Boise Hair Salon Tips: Protecting Your Hair During the Winter Months Ahead

Now that winter is upon us, and it’s starting to get colder by the day, it’s time to start thinking about ways to protect our hair from the damage the frigid elements can cause. Keep in mind the cold winter air lacks moisture making your hair and scalp more sensitive, and prone to dry out that can lead to unwanted breakage.

Below are some helpful Boise hair salon tips for protecting your hair during the winter months ahead:

  1. Wearing a hat is an easy way to protect your hair from wind, rain and snow.
  2. In order to combat static, your Boise hair salon stylist recommends using a good heat styling product for blow-drying. Infusion treatments can be used on wet hair before using a blow-dryer and oil treatments are great to be used before and after styling.
  3. During the winter months, your Boise hair salon stylist wants you to know that it’s important to treat your hair once a week to a deep conditioning treatment. This will help to replenish lost moisture, which tends to be depleted from things like dry heat caused by your furnace/heating system as it treats the cold winter air before it gets circulated throughout your home.
  4. Try not to wash your hair as often. Your Boise hair salon stylist recommends washing only 2 -3 times a week. This helps to prevent your hair from drying out. Its also very important to dry your hair before leaving the house. Not only will it help to prevent you from catching a cold but the moisture in your hair combined with the cold air can cause your hair to become dry and brittle.
  5. Maintaining regular tims at your Boise hair salon is a great way to keep your hair healthy during the winter months. Your stylist at Undone Salon recommends getting a trim every 6 – 8 weeks (.25 – .5 inches) to help reduce the chance of dry, splitting ends
  6. Another unexpected secret to maintaining healthy hair during the winter is to invest in a humidifier. While we all tend to think humidity causes frizzy hair, the dry air your furnace/heating system produces causes your hair to dry out as well. A humidifier will add just the right amount of humidity into your home keeping your hair and skin healthy.




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