Quick & Easy Boise Hair Salon Styles for Busy Schedules!

Hair plays a major role in many of our lives. With busy schedules, we don’t always have time to visit our favorite Boise hair salon in order to maintain the perfect look. For most of us, we only have a couple of minutes to play with our hair and makeup before heading out the door. However, it’s still imperative that we look our best while on the go…

When you don’t have time to fuss over your hair, your Boise hair salon stylist suggests the following solutions when it comes to no-sweat hairstyles in just three easy moves:

Modern Messy Bun: Any Boise hair salon stylist will tell you that a bun is probably the easiest updo you can do yourself. Chic and sophisticated, the messy bun has established itself as the modern girl’s go-to hairstyle. This tousled yet volumized style below is perfect for those of you who want to look effortless, yet put together at the same time:

  1. Pull hair into a high pony and place a headband about an inch from your hairline.
  2. Wrap the length of your pony into a bun, twisting as you go, and secure with an elastic band or bobby pins.
  3. Use a pencil or the end of a tail comb to evenly lift the section of hair between the headband and your bun for volume.

The Mega-Volume Double Pony: Ponytails are like jeans: classic, effortless, flattering and you can throw ‘em on with whatever you’re wearing. If you’ve ever dreamt of a longer, fuller ponytail—grab onto the edge of your seat because your Boise hair salon stylist is about to bring you one with extra volume and length that will make you never look at a ponytail the same way again!

  1. Pull the hair above your ears into a half-up half-down pony, leaving the hair beneath your ears loose. Use a boar bristle brush to sweep hair into the top pony to create smooth lines and no bubbles on the sides.
  2. Pull the remaining hair into a pony right beneath the first one.
  3. Tease the top ponytail using a comb to create fullness!

The Side Braid: The side braid is a cute style of braiding for the girl-on-the-go recommended by your Boise hair salon stylist that goes over the shoulder. It looks especially nice with side-swept bangs or as a romantic, somewhat messy look:

  1. Using your hands, work a golf ball-size dollop of mousse through dry hair.
  2. Finger-tousle hair for fullness.
  3. Gather strands under one ear, braid, and secure with an elastic.


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