Boise Hair Salon Tips for the Perfect Holiday Hair

The holiday season will soon be in full swing with beautiful bows, bursts of color and an air of excitement! And as we all know the days ahead will be booked with holiday parties and celebrations. That’s why it’s important to look your best with a holiday hairstyle from unDONE Salon. Our Boise hair salon stylists will help you find the best winter look for your hair and face with their expert knowledge of style, cut, and haircolor!

Be Prepared
When you’re ready to book your holiday hair appointment, it’s important to be prepared. If you have an idea of what you want your hair to look like, show a picture of it to your Boise hair salon stylist. Doing so will help you and your stylist achieve the special look you want. If the look requires hair extensions, make sure call ahead of time and ask for their opinion on what length, style and texture would work best for you.

Also, don’t forget about all the dehydration and damage that the winter weather causes. Cold, dry air removes valuable moisture and nutrients leaving your hair looking dull, and dry. Amp up your holiday hairstyle by booking a deep conditioning treatment for your hair. At unDONE Salon, we provide a variety of conditioning and scalp treatments to leave your winter hairstyle radiant, soft, and healthy.

Book Your Appointments In Advance
While the holidays are a great time to change up your usual look, it’s important to keep in mind that the stylists at unDONE are busy the entire holiday season creating unique winter looks for all of our clients. Holiday hair appointments, especially around important dates like Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years fill up quickly.That’s why it’s important to schedule your appointment with unDONE in advance.

Schedule Today!
Although the holiday season can be one of the busiest times of year, a little proper planning and a few simple steps can ensure you get the look you want before your next major event. The key here though is to PLAN. Now is the time to get your calendar out and start booking your holiday Boise hair salon appointments so you have one less thing to stress about! Book your holiday hair appointment at unDONE Salon today by calling (208) 287-2010 or schedule online at  

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