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Lift Your Spirits This Winter With A Boise Spray Tan!

Dreaming of summer? With winter in full swing, you’re probably noticing how pale your skin is each time you glance in the mirror. With less time spent outdoors, the less chance we have to soak up the sun that creates the “summer glow” we all strive for. But cold weather shouldn’t automatically mean pale skin. Spray tanning is the perfect option for those looking for a convenient way to tan even if it’s cold outside.

Not sure why you should tan during the winter? Check out the following reasons why winter is the perfect time for a subtle golden glow:

The Benefits of a Boise Spray Tan

Confidence & Personal Improvement

Just like maintaining a Boise manicure or pedicure, it’s always important to take the time to do something for yourself. Things, like buying a new outfit, or taking a relaxing bath are ways you can treat yourself while improving your overall happiness. Another way to improve your self-confidence during the winter is to provide your skin with a makeover with a Boise spray tan. The simple act of making yourself feel and look better will change your outlook and mood, especially if it’s freezing and miserable outside. Even if nobody notices your tan, you will feel confident each time you look in the mirror.

Impress Your Significant Other

The only other person who will most likely see your bikini body this winter will be your significant other. Valentine’s day would be the perfect opportunity to showcase a warm, bronze glow. It’s always nice to receive the compliments you crave while feeling confident in an intimate setting. A Boise spray tan can provide you with the summer skin you crave while making you look and feel beautiful.

Special Events

Another great reason to get a Boise spray tan this winter are the special events you plan on attending. Instead of having pale, dry skin, imagine showing up with a realistic, moisturized summer glow! Look and feel your best during the following celebrations:

  • Valentine’s Day
  • Spring Break Vacation
  • Work Events
  • Parties

Boost Your Self-Confidence!

Just because it’s cold outside and you may be covered up doesn’t mean a Boise spray tan won’t make your clothes and fashion choices look better. Give yourself a needed confidence boost during the depressing winter months! Whatever the reason or occasion a Boise spray tan is a good option for anyone wanting to look and feel their best. There is nothing like looking in the mirror and feeling beautiful with warm, bronzed skin.

Schedule a Boise Spray Tan Today!

At unDONE Salon, we offer a naturally formulated Boise spray tan that is perfect for obtaining a summer bronzed glow while fortifying your skin’s natural defenses.  We use a skin nourishing VINO Bronzing Mist that not only provides a beautiful Boise spray tan but helps fight free radical damage along with the signs of aging while protecting your skin from the natural elements. Our Boise spray tan will help you achieve the most natural looking summer glow even on the most fair of skin!

Ready to schedule your Boise spray tan? Call us at (208) 287-2010 or schedule online today!

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