Boise Nail Salon Tips: The Benefits of Paraffin Wax

Since the Roman Empire, healers throughout time have been using paraffin wax to treat treat a variety of ailments. In fact, the Romans were known to pour the hot wax over the body in preparation for a massage. Later, the French started using it to help accelerate the healing of wounds. Now, paraffin wax is most commonly used in your Boise nail salon due to its wide variety of benefits.

Paraffin is a petroleum based wax that is melted in a controlled temperature pot for continuous use. Since it is petroleum based, its great for sealing in moisture for dry cracked skin. During a paraffin wax treatment at your Boise nail salon, your hands and feet are dipped three times into the warm wax before being covered with a plastic glove and towel. After a few minutes the wax then cools, and is gently pulled away from the skin. During its removal the wax helps to remove dead skin cells while leaving your hands deeply moisturized. Since paraffin is a natrual emollient, it helps to open the pores, making the skin soft and supple while increasing your skins elasticity and mobility. Paraffin is very beneficial during your Boise manicure or pedicure for those with dry, cracked skin because it adds a waterproof coating that helps it to retain your body’s natural oils. This coating also helps to protect the skin from external elements.

How is paraffin wax made? Paraffin wax occurs naturally as a component of crude mineral oils that is refined or separated. It is then purified through boiling and then chilled and pressed through a filter which creates a heavy oil (paraffin wax). Paraffin has been laboratory tested to by hygienically safe to use. It is colorless, tasteless, and odorless. Since paraffin is heavy in molecular weight, it aids in an increase to the blood supply to the area being treated and traps moisture from underlying layers of the skin, resulting in rejuvenated and nourished skin.

A paraffin wax treatment at your Boise nail salon is not only beneficial to your skin, it also has many other health benefits. Paraffin has been known to relax muscles, increase blood flow, relieve joint stiffness, and reduce pain. People struggling with arthritis, muscle, tendon and ligament ailments may also find a Boise nail salon paraffin treatment to be very helpful.

The next time you visit Undone Salon for a Boise manicure or pedicure, ask your technician about getting a paraffin wax treatment! You won’t be sorry…


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