Five of the Best Summer 2016 Boise Manicure Trends!

Playing with different nail colors can be exciting, especially when you can turn your Boise manicure into little works of art. If you’re looking to try a brighter more vibrant style, now is the season! Some of the biggest nail trends this summer are a throwback to the past – channeling the 80’s with geometric shapes, colors and glitter.

Below are some of the top nail trends unDONE Salon can provide you with for the 2016 summer season:

#1: The New French Nails

While French nails are nothing new, the 2016 summer trend is twisting this classic style with interesting displays of colored edges with bursts of color. Why stick to the same vintage look when you can have gorgeous aqua green tips? Pulling off this look provides that the top or bottoms of your nail should not attempt to look natural in anyway. In fact, the color should pop as much as possible!

#2: Glitter Magic

Who doesn’t love glitter? The 80’s were an especially sparkly decade. Glitter can be added to any color base in any form. Whether you want to add it to the lower part of your nail or only the tips, glittery textures are a must try this summer season. For a superlative impact, have your Boise manicure technician sprinkle on some loose glitter over clear wet polish before brushing it off and gently painting on a top coat!

#3: White Out!

White nails for summer? That sounds ludicrous right? Not this year! Think about it… A white-out manicure will go with everything in your closet. The key to rocking this look however, is to make sure you stay inside the lines and remove any smudges. Another benefit of having white nails? They provide the perfect blank canvas for some adorable nail art!

#4: Rainbows & Sunsets

Rainbow nails are another 80’s inspired eye-catching look. Even simple classic rainbow designs can be amazing. Even better? Try your hand at sunset nails which can be flexible and attractive when it comes to color layout. From tye dye to splattered, there is a huge variety of rainbow and sunset nail designs your Boise manicure technician can provide you with this summer!

#5: Line at the Bottom

Last but not least, the hottest Boise manicure trend for this summer is lining the bottom of your nails like you would your eyes with eyeliner. This makeup effect will provide you with a chic nail design twist. Wanna try it out? Have your nail tech stick to a simple base coat before drawing lines around the outer edges of your nails for a fresh cool look!


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