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Keeping Up on Your Boise Pedicure During the Winter Months Ahead

With fall in full swing & winter fast approaching we all know that boot season is well on its way to the Treasure Valley. When it’s cold outside it’s very common for us to keep our feet safely hidden & warm, so it’s only natural that a Boise pedicure at unDONE Salon will become less of a priority. However, it’s important to remember what a difference groomed feet can make to your overall happiness.

On that note, your Boise hair salon wants to provide you a few good reasons to keep up with your Boise pedicure during non-sandal season:

A Boise pedicure will help make your life easier in the long run.

It’s no secret that we all delight seeing that pile of grated skin pile up during a Boise pedicure, however, it’s a LOT more effective to simply use a foot file or pumice stone for approximately one minute each day in the shower.

No cringing every time you pull on tights or slip between the sheets

We all know the feeling of dry skin patches on our feet catching on the soft fabric of some of our favorite things. Like nails on a chalkboard, this unsettling sensation can easily be cured with a Boise pedicure.

Self confidence baby!

A Boise pedicure will help you feel like a super-pulled-together girl during your next yoga or other barefoot workout session (even if you still struggle throughout the actual workout)!

You can go cozily barefoot inside your Uggs

Don’t be caught off guard when you enter a house where you are expected to remove your comfy shoes. A Boise pedicure will help eliminate the satisfaction of others judging your heavily chipped black toenail polish!

It’s just plain sexy.

Think about it. Look at the models feet above & face the fact that during the winter you’re about to let your feet become hideous. If you don’t want to invest in a Boise pedicure, you might as well stock up on some granny panties too…

Bonus reason:

As your Boise nail salon, unDONE is a great place to escape and relax when the weather is cold and crappy outside. Not only can you get a Boise manicure & pedicure but a Boise spray tan as well!


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