unDONE Salon Summer Body Waxing Tips

Believe it or not, it’s just a matter of days before you’ll be relaxing poolside in that new bikini you’ve been waiting all season to wear. The question is, are you ready? At unDONE Salon, we understand that summer means tons of unwanted shaving in order to show off smooth, warm weather skin. That’s why it’s important to get your summer waxing game into full swing! However, if you’re new to the whole body waxing scene, we’ve got a few tips to help you get ready.

First things first…

If you want smooth skin that lasts for weeks without shaving, it’s time to put down the razor. Whether it’s your upper lip, legs or underarms, you’ll no longer be requiring its services. In fact, shaving only complicates the body waxing process. In order for a body waxing treatment to be effective, hair must be at least a quarter of an inch long. You also won’t want to shave in between body waxing appointments either. Shaving makes unwanted hair much courser, making it more difficult to remove by waxing. It also makes the hair more likely to break off, which can lead to painful, ingrown hairs. So before you do anything else, get rid of the razor!

Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate…

Second, it’s important to exfoliate the areas of your skin you want waxed before your appointment. In fact, it’s a good idea to make it a normal ritual by exfoliating your skin a few times per week. Exfoliating your skin will remove any dead, surface skin cells that prevent the wax from gripping unwanted hair. Continued exfoliation will also reduce your chances of developing ingrown hairs in between your body waxing appointments.

Schedule routine appointments

Finally, it’s important to schedule routine body waxing appointments to ensure soft, smooth skin all summer long. For those who wax regularly, you can expect to book your appointments approximately 6 weeks apart. If you’re just starting out, you’ll probably need to schedule appointments every 3-4 weeks. The reason being is that over time, you’ll be able to stretch out the time it takes for your hair to regrow because regular body waxing causes it to grow back more slowly. The best part? Each time you wax, the hair grows back finer, making it easier and less painful to remove.

Contact unDONE Salon

Get into the full swing of summer with body waxing treatments at unDONE Salon. Our highly trained staff offers superior quality services in a fun, friendly, and relaxed environment. You can find us near the Boise Towne Square Mall at 738 N. Benjamin Lane or give us a call at (208) 287-2010. If you prefer to book your own appointment, you can schedule online now!

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