Haircolor Correction at unDONE Salon

Like a magic wand, a new haircolor can transform your drab, dull locks into glorious hair. Not only can it eliminate the signs of aging by covering pesky gray hairs, it can also provide in-depth shine and brilliant color. While haircolor has the marvelous power to transform a brunette into a blonde, a redhead into a raven beauty or vice versa, it can also come with a variety of drawbacks. Not all colors look good on everyone. In fact, the haircolor you decide to go with should depend on a variety of factors such as hair texture, facial features, complexion and haircolor trends.

Haircolor Disasters

Is your current haircolor already out of style? Do you regret copying the haircolor of your favorite celeb? Or did an experiment going from brunette to blonde fail miserably and now you have Oompa Loompa hair? It doesn’t matter if you dyed your hair at home using a DIY box haircolor or chose the highest priced hair salon in Boise, haircolor results can sometimes take a weird detour and come out in any hue (except the one you anticipated).  If this has happened to you, stop worrying and start thinking about a haircolor correction treatment at unDONE Salon. Our dedicated team of Boise hair salon stylists have seen it all and can help you recover from any haircolor disaster.

Haircolor Correction

Never try to tackle a haircolor disaster on your own. You need a talented Boise hair salon stylist to correct your haircolor. If you do try to correct your haircolor at home, you may end up making matters worse or even damage your hair. At unDONE, our Boise hair salon stylists have perfected the technique of correcting haircolor without causing unwanted damage.

Keep in mind however, that haircolor correction is a process. While some color corrections can be done in a few hours, others need multiple treatments over a period of time. Achieving your desired haircolor depends on a variety of factors that include your current color, desired color, your hair’s porosity and how much time it takes to fix it.

While correcting a haircolor disaster can seem overwhelming, the team at unDONE Salon can help you achieve amazing results anytime you want to change your look. Our Boise hair salon stylists know the correct way to color your hair without damaging it in the process. No matter what shade or tint you want, we will customize a haircolor just for you. We promise personalized results every time!

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