Restore and Maintain Haircolor with Gem Lites & Viral Colorwash

Lets face it. It sucks when you spend your hard earned money to get the perfect extreme hair color only to see it fade away within a couple of weeks. At unDONE Salon, we’ve got a intriguing new product line from a company called Celeb Luxury that works like magic when it comes to protecting & maintaining your haircolor!  

Founded by industry innovator Leland Hirsch, Celeb Luxury has launched two fashion haircolor systems formulated to improve the appearance of haircolor and keep it looking fresh and vibrant in between Boise hair salon visits! Both systems include Colorwash that is formulated with patent-pending Colorposit technology that adds color to maintain and boost vibrancy while preventing your haircolor from fading. Even better, the sulfate-free cleanser is formulated to condition and detangle strands!   

Gem Lites Colorwash comes in 10 brilliant shades that includes Quartz, caramel blonde, ruby red, and copper-brown amber.

Two of the shades also offer corrective capabilities:

  • Flawless Diamond – includes anti-yellow whiteners for blonde, natural gray and white hair.
  • Brown Tahitian Pearl – helps to eliminate brassy red tones in brown, deep blonde and natural gray hair.

The colorwash can be used at the shampoo bowl to adjust, boost, brighten or tone down haircolor. Multiple applications are designed to produce brighter and deeper results. When used at home you can alternate the colorwash with the clear Gem Lites Shinewash – a gentle, sulfate-free, high-lather, shine-enhancing cleanser for all hair types.

Rounding out the Gem Lites collection is the Bonditioner, and Celeb Secret Fix:

  • The Bonditioner – a lightweight, frizz fighting moisturizing treatment.
  • The Celeb Secret Fix – a lightweight styling product that detangles locks while enhancing shine and providing frizz and humidity control.

Viral Colorwash on the other hand is available in 10 pastel and extreme tones. Colors range from Pastel Lavender to Extreme Teal that appears bold on pre-lightened hair and jewel-toned on virgin and darker colored hair. Like Gem Lites, Viral Colorwash can be used in our Boise hair salon to achieve creative color effects on pre-lightened hair or as demi-permanent color or to make adjustments after a haircolor service.

At home, you can use Viral Colorwash to manage the vibrancy of fashion colors in between Boise hair salon visits, followed by Extreme Blonditioner that’s formulated to provide intense moisturization for dry, damaged hair that’s been pre-lightened. The final product in the Viral line is Extreme Smoothing Styler, a leave-in conditioner that detangles hair while providing heat protection and high-gloss shine.

To find out more about Celeb Luxury and the new Gem Lites and Viral collections call us at (208) 287-2010 or visit unDONE Salon today!

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