Urban Legends “Hair Myths”- Written by Kim Denton Owner/Salon Coach

Working behind the chair for years as a Boise hair salon stylist, I have heard many things, especially since the era of “ORGANIC”, came into our industry over a decade ago. Pinterest, Google, and homemade recipes for the hair have since become the death of us!

While I am not opposed to organic by any means, as a professional it’s important that I make note that when it comes to your hair, leave it to the professionals! Hair professionals everywhere trust hair companies to do the research with the chosen products they produce with the best interest of the stylist and the clients hair. A lot of products these days use the best in science and natural ingredients while making their brands environmentally friendly.

Davines, for example, is a line that we hold dearly to our hearts at unDONE Salon. Not only do we appreciate their commitment to sustainable beauty, they give back to the farmers that grow their natural products while leaving no water trace. In fact, you can use their products in a lake and it will NOT contaminate the water. Even their packaging is eco-friendly since they use food degradable plastic, providing you with the ability to use the containers for storage after the product is gone. Last but not least, Davines has a salon that helps women that have been sexually exploited by re-educating them in the hair industry. What other product brand can beat that?

Now Let’s Take a Deeper Look Into Some Urban Legends of Home Hair Care…

The Coconut Oil Miracle – Let’s give coconut oil the credit where credit is due. It has natural proteins and helps hair growth while strengthening it and providing extra shine. However, has  anyone clarified how coconut oil builds up resulting in greasy, weighed down hair? Oh, not to mention if you color your hair, your next haircolor service will not take as it should because you have caked on coconut oil on your hair. Coconut oil can also cause your hair to break off due to over deproteinizing, making it dry and brittle. Sounds good right? Not. You can include olive oil in this category as well.

Aloe Vera – While aloe vera can be a great conditioner, most people use it incorrectly. Aloe must be strained many times in order to get all the impurities out, making it more of an oil than a gel. This little beast can also build up on the hair. No wonder the hair gets so shiny!

Baking Soda –  We’ve all seen the baking soda hair recipes circulated throughout social media. It’s a great remedy for cleansing hair right? Keep in mind that it’s important to remember that our ancestors did not color their hair. Baking soda will strip the hair color out faster than you even want to know. Natural oils are essential when it comes to healthy hair. In fact, hair should only be cleansed deeply maybe once a month. If you are going to the right Boise hair salon, they will do this for you at your time of service. Lemon juice, and apple cider vinegar are in this category as well.

Organic Hair Dyes – Can you say metallic hair dyes and chemical reaction? Try getting that out of the hair! These dyes have to grow out! As a Boise hair salon stylist, I want you to know that these dyes are bad news for your hair, and we will run from you. Unless you choose to stay that color forever, never use them.

In the end, it’s important to be wise when it comes to your hair product choices and to talk with your Boise hair salon stylist before you diagnose your hair and start with a remedy you read about online. Most professional salon brands are very conscious about what is being put in their products. There is a balance of organic and synthetic ingredients. This is where nature meets science to make your hair the healthiest it has ever been.

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