Boise Spray Tan Summer Tips

If you want to get spray tans every week or every other week, what’s the best way to go about it?

If you want to maintain the perfect sun-kissed glow of summer during the dog days ahead, you need to look after your skin in order to avoid the zebra-like effect that can happen with a Boise spray tan. Naturally your skin sheds during a 5-10 day period. Simply put, no Boise spray tan will last longer than ten days. Keep in mind that during the summertime, your skin will shed faster than normal because you’re sweating, and you’re in and out of the swimming pool. The key here is to exfoliate every couple of days.

What areas should you focus on exfoliating?

The top areas of a Boise spray tan that buildup will fade first, like your neck, the crease of your arm, your underarms, and around your bra area (especially if you wear a tight bra or you sweat a lot at the gym). So its important to exfoliate every couple of days with something gentle, and moisturizing to your skin with the correct product. *Different moisturizing products can actually deteriorate the life of your tan.

What’s a good moisturizing product to extend your tan?

Something basic. Cocoa butter is usually a good choice. Coconut oil is another great alternative to use over a Boise spray tan. It doesn’t deplete the life of your tan, whereas if you use something with a citrus product in it, then it will strip your tan off. It’s important to use very basic products.

What is a spray-tan detox?

At unDONE salon, we recommend a “detox” by exfoliating your skin at least once a month. Doing so helps get all the old Boise spray tan off in order to start again fresh. It’s good for your skin, especially when it comes to hydration. Detoxing will keep your skin nice and clean. There are a variety of ways to do it. You can go swimming, sit in a sauna, or take a steam. Prior to your next Boise spray tan, we recommend exfoliating with a non-oil based, gritty scrub  or exfoliate. You will want to remove all dead skin so your tan looks as fresh and even as possible.

Prepping tips before your Boise spray tan

The night before your Boise spray tan, you should properly exfoliate and shave your legs if needed. Make sure to use an exfoliating wash to remove dead skin cells or old Boise spray tan layers. Best results are seen when you exfoliate the night before. Keep in mind not to use any lotions or perfumes the day of the tan. The skin additives in these products can affect how your Boise spray tan adheres to your skin, and may cause a blotchy appearance. You will also want to wipe away any deodorant before your tan.

Is there any way to deal with sweat right after you get spray tanned?

Use baby power. It helps to keep your Boise spray tan in place. Apply it on areas that tend to sweat a lot, (cleavage, under your arms, behind your knees – or anywhere else that’s prone to sweat).

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