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To Body Wax or Not to Body Wax?

Depending on today’s fashion styles, mini skirts, shorts, and other leg-baring styles call for smooth legs, worthy of baring. Depending on your preferred method of body hair removal, there are a number of treatments to choose from. Shaving and body waxing are two popular methods readily available with products that are easily provided by your Boise hair salon or found at your local drugstore.

Why Body Wax?

No razor burn! Not only is razor burn painful and itchy, it looks terrible! What’s a sexy bikini or leg barring skirt with red, irritated skin? Body waxing is a much better alternative to shaving because it helps eliminate razor burn completely…

Time Saving

These days, who has time to shave or pluck stubborn, unwanted hair? Who has time for it? Plain and simple, body waxing simply saves time. Since the results of body waxing can last up to six weeks, this technique helps to eliminate everyday time-consuming shaving & plucking.

Body Waxing Helps To Reduce Hair Regrowth

Want another perk? Over time, the repetition of body waxing can help hair grow in less and less. Hair papilla is responsible for supplying nutrients to the hair follicle in order for it to grow, and body waxing, over time damages the papilla. Without it, the hair can’t grow!

Reduce the stubble

We all hate the feel of the stubble of hair the day after shaving. Shaving cuts the hair, leaving a blunt tip. Body waxing on the other hand removes it from the root. Compared to shaving, hair that’s waxed grows back with a fine tip that is soft instead of pokey. No more stubble!

Long Lasting Results

Body waxing results last up to a month compared to the chore of shaving daily. Not only that but it grows back finer and softer. While you have to let the hair regrow in order to wax it again, the hair is much less noticeable than if you were to shave.

After Care

After a body wax treatment at your Boise hair salon, your Undone technician recommends wearing loose clothing for a few hours to reduce uncomfortable rubbing on sensitive skin. Try not to take hot showers or baths for at least 24 hours, and avoid loofahs or mesh sponges that are known to harbor bacteria that are known to cause unwanted breakouts. Keep in mind, its not uncommon to have a break out after your first waxing session. Regular body waxing at 4 to 6 week intervals will help provide you with smoother results, and less ingrown hairs!

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