. Doing so will help you and your stylist achieve the special look you want. If the look requires hair extensions, make sure call ahead of time and ask for their opinion on what length, style and texture would work best for you.

Also, don’t forget about all the dehydration and damage that the winter weather causes. Cold, dry air removes valuable moisture and nutrients leaving your hair looking dull, and dry. Amp up your holiday hairstyle by booking a deep conditioning treatment for your hair. At unDONE Salon, we provide a variety of conditioning and scalp treatments to leave your winter hairstyle radiant, soft, and healthy.

Book Your Appointments In Advance
While the holidays are a great time to change up your usual look, it’s important to keep in mind that the stylists at unDONE are busy the entire holiday season creating unique winter looks for all of our clients. Holiday hair appointments, especially around important dates like Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years fill up quickly.That’s why it’s important to schedule your appointment with unDONE in advance.

Schedule Today!
Although the holiday season can be one of the busiest times of year, a little proper planning and a few simple steps can ensure you get the look you want before your next major event. The key here though is to PLAN. Now is the time to get your calendar out and start booking your holiday Boise hair salon appointments so you have one less thing to stress about! Book your holiday hair appointment at unDONE Salon today by calling (208) 287-2010 or schedule online at  

Boise Hair Salon Tips to Avoid a DIY Hair Horror Story…

Anyone who has tried a DIY hair treatment knows that there’s always the possibility of disaster. Many of us share the same regret of a bad grocery store haircolor or rushing to the salon with chopped hair because we tried trimming it on our own. While people think they save money by waxing, trimming and dyeing their hair at home, the results can be disastrous . At unDONE salon, we’ve seen plenty of botched do-it-yourself jobs. So in the spirit of Halloween, we want to provide you with the following tips to avoid a DIY hair horror story…

DIY Smoothing Treatments

While it’s possible to purchase just about any smoothing treatment online, it’s important to know that these products are designed to be used by a Boise hair salon professional. The professional stylists at unDONE are certified and licensed to use these products properly. If you purchase a product like the Brazilian Blowout Smoothing System and attempt the treatment at home, you can severely damage your hair.

Below is a variety of factors that must be considered by an unDONE professional before the application of any smoothing treatment:

  • What other chemicals are in your hair?
  • What is the texture of your hair?
  • How much texture do you want left in your hair once the treatment is complete?

DIY Haircut

Under the right circumstance, a new haircut is usually a fun experience. When you want a new look, it’s important to do your research and find pictures that match the cut you want to achieve. Once you find the look you want, visit your Boise hair salon stylist. While YouTube videos can make a DIY haircut look easy, precision cuts are taught in cosmetology school and in advanced cutting classes. If you want to avoid visiting unDONE to fix a DIY haircut, consult and do your research instead of trying to cut your hair on your own.

DIY Bleach

Fashion colors are all the rage these days. However, these colorful hues are often obtained by pre-lightening your hair with bleach and other lighteners. While this may not seem like a complicated procedure, it can be especially damaging if you leave the bleach in your hair for to long. Bleach has the ability to lift your hair from a level (1) black to a level (10) blonde. During this process, your hair becomes weaker and weaker because the bleach penetrates the cortex of the hair, removing its melanin. Hair can become dry, brittle, and break off easily when the cortex is compromised. That’s why it’s important to visit an experienced Boise hair salon stylist to help you achieve any color once it’s safe and healthy for your hair. They can also help you maintain the color in the salon or provide you with advice and professional products to use at home.

It’s also important to keep in mind that bleach can burn and irritate the scalp. While there are different lighteners for different techniques, there are bleaching products out there that cannot be used on the scalp.  

DIY Haircolor

At unDONE Salon, a DIY hair color is one of our most common rescue missions. While the images on a box of haircolor may look lovely, and the directions promise wonderful results, all too often the opposite is true. The directions in a box of hair dye cannot properly determine a person’s starting haircolor, nor their history of hair products and treatments. Any stylist will tell you that all these things impact how your haircolor will turn out. A professional Boise hair salon stylist will help you transform your color based upon your individual needs. If you want to save money by doing it yourself, it’s important to take into consideration that you may end up spending double to fix or achieve the color you want.

When A Hair Horror Story Does Occur

When a hair disaster occurs, it’s important to remain calm. The worst thing you can do is to overreact and take immediate action. Take a deep breath and access the situation. Once you’ve calmed down, call unDONE Salon at (208) 287-2010 to schedule an appointment to fix the problem. When dealing with a hair disaster, you’ll want to call as soon as possible.

Happy Halloween!

2016 Fall Hairstyle Trends

One of the best things about fall (other than the fact that we don’t have to shave our legs everyday) is the ability to style our hair anyway we please. If you’ve been itching for something new but don’t know which way the styles are headed this season, we can help!  unDONE Salon has sleuthed together some of the most popular fall hair trends with the helpful guidance of our Boise hair salon stylists.

Messy Bobs

messy bob


Messy bob hairstyles are super chic, convenient, trendy and easy to style. As the #1 popular haircut among women, the messy bob provides you with the benefits of short hair with a longer hair look. From blunt to layered there are a variety of messy bob styles to choose from!

Mid to Long Blunt Hairstyles

blunt cut

Contrary to popular belief, not all haircuts need layers, and the blunt bob is a perfect example. Due to it’s funky asymmetric look, it matches well with almost any kind of face shape or hair texture. For those with longer hair, the ends should be cut into a straight blunt line and feathered out to give a hint of softness for a gorgeous autumn look.

Short Layered Pixie Cut

Pixie Cut


A short layered pixie cut is a bold, low maintenance, empowering style. This low-fuss, short layered hairstyle is wonderful for people with naturally straight hair. Layered or choppy, there are a variety of ways to style your pixie haircut, so you can have a fresh new look every single day!

Long Hairstyles


If you’re a woman who still loves her long hair, rest easy. Long hair never goes out of style. This year’s fall trend for long hair is BIG. Half up/half down or all down – just keep it big! Looking for styling options for your long hair? Top knots, braids and waves are the leading trends this fall..   


As the seasons change, so does our style. If you are craving a fresh new look this fall, schedule an appointment at unDONE Salon. Our Boise hair salon stylists have the knowledge and the tools to help you achieve your hairstyle goals. Call us at (208) 287-2010 today!

unDONE Salon: Back-to-School Hair Tips!

It’s back-to-school time! Are your kids ready for their first day? Whether they’re starting kindergarten or heading to high school, a new hairstyle can be just as important as getting the right school supplies. At unDONE Salon, our Boise hair salon stylists have some advice about getting the perfect back-to-school look!

Forget the DIY Haircut

Mom (or Dad), we don’t want to hurt your feelings, but no one wants botched bangs or uneven haircuts. While it may seem like an easy way to save a few bucks, cutting your kids hair can be unpredictable with disastrous results. Prevent any mishaps and make sure it’s done right by letting our Boise hair salon stylists handle the back-to-school cut.

Low Maintenance

Between spending long days in the classroom and balancing extracurricular activities, most kids (and parents) simply don’t have the time for extensive hair regimens. Additionally, long, shaggy hair may not be the best look if your child has an active lifestyle. When it comes to a new ‘do’ for school think low-maintenance. Our Boise hair salon stylists can create a haircut that’s easy to maintain for the busiest kid.

New Do, New You

When your child gets the perfect cut or hairstyle that showcases their personality, you’ll see a big difference when it comes to boosting their confidence. Our Boise hair salon professionals are always up-to-date on the latest hair trends. We can help them start the year off in style!

Picture Day!

While there is nothing wrong with spending a little extra time on your child’s hair for picture day, it’s important to schedule any cuts at least two weeks in advance. Doing so will help you and your child get used to the new style while providing you with enough time to fix any issues. Additionally, getting a haircut a few weeks in advance will provide your child with a more natural appearance rather than a fresh cut look.

For the best back-to-school hair services in the Treasure Valley, unDONE Salon offers affordable haircuts for the whole family. Contact us today at (208) 287-2010!

I Am a Hair Cutter: Written by Kim Denton Owner/Salon Coach

With over 30 years of Boise hair salon experience, having seen and adapting to so many different hair trends and changes over the decades, my friend Paulo Candido (you might know him from Bravo’s Television show, Shear Genius), and I were recently chatting about our love and passion for the salon industry. Having been trained by renowned stylist Irvine and Louise Rusk, our passion for seeing hair and using it as our artistic canvas has been ingrained in us. We are hair cutters before we are colorists and we are not ashamed to admit it!

In fact, having worked with some of the best mentors in the hair industry, Tatjanna Cyponpionka, Sandra Yu, Andor Bubelenyi and now Gerard Caruso, I feel very blessed.

So why am I writing this? Well, it’s not to brag. It is my concern for the hair salon industry. Haircolor has taken such leaps and bounds within the last decade that I feel many stylists have lost their love for hair cutting. As hair stylists we all looked up to Vidal Sasson and his passion, and vision to cut and sculpt hair for inspiration. But color, oh the wonderful world of haircolor… What really takes my breath away is when color is placed to the cut!

One thing I have noticed in the last couple of years is that hair cutting has really taken a back seat in the salon industry. Companies are pushing color, color theory, product knowledge, color placement and editorial styling but no technical cutting classes.

In fact, many younger stylists like to use the razor to create a hair cut but when it comes down to it, they can never do that same cut again, or they just want long hair because long hair is easy for them. Let’s be honest, cutting hair scares the hell out of them and some of us too! We take some cutting classes but there is no foundation, no vision, and no inspiration: Just. Cut. Hair. As a hair cutter, this is a concern, how do we get around this lack of education?

We share our voices. We make sure to support companies that provide cutting classes that have a technique and get back to the basics. It’s important for us to have confidence, no matter who sits in our chairs, so that we can create the best look for them WITH a color that brings the cut out. Let’s be honest, just because a haircolor is rainbow, doesn’t mean it’s beautiful! Beauty is when all forms of art come together to create a marriage, a silhouette! Have you ever seen ombre hair when it’s not curled? The best style for a client is when the hair is in its natural state without having to do anything to it…

Yes, I am a Boise hair salon stylist, but I am also an artist, a sculptor, and a hair cutter, other than just a colorist!

2016 Men’s Hairstyle Trend: The Man Braid

Starting with the man-bun, it was only a matter of time before this popular men’s hairstyle transformed into something more creative. With men everywhere sporting a scruffy beard and top-knot, we now have something completely new: the manbraid.

In reality, this surprisingly new trend actually looks kinda cool – if you’re a guy who can pull it off having already put in the hard work of growing out your hair. In fact, #ManBraid is now one of the trendiest men’s hairstyles on Instagram!

So how did this popular men’s hairstyle come to be? Well, during its evolution, it was the comeback of long hair that started it all. And once that long hair started to get annoying, the man bun steamrolled its way in with guys getting tired of having it constantly in their faces. Then, as things progressed, many of these man-bun types started embracing the buzz cut around the sides while leaving the top long. But as any Boise hair salon stylist knows, even the most modern haircuts grow out, leaving you with impossible hair that won’t stay in place. So like their female counterparts, men have finally started turning to the braid with trendsetters and celebrities alike taking their man buns to the next level with intricate braids to fasten their long locks.

In fact, with the internet buzzing it looks like some guys have really gotten the technique down. Gone are the terrible days of cheap buzz cuts and men’s haircuts. Instead of shearing off their glossy locks, many men are starting to enjoy the process of visiting their favorite Boise hair salon to groom them in more creative ways than ever.

While it remains to be seen whether the trend will reach the height of the man bun, one thing is for sure: men aren’t giving up on their long hair, instead they seem ready and eager to experiment with new do’s. While buns are usually quite simple, it’s not always easy to master the perfect braid. At Undone Salon, your Boise hair salon stylist can help you achieve your man bun or man braid goals. If you have any questions about any particular men’s hairstyle or to schedule an appointment, contact us at (208) 244-6744 today.


The Evolution of Men’s Hairstyles Over the Past Century

The ancient, biblical story of Samson and Delilah proves just how important male grooming can be. In fact, men’s hairstyles throughout history have been depicted by famous sculptors, composers and screenwriters for centuries. From pencil mustaches to today’s famous “man bun”, below is a brief overview of the evolution of men’s hairstyles over the past century:

During the 1910’s, the handlebar mustache and slicked-down hair were all the rage. Inspired by King Edward of England, this particular look provided men with an everyday “pomp & circumstance” style.

The 1920’s offered a more clean-shaven look with less facial hair and a slicked down, center part. Due to the industrial revolution, male grooming gained popularity because consumer razors became much more prevalent offering men a chance to shave regularly.

The 1930’s men everywhere started sporting pencil mustaches, made popular by Hollywood stars like Clark Gable who played the infamous Rhett Butler in Gone with the Wind.

The 1940’s boasted the “sailor” look featured in “V-J Day in Times Square,” the iconic photo in Times Square during Victory over Japan Day, was the inspiration for Cut’s 1940s look.

The 1950’s offered the ever famous “greaser” & pompadour look.These men’s hairstyles offered lots of volume with slicked, combed-back sides, and were made famous by celebrities like Johnny Cash, and Elvis Presley.

The 1960s saw a lot of longer, “mop-top” men’s haircuts, made popular by the Beatles while slick, gelled back looks of the past lost their popularity.

During the 1970’s, men everywhere started to grow their hair out even longer, demonstrating a freer look that required little male grooming or shaving habits.

Men in the 1980’s however, started sporting a slicked-back men’s hairstyle that mimicked a man of Wall Street due to the growth of 1980’s finance.

In the 1990’s grunge became HUGE due to rock icons like Kurt Cobain. However, similar to the 1970’s this style offered a more matted texture for a less groomed look.

The 2000’s in contrast to the previous decade offered a “boy band” look with short sides and a spiked front known as a fauxhawk.

Today, it’s all about the “man bun” that is a surprisingly versatile men’s hairstyle that incorporates many different elements. Just about anything goes as long as hair from the top of the head can be tied back.