Strategies from Your Boise Hair Salon to Reduce Back-to-School Stress

The unDONE Boise hair salon has been super busy helping kids and teens around the Treasure Valley change their look and plan for a new year full of exciting new experiences. But at home, your back-to-school anticipation may not be as exhilarating. In fact, your Boise hair salon stylist understands that this can actually be a highly stressful time for both parents and kids as their carefree summers are replaced by tight schedules…

Below, your Boise hair salon stylist offers the following suggestions as referenced from Modern Salon for both kids and parents hoping to reduce stress levels while coping with the new school year:

  • Breathe deeply—and correctly. When we feel stressed our chests constrict, causing more shallow breathing to occur. Your Boise hair salon stylist suggests learning deep-breathing techniques. Doing so, we activate the “parasympathetic” nervous system, creating a rest-and-digest response.
  • Elevate the feet. Take time to rest and elevate your feet. The rest-and-digest response can also be stimulated this way. Try lying on your back with your legs resting on a chair or against the wall.
  • Think about what you want. Its a known fact that when people are asked about what they want, they simply cannot name a list. The subconscious mind cannot process negatives directly. For example, whenever you think, “I don’t want to stay awake all night,” your brain automatically hears “stay awake all night. So keep in mind that your subconscious mind needs direction, and when you tell your mind exactly what you want, it knows what to do and can do it. In essence, what you think about, you bring about!
  • Broaden your life perspective. Imagine seeing into the future and knowing something good is coming. Your Boise hair salon stylists suggests imagining that you already know that everything will work out in the end. Then think back to your life one year ago and recognize all that you have accomplished in that year. Do you even remember the things that worried you then? Now imagine your life five years from now. How do you see your life differently looking back toward today? The detail of starting a school year seems smaller and more manageable when you visualize the bigger picture of things…


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