Boise Pedicure Tips for Summer Feet

Its summertime, and that means it time for strappy sandals and funky flip-flops! However, a few months of hibernating in socks and closed-toes shoes might mean you may need to have a little maintenance done down there. With the warm weather ahead, it’s time to show your tootsies the love they need in order to be sandal-ready for the beach! Below are some basic tips to keep your feet looking and feeling fantastic:

Exfoliate and moisturize

If you have dry or cracked heels, your first step is to exfoliate. Cold winter, dry skin may show on your toes and the undersides of your feet as well. To start, try using a pumice stone to slough off any dead skin when your feet are dry before pampering and soothing your feet with a foot scrub. Do this with a loofah by applying your favorite “sweet-smelling” scrub in smooth, circular motions while gently scrubbing the tops and bottoms of your feet and toes. When it’s bedtime, apply a heavy cream and cover with moisturizing socks overnight to let it all soak in. *Repeat this process at least twice a week.

Toe Nail Care

We take care of our toenails a little differently than our fingernails because they are naturally thicker. If not properly cut and filed, your toenails may start growing into the sides of your toes, causing pain or infection. Make sure to cut and file your toenails at least once a week to not only keep them looking their best but to check for any signs of infection or fungus.

Wear Shoes

While during the summer, many people love to go barefoot. However, walking around on hot pavement, burning sand, or even grass can quickly ruin all the work that you just did to treat your feet. It’s best to wear shoes or at the very least, sandals, to protect your feet and toes from developing calluses and rough patches.

Treat Your Feet with a Boise Pedicure!

A quality Boise pedicure that’s done with professional, Boise nail salon tools is the next step to fabulous feet. Your pedicurist will exfoliate, moisturize, cut and file your nails, before applying a beach-worthy color that should last for weeks. While a Boise pedicure feels good, it isn’t so much about relaxation and pretty nail polish as it is about foot care. Your technician at unDONE salon can help get rid of dead skin, moisturize, trim, and prevent pesky corns and calluses while providing you with a burst of energy.

For a professional Boise pedicure, call unDONE salon at (208) 287-2010 for an appointment! Our Boise nail salon technician sets the standards high when it comes to cleanliness, and every Boise pedicure is performed in a sterile foot bath to prevent any notion of cross contamination.

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