Setting Goals for the New Year: Written by Kim Denton Owner/Salon Coach

Setting aside the holiday season, 2016 brings with it a new year and setting goals can be the hardest thing that people do and stick with them. Only 3% of people actually write them down, and only 15% actually set goals in the first place.

So why should we even set goals? Well, for starters, goals act as a motivator, helping us to reach higher levels of success while keeping us in balance with family, friends, spirituality, and your job. Without goals, chaos can settle into all aspects of your daily life, and the next thing you you know, you find yourself without direction.

Daily, weekly, monthly and year long goals are recommended in all aspects of your life whether it’s personal, family, or professional. Think of it in SMART terms:

Specific: Be very specific with the goal you are making. (I want to make more money)

Measurable: Measure what you want (I want to make a $100 more a month)

Achievable: Make sure your goal is realistic so that you can look back and know you have achieved it. (I made a $100 bonus last month)

Reachable: Make sure you can reach this goal and more! (I made a $100 bonus last month now I want to make $110) . Always reach at the same level or more.

Time Table: When. (I will raise my bonus by 2 months) Remember be realistic.

Now I know that we all have these little voices inside our heads telling us we can’t do this , but that little voice is not on your side. Silence that voice and start celebrating each goal or milestone you achieve. Remember that all short and long term goals must be in harmony with others and believable. Tell them to a friend that supports you and will hold you accountable. Keep in mind that negative friends will only hold you back, so be careful with who you choose to share with…

Have a Great New Year and let 2016 be the best year yet!


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