What Your Boise Hair Salon Stylist Wants You to Know

Have you ever wondered why your Boise hair salon service didn’t turn out the way you dreamed or why it didn’t turn out the same as it did in the picture you brought your stylist? Lets put things into perspective & get straight to the point with how hair actually works. First of all, to get the hair of your dreams, it takes time. While a salon may book your appointment for 2-3 hours depending on what service was requested, those services (in reality) can take anywhere from 4 to 9 hours (or in some cases – even longer). Think about it. When your stylist has such a small frame of time to work on your hair, it’s not always going to match up to the beautiful hair in the picture you brought them.

We all want celebrity hair

You know how your fave celebrities always seem to look perfect – all the time? Well, when it comes to down to it, perfection doesn’t come cheap. While celebrities are born just a human as you and I, they do however have the means to afford a team of stylists, extensions, wigs, top-of-the-line hair products and Boise hair salon processes that can cost a fortune. Unless you’re able and willing to pay those kinds of prices, it’s probably not realistic to have celebrity perfect hair everyday… In the end, celebrity hair comes down to time & money. Celebrities don’t just pay more because they are celebrities, quality costs more. Especially when someone elses time is involved…

Why it takes so long

Professional services take time. Think about it, every time you want something new, your stylist will have to spend more time working on achieving that look. For example, coloring your hair isn’t always as simple as a client might assume i.e., coloring your hair and lightening it are not the same, & haircolor doesn’t lift haircolor. Also, if your hair is damaged from a previous coloring, your hair probably won’t take the new color as it should. In fact, it will not only cost more but will add more time to your Boise hair salon service as well…

You don’t have virgin hair

As stylists, we refer to “natural” (or virgin) hair, as hair that has never been touched by chemicals. If your hair is truly virgin hair when you come into our Boise hair salon, it’s much more simple, and less time-consuming to get the results you want in less time. But if it’s not, and you come in with colored hair and want a different hue, it’s going to involve haircolor removal before we can even get started. That service alone can take up to a few hours. In fact, the hair you might be dreaming off, might not only require haircolor removal but the adding of a new base color, highlights or toner as well. Thats four hair services in one time! So keep your expectations real…

Big changes take time

Big changes take time. For example if your a client who wants a huge haircolor change from black colored hair to platinum blonde hair, the time it takes to do this will require many services that cannot be done in one or two treatments. As stylists, we know this can be frustrating for a client to understand but trust us. If you are however, working towards a big change, talk and listen to your stylist. Big changes take many services, and yes, you will have to pay for each step (not just the first appointment) just like you would for any other service in the modern world…

In conclusion

We hope that by providing you with these tips, we make you and your Boise hair salon stylist happy. Most hair stylists are happy people who are excited to make you look & feel your best. So help them help you, and remember by keeping these things in mind, you are not only making your stylist’s job easier, you are going to walk out of your favorite Boise hair salon having achieved the best possible results for you hair. Ciao!


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